Sofa Loose Cover: All You Need to Know

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

As interior design trends come and go, loose-cover sofas, or slipcover sofas, have continued to rise and fall in popularity over the years. Now, they are experiencing a resurgence as people increasingly look for comfortable, sustainable, and cost-effective interior design choices.

Whether you are investing in a brand-new sofa or looking to refresh your existing one, loose-cover sofas should be in the running as a strong contender. Deeply inviting and warm in both aesthetics and nature, loose-cover sofas can be dressed up or dressed down and even changed between seasons to seamlessly transform the space.

To help you make your decorating decision, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to understand the basics of slip-cover sofas, the pros and cons of buying loose-cover sofas, cleaning and maintenance tips, and more.

What is a Slipcover?

About Sofa Loose Cover

A slipcover, also known as a loose cover, is a removable protective fabric cover that can be slipped on or removed from a piece of upholstered furniture. Usually made of fabric, slipcovers can be easily removed between seasons, for cleaning, when you are moving, or even simply storing it away.

Fun fact: Slipcovers have been used since the European medieval period. In the 18th century, they were used by the wealthy as stylish custom-made covers with various fabrics for different seasons.

Types of Slipcovers

When deciding on a loose-cover sofa, it is important to consider fabric, design, and style. Depending on the surrounding aesthetic and motifs, the vibe you want for your space, and how the sofa will be used, there are various slipcover fabric options to choose from.


Cotton - Type of Sofa Loose Cover

Cotton slipcovers or loose covers are lighter and machine-washable. This popular fabric is quite durable and can easily take frequent cleaning. Cotton loose-cover sofas are softer and more comfortable and bring a casual feel to the setting. While it is breathable and has a natural feel, they are also prone to staining and can become wrinkled.


Polyester - Variety of Sofa Loose Cover

Polyester loose-cover sofas are affordable, highly durable, and resistant to wrinkles, making them a popular slipcover material. It is also highly versatile, working well with different fabrics, textures, and design styles.

Faux Leather

Faux Leather - Type of Loose Cover for Sofa

For a more luxurious and stylish look, faux leather loose-cover sofas stand out as a haute addition to the space. They are also durable, easy to clean, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them a great choice for homes with children and pets.


Microfibre - Types of Sofa Loose Covers

Microfibre is a thin synthetic fibre made by weaving super-fine synthetic fibre together. Affordable and durable, microfibre slipcover sofas are easily cleanable, stain-resistant, and particularly popular for family homes.

Slipcover Designs

Once you decide on the fabric, there are also different loose cover designs to choose from based on the look and feel you want in your living room. While certain fabrics lend themselves better to specific slip-cover protectors, here is a good overview of what each design would look like.

One-Piece Protectors

One Piece Protectors - Types of Loose Cover Sofa

One-piece protectors stretch snugly across the frame and usually have ties along the skirt to tighten the fabric at the base. These loose covers are easily removable and ideal for regular washing and cleaning. To create clean lines and draw a bit of structure, tuck the fabric neatly and tightly into the creases for a smoother finish.

Stretch-Fit Protectors

Stretch-Fit Protectors - Types of Loose Covers for Sofa

Similar to one-piece covers, stretch-fit covers also give your furniture a sleeker look. The elastic, stretchable fabric keeps the slipcover looking neat and secure without having to tighten at the base.

Separate Seat Protectors

Separate Seat Protectors - Different Type of Loose Covers for Sofa

To add structure and shape to the loose-cover sofa, separate seat protectors have one slipcover for the base and separate pieces for the individual cushions, giving the sofa more character and depth.

Furniture Protectors

Furniture Protectors for Loose Cover Sofas

For homes with pets and children, furniture protectors for loose-cover sofas provide an additional layer of protection from stains, spills, and more.

Benefits of a Loose Cover Sofa

Benefits of a Loose Cover Sofa

While slipcovers were primarily used to protect furniture in the past, remarkable improvements in quality, design and fabric over the years have seen a surge in popularity for loose-cover sofas.

As people become more intentional about sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint, loose-cover sofas are increasingly attractive interior design options.

  • Easy to clean, slipcovers are simple to remove, wash and change as opposed to other types of furniture
    Seamlessly swap out slipcovers as the seasons change to adapt to the temperature, weather, and even aesthetic vibe for your interiors
  • Easily refresh the space with new slipcovers throughout the seasons with different fabrics, textures, and colours to suit the occasion. You can also easily adapt to trends or even changes in personal style or preferences without having to buy an entirely new sofa for a home refresh
  • Cover up wear and tear over time seamlessly and affordably with slipcovers rather than getting new furniture

What to Consider Before Buying a Loose-Cover Sofa

What to Consider Before Buying a Loose-Cover Sofa

Getting a loose-cover sofa depends entirely on your desired aesthetic, needs and usage. Although having a loose-cover sofa means you can easily slip the covers off for a quick wash and cleaning, it is important to read the care instructions carefully before tossing them into the washing machine.

Depending on the fabric, they may need to be dry-cleaned regularly or require slightly different washer settings.

There are also various ways that a slipcover can be kept in place ' stretch fabric, decorative ties, concealed zips, and more. It is important to base your slipcover style based on how much usage the sofa is likely to get. For instance, if you anticipate kids or pets will be scrambling across and around the sofa, a firmer fit, zip and tie will help keep it securely in place.

Given that slipcovers are removable, there will be the occasional wrinkle and sag that comes with the look of a loose-cover sofa. If you prefer a consistently tighter fit for your sofa, you may need to consider alternative fabrics or a different kind of sofa.

Getting Comfy with a Loose Cover Sofa

Getting a new sofa or refreshing your existing one is a big decision ' one that sets the seating stage for your living space. Loose cover sofas are brilliant ways to spruce up the living room without breaking the bank ' at the initial investment as well as in future furniture refreshment plans.

With loose sofa covers now available in a wide range of colours, durable materials, and styles ' and even highly customisable ' it is now easier than ever to perk up your sofa for a completely new look and vibe.

Want some more inspiring interior design and stunning sofa ideas to reimagine your living room? Get in touch with our experts at Interior Company, creating tasteful spaces with beauty, purpose, and function that perfectly reflect your style, aesthetic, and needs.

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    What is the best slipcover fabric for pet owners?

    Microfibre is one of the best slipcover options for homes with pets. It is a synthetic, soft fabric that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Fabrics that do not wrinkle, stain, or are low-static work better for pet owners.

    Is a loose-cover sofa practical to maintain?

    Absolutely! When it comes to deciding what sofa to buy, a loose-cover sofa’s biggest draw is its durability and easy maintenance. If you have pets, kids, and other factors in a busy home, simple spot-cleaning or taking off a cover for a simple wash can be life-changing on a day-to-day basis and extend the life of your sofa.

    What is the best slipcover fabric to create a clean, shabby chic look?

    For a stylish, shabby, chic look, duck cotton or linen will create the best look and feel.

    What is the most popular fabric for loose-cover sofas?

    Cotton and polyester blends are popular loose-cover options for the best aesthetic, durability, and comfort.

    How do I start thinking about the design process for a sofa?

    When buying or designing a new sofa, it is important to work out what you want, the overall style and vibe of your living room. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a clearly defined idea in your head, experienced interior design experts will be able to analyse, narrow down the design options, and carefully design a living room space that brings your design vision to life.

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