Top 11 Bathroom Plants That Thrive in Low Light

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Bathroom houseplants are a modern-day decor that lends a luxe ambiance to your everyday bathroom. The most effective plants for bathrooms should be low-light-tolerant and air-purifying types because these spaces don't get much light or fresh air. Bathroom indoor plants are less complicated for you to maintain and more likely to create the tranquil, spa-like vibe you desire.

Bathroom houseplants are a modern-day decor that lends a luxe ambiance to your everyday bathroom. The most effective plants for bathrooms should be low-light-tolerant and air-purifying types because these spaces don't get much light or fresh air. Bathroom indoor plants are less complicated for you to maintain and more likely to create the tranquil, spa-like vibe you desire.

Certain plants, such as English ivy, aid in removing moisture from the atmosphere so that excessive moisture and dampness are eliminated all day long.

From tropical pitchers to Boston ferns, choose from a wide variety of indoor plants for the bathroom. Here is a handpicked list of the most popular and easy-to-maintain houseplants available at lucrative prices. Read on to explore!

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos- Bathroom Plants

Pothos is one of the most well-liked indoor vining plants. Its leaves vary widely in dimension, colour, and variegation. Don't let the soil on pothos dehydrate, and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Pothos is a simple-to-maintain houseplant for a bathroom that looks especially lovely in an overhead basket in the bathroom or on an elevated shelf where it can trail as long as it wants. Stunningly variegated leaves with gold speckles and lines amidst the green can be developed by golden pothos.

Spider Plant for Bathroom

Spider Plant for Bathroom

Maintaining houseplants for the bathroom is the easiest when it comes to the no-fuss spider plant. They love a little humidity, can withstand low light, and have adorable baby branches that can be separated and multiplied. In addition, you can allow them to dry out in between waterings and well-established plants can typically go up to two weeks without water.

Place them near your tintless white basin or a corner rack to create an elegant and relaxing vibe.

Tillandsia Indoor Plants for Bathroom

Tillandsia Indoor Plants for Bathroom

These lovely plants, which are also members of the bromeliad family, go by the name 'air plants.' The genus Tillandsia is well-known for its specimens that can grow without soil or even without any planting at all. They don't need any assistance at all in the right setting.

If you have a shower with a vibrant window, that's even better. Tillandsia adores soaking up all that confined humidity and occasionally getting showered with sprinkling.

You can mist your air plant or give it a thorough soak every few weeks if it doesn't get sufficient moisture from the air.

Tropical Pitcher Plants in Bathroom Ideas

Tropical Pitcher Plants in Bathroom Ideas

Pitcher plants prefer their soil to be maintained soaked as they thrive in high humidity. They can also withstand low humidity, though, in those conditions, they will yield fewer pitchers. They are a beautiful addition to a windowsill because of their vining behaviour.

Snake House Plant for Bathroom

Snake House Plant for Bathroom

Snake plants have been a timeless pick when it comes to choosing indoor plants for the washroom. Many types of Sansevieria can grow in nearly any light conditions, ranging from nearly no light to bright illuminated spaces. These resilient West African natives require little to no water, and if you place them in a moist bathroom, you may never be required to water them at all.

You can opt for an eclectic planter to place them on the corner floor, or petite ones can be decked up on your bathroom rack. Snake plants are visually attractive and easy to propagate. Hence, you can choose a size that goes well with your available bathroom space.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron- Bathroom Ideas with Plants

Native to South America, philodendrons require little light to flourish. It prefers moist soil, but it can also survive dry conditions because it is a high-humidity plant that is ideal for a low-light bathroom. The best part is that it can be prepared to joyfully climb a shelving unit or windowsill.

The bespoke and intriguing leaf pattern of Philodendrons makes them a desirable pick for bathroom plant ideas. They not only lend a relaxing vibe but also instill a sophisticated look in your home bathroom decor.

English Ivy Houseplants for the Bathroom

English Ivy Houseplants for the Bathroom

English ivy looks fantastic, nurtured as a topiary or displayed in artistic hanging baskets. Dress your bathroom window sill with English Ivy for a dramatic visual appeal.

