Views and Vistas: 7+ Balcony Cover Designs to Enhance Your Horizon

Published On: May 22, 2024

Standing on your balcony can feel like being on the deck of a ship. The ship does not always have to be The Black Pearl, it can be any boat as well. What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t matter whether you have a sprawling terrace or a cosy little balcony, there are countless balcony cover ideas that can transform your outdoor space into a peaceful lounge area. Balconies help offer a private outdoor space without stepping out the door.

Here are some trendy balcony cover designs that can help refurbish your open space and add to your home’s charm. Let us turn the outdoor space into your favourite ‘spot’ of the house.

Here is our roundup of popular balcony cover designs that blend functionality with flair, making your outdoor space as beautiful as it is practical:-

Railing in the Compliments with Bamboo Screens

RailIng in the Compliments with Bamboo Screens - Balcony Cover Ideas

For a touch of natural elegance and privacy, bamboo screens are an excellent choice among balcony cover ideas. These stylish barriers keep prying eyes away and soften the glare of the harsh sun, adding a tropical flair to your outdoor decor.

This balcony covering material is also eco-friendly, and you can easily pair it with fresh green plants, which will, in turn, add to the cosy feeling across the space.

Hanging Out with Retractable Awnings Design

Hanging Out with Retractable Awnings - Balcony Cover Design

Retractable awnings are a very versatile pick when it comes to balcony cover designs. An awning transforms your balcony into a cosy extension of your home, perfect for lounging any day, rain or shine. You can elevate the space further with a trellis like in the picture. A trellis adds height and visual intrigue, creating the feel of an outdoor room while still welcoming natural light and breezes, making the space feel like an ‘outdoor’ room.

Sturdy and Permanent with Roof Covers

Sturdy and Permanent with Roof Covers - Balcony Covering Materials

Permanent roof covers are another great pick for a balcony cover design for those who prefer a permanent solution. Polycarbonate panels or traditional roofing materials can match your home's overall architecture. This one takes the cake among balcony roof cover ideas as the covers provide steadfast protection from sun and rain, making the balcony a year-round spot for relaxation or cheer. You know, whatever floats your boat.

Grill Thrills with The Pergolas Balcony Cover Design

Grill Thrills with the Pergolas Balcony Roof Cover Ideas

Pergolas are an efficient balcony covering option. They not only introduce a rustic or garden-like ambience to your space but also offer a durable and weather-resistant cover. This makes your balcony a comfortable retreat, perfect for BBQ parties and family gatherings. Moreover, their aesthetic appeal can significantly elevate your home’s exterior. You can add a settee around a corner as furniture. Lay out a durable outdoor rug, and you’ll have a cosy reading nook around the house.

Glass Balcony Enclosures

Glass Covered Balcony Design Ideas

Opting for acrylic sheets or glass as a balcony cover design is an excellent choice among modern balcony cover ideas. This way, you can stay protected from insects and still have all the natural light streaming in with unobstructed views. A glass balcony cover design also contributes to a sleek, contemporary look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Moreover, glass and acrylic are durable and require minimal maintenance, making them practical for year-round use and keeping your balcony looking effortlessly chic.

Shade Sails Balcony Covers

Shade Sails Balcony Top Cover Design

Shade sails are an effortlessly stylish and functional choice for balcony cover designs. The fabric canopies as balcony covering materials provide excellent UV protection and come in various shapes, colours, and sizes. This makes their customisation very easy and you can easily make your outdoor space match your style. They offer a modern twist on traditional awnings, adding a splash of artistic flair. You can pair the balcony cover design with some foldable chairs to increase the seating space, and having a recliner will add more comfort.

Plank You Very Much with Wooden Slats Balcony Cover Design

Plank You Very Much with Wooden Slats Balcony Cover Design

Wooden slats and planks offer a stylish and versatile option as a balcony cover design. Perfect for those who appreciate a touch of rustic elegance, wooden slats enhance privacy while creating an inviting outdoor space ideal for relaxing or entertaining. Adding a fire pit to a corner of the space helps create an ambience of a cool fall evening.

Full-Length Sun Shade Sheet

Full-Length Sun Shade Sheet - Balcony Cover Ideas

For those with fully furnished balconies brimming with plants and decor, partial coverage just won't cut it. A full-length sun shade sheet offers the perfect solution as an apartment balcony cover idea, providing complete coverage much like traditional blinds. You can opt for metal full-length shades as in the image above with intricate designs adding an artistic touch to your space.

Towards A Comfortable Balcony

Investing in well-designed balcony cover ideas is about blending form with function. These covers enhance your home's aesthetic and extend your living space, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors year-round, rain or shine. The right balcony cover design doesn't just improve your daily living’it also boosts your home's value and appeal to potential buyers. So, whether you opt for a modern metal frame or classic wooden slats, you're making a smart choice that enhances your home's beauty and functionality.

Ready to transform your balcony cover design? Connect with Interior Company’s expert team today to evaluate how much protection and coverage you need, and then choose a style that complements your home’s exterior for an instant balcony makeover!

*Images used are for representational purposes only. Unless explicitly mentioned, Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images.*


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