14 Decoration Ideas for Independence Day  

Published On: Jun 14, 2023

After more than two hundred years of British turmoil, India gained independence when the clock struck 00:00 hrs on 15th August 1947. Lives were lost, people were displaced, and the culture of the country was attempted to be destroyed. Our ancestors held on to their roots and still celebrated festivals with the same enthusiasm. To honour the sacrifices made by the martyrs, and carrying forward the same traditions, we celebrate Independence Day  every year. 

If you've never had an Independence Day  celebration at your home or office, take this article as a sign to celebrate Independence Day  this year. In this article, you'll find 14 decoration ideas for Independence Day  celebrations. 

1. Paper Doves 

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This paper decor is easy to make, and is a fun activity to decorate a plain wall in your house. Take orange, white and green chart paper. On one of the sheets draw a stencil of a dove. Use that stencil to trace and cut doves from orange, white and green. You can cut one blue dove to represent the Ashoka Chakra. 

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2. Ceiling Flowers 

Source: Pinterest

The ceiling flowers are a unique Independence Day  decoration idea. It is a very simple project and should not take a lot of your time. All you need to do is cut strips and a few circles from orange, white and green sheets. Arrange them as shown in the photo. Take some thread or strips of paper to assemble these flowers and hang them down from the ceiling. 

3. A Tribute to the National Symbols

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Independence Day without the national symbols is incomplete. Pay tribute to the national symbol this Independence Day by making them a part of your decor. You can incorporate lotus hangings or place lotus flowers in water bowls and use them as centrepieces. You can use tiger and peacock elements to elevate the whole design. 

4. Rangoli

Source: Pinterest

Rangoli is an essential part of Indian festivals. Then why not on Independence Day? Bring out your creativity this Independence Day  with your out of the box rangoli designs. You can include national symbols, colours of the Indian flag or even absurd designs which represent what freedom means to you. 

5. Freedom Fighter Portraits

Source: Pinterest

Honour the brave freedom fighters by displaying their portraits. Choose iconic figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, and others, and create a gallery wall or showcase them as focal points. You can either frame them and place or you can hang them from your ceilings through a thread. 

6. Freedom Quotes

Source: Pinterest

Print and frame inspiring quotes by freedom fighters or national leaders. Place them strategically throughout your home to remind guests of the significance of the occasion. Frame a few of them and place them permanently to carry on the spirit of independence throughout your house. 

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7. Historical Memorabilia

Source: Pinterest

Display replicas or images of significant historical artefacts such as the Indian Constitution, the Dandi March, or the Salt Satyagraha. These visuals serve as reminders of the sacrifices made during the freedom struggle. You can get sculptures or paintings inspired by the Indian Freedom Movement. 

8. Indian Textiles

Source: Pinterest

Decorate your space with vibrant Indian textiles like sarees, dupattas, or turbans. Hang them on walls, drape them across furniture, or use them as tablecloths to infuse the ambience with a touch of Indian culture. Get sheets or pillows which have Indian prints like Madhubani, Warli art or Indian motifs. 

9. Tricolor Candles or Lights

Source: Pinterest

Light up your space with tricolour candles. Place them on windowsills, and tables, or create decorative arrangements using candle holders or mason jars. The warm glow will add a patriotic charm to the surroundings. If candles are not your style, Use tricolour fairy lights to give your home or office a patriotic feel. 

10. Patriotic Table Centrepieces

Source: Pinterest

Design eye-catching table centrepieces using miniature Indian flags, flowers in the colours of the Indian flag, or tricolour ribbons. These decorative pieces will enhance the patriotic theme of your celebration. You can even make it an activity with your family and friends by setting up an activity station. 

11. DIY Pinwheels

Source: Pinterest

Craft DIY pinwheels using tri-colour paper or fabric. These can be placed in the garden or attached to walls and windows. Pinwheels are very easy to make and don’t take much of your time. They add a playful element to the decor while symbolizing the winds of change. 

12. Tricolor Streamers

Source: Pinterest

Parties are incomplete without streamers. Hang tricolour streamers or ribbons across doorways, walls, or ceilings to create a visually stunning effect. The fluttering colours will evoke a sense of freedom and unity. Use the streamers to create a backdrop for a photo booth as your Independence Day decorations. 

13. Indian Folk Art

Source: Pinterest

Display traditional Indian folk art like Madhubani paintings, Warli art, or Pattachitra on your walls. You can have a snack and paint party on Independence Day . Invite your friends or family, set up an art station with tricolour snacks and paint with Independence Day  as a theme. These unique artworks showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and contribute to a vibrant ambience.

14. Sweets and Treat

Source: Pinterest

Include traditional Indian sweets like laddoos, barfis, or jalebis in your decor setup. Let the chef in you out by making tricolour idlis, dhoklas or biryani- take your pick! Arrange them on colourful platters or in decorative boxes to serve as edible decor items. Put on your favourite movie on patriotism and enjoy the delectables. 

Celebrating 76 Years of Independence

Celebrating  Independence Day with these creative decor ideas will help you set the perfect stage for a memorable and patriotic gathering. By infusing your surroundings with the colours, symbols, and spirit of freedom, you can create an ambience that honours the sacrifices made by our ancestors and fosters a sense of national pride among all who join in. Let these decorations be a reminder of the importance of Indian independence and inspire a commitment to upholding the values of freedom and unity for generations to come.


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    Which Independence Day would be celebrated in 2024?

    India will celebrate its 76th Independence Day on 15 August 2024.

    How can one decorate their home on Independence Day ?

    You can decorate your home with streamers, lights, balloons, make tricolour food and paintings, to list a few.