Dark leaf ivy generally enjoys humidity and can develop and spread out in a variety of environments, including complete shade or low light. They feature soothing and antioxidant qualities that purify indoor air quality for a healthy respiratory system.

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Calathea Indoor Plants for Washroom

Calathea Indoor Plants for Washroom

The gorgeous Calathea will thrive if you give it medium-to-high indirect light and a moderately to highly humid atmosphere. Consider the partnership as a symbiotic one: the conditions in your bathroom will support its optimal growth, and the lovely foliage will revitalise your space as well.

Calathea can be accommodated in petite, adorable planters. Place it next to your bathroom tub or near the dressing cabinet at a slightly elevated level to let the stunning lush green leaves take centre stage without overshadowing other decor elements on the floor.

Boston Fern Indoor Plants in Bathroom

Boston Fern Indoor Plants in Bathroom

A distinct family of shade-loving plants known as ferns reproduce by spores as opposed to flowers and seeds. Boston ferns are excellent houseplants that can withstand the humidity and temperature swings of a bathroom. Certain types can even be cultivated directly within a shower cubicle, receiving frequent wetness.
Boston ferns should not be kept under direct contact with sunlight. You can either hang them near the shower to thrive in a moist condition or deck up on an open wall shelving for a stunning visual appeal.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily- Bathroom Plants Ideas

Peace lilies are graceful plants that need little maintenance. They enjoy moisture in the bathroom and thrive on consistent watering. Avoid letting the soil get too dry for prolonged periods.

Peace lilies do flourish in restricted light; however, if the foliage is not flowering, it may require a more luminescent location. Use a highly diluted fertiliser mix for best results.

Large-leafed floor plants, like the peace lily, are ideal for adding a tropical vibe to your bathroom. It is all you need to significantly alter the appearance and feel of your room because large foliage makes an impactful impression, especially in small spaces!


Begonia- Bathroom Indoor Plants

Begonias come in a variety of styles, and they thrive in the warmth and moistness of a bathroom shelf. Specifically, rex begonias thrive indoors thanks to their eye-catching foliage. Begonias dislike soggy soil, which can lead to root decay, but they prefer humid environments.

Begonias, which are highly valued for their blossoms, require a bright area in the lavatory that receives direct morning sunlight. Place them near the window sill for an elegant flair.
Beautify Your Pretty Bathroom Nooks with Houseplants!

It's common to choose plants for bathroom ideas with the presumption that they must withstand high humidity levels. However, family bathrooms or elementary bathrooms’where the shower or bathtub is used frequently’are the only places where steady moisture is present.

In contrast to a household bathroom, the setting in a visitor's bathroom or powder space may not always be dry and darker. For a guest bathroom, plants must be able to withstand drier, darker environments.

While you choose from our above-mentioned list of popular plants for the bathroom, pay heed to their placement and maintenance tips for a remarkable bathroom ambience.

Looking for more stunning and effective plant bathroom ideas? Get in touch with the experts at Interior Company for personalised curation and implementation tips.

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    How should I maintain my bathroom plants?

    Select plants that can withstand moisture and do well in high humidity. Ensure that the window in your bathroom lets in daylight. Don’t put the plants on the shower floor; instead, position them out of the area where the water gets to them.

    Which plants should not be placed inside bathrooms?

    Certain plants may not thrive in the bathroom due to temperature and humidity shifts. Succulents, fruiting plants, jade, and hibiscus should be avoided because they lack the potential to thrive in bathrooms, which are usually warmer and receive less sunlight.

    How can I use plants to decorate my bathroom?

    Wide-edged bathtubs, open shelves and window sills are ideal for decorating plants and adding vibrant, natural colour to your bathroom.

    What is the best plant to clean air in a bathroom?

    You can incorporate some popular indoor plants with air-purifying capabilities, like the snake plant, aloe vera, spider plant and Red-edged Dracaena.

    Can Aloe Vera grow in a bathroom?

    Yes, aloe vera requires so little water that it thrives on the humidity in the bathroom alone. This plant is referred to as the “plant of immortality” because it is very difficult to kill, making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy gardening but lack the time for meticulous maintenance.

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