14 Fascinating Balcony Tile Designs That Amp Up Your Outdoor Area

Published On: Jan 17, 2023

From poured concrete, grass or stone pavers, bricks, and wood, the options to adorn your outdoor areas are difficult to take count of. However, there is nothing like the feel of outdoor balcony tiles to amp up your patio. Outdoor balcony tiles in materials like ceramic, stone, or wood can be maintained easily while also enhancing the aesthetics of your space. Not only that, but they also make it easier to incorporate style and colour into the otherwise neglected space. 

It's time to make your balconies an extended part of your designer homes. Get inspired and set a foundation with these modern balcony tiles designs. 

Elegant Balcony Tiles Designs

Swoon your guests away with these sophisticated balcony tiles ideas.  

1. Porcelain Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Porcelain tiles are extremely popular and easily accessible on the market, owing to their durable nature. Because they are not porous, these balcony floor tiles are a great choice for outdoor areas that witness significant rain during monsoons. Porcelain tiles are ideal for balconies because they can withstand harsh weather like rain and snow. The matte texture of these tiles also gives the balcony flooring anti-skid qualities accompanying a stunning look. 

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2. Natural Stone

Source: Pinterest

Natural stone tiles are a timeless option for walls that never goes out of style. The design trends have also seen flooring designs featuring natural limestone. The anti-slip substance of these balcony wall tiles design gives it a classic look while also providing safety. Simple, and attractive natural stones are great for a state-of-the-art makeover. 

3. Moroccan Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Moroccan balcony tiles add elegance and charm to a space that lacks furnishings. This balcony tile texture is yet another fantastic option as they accentuate the space while also rendering an ethnic touch. Moroccan tiles come in a plethora of patterns and gorgeous colour combinations. Even balconies benefit from the warmth and character that these tiles bring to any space. Moroccan tiles have a classic appeal that’s hard to match! We advise keeping the overall design and furniture as modest as possible when choosing patterned tiles.

4. Mosaic Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Mosaic patterned tile is one of the most modern balcony floor tiles designs, even though it is not everyone’s first pick. Mosaic tiles come in a variety of vivid colours and have a mystique that makes it easy to design a special pattern. If your heart yearns for multicoloured balcony tiles then this is the right fit for you. Your balcony pillar might benefit from this pattern as well.

5. Wenge Tiles

Source: Pinterest

If you dig ancient looks then the wenge balcony floor tiles design should be your pick. This dark wooden panelling will take you back to Victorian times because of its rustic charm. This log and cabin-style tile panelling is chic and sophisticated at the same time. 

6. Pinewood Deck

Source: Pinterest

A wooden deck is ideal for those who like to host outdoor parties on their balconies. Pinewood is one of the best balcony tiles texture to create a deck with seating. It is also extremely durable if properly maintained. The pinewood deck is especially liked because of its aesthetic value that would leave your guests in awe. 

7. Hand Painted Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Make your balcony a piece of art with hand-painted tiles. These balcony tiles ideas render a rustic demeanour curating a state-of-the-art affair. However, these tiles would need to be maintained on a regular basis. For instance, these abstract tiles take things up a notch in this modern balcony. 

8. Wooden Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Young homeowners who want a gentler feel to the walls and flooring adore the look of textured wood in their balcony floor tiles. Most people believe that exterior wooden titles are inappropriate for outdoor settings. However, high-quality oak tiles are resilient and durable, withstanding any amount of rain and sunlight. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing wooden tile patterns. 

9. Travertine Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Limestone, the material used to make travertine tiles, has a natural anti-slip quality that makes it ideal for balcony walls and flooring. These can be used indoors and outside in your apartment or house regardless of the weather. Although the pattern of a travertine tile is quite similar to that of marble tiles, high-quality marble is significantly more expensive. This modern balcony floor tiles design is a good, reasonably priced option because of their finishing and style.

10. Ash Colouration Tiles

Source: Pinterest

A popular balcony tiles texture, ash coloration highlights the colourful contrast between balcony walls and other furnishings. This is a wall tile option for those who want to prioritise bold colours and a visually beautiful balcony. Any space will gain a touch of refinement from these ash-coloured balcony tiles. Paint the walls with neutral colours or embellish the area with beautiful coloured flowers. 

11. Slate Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Due to its distinctive rustic appearance, slate tile is another choice that new homes or property owners favour. Slate is a metamorphic rock, thus despite being used for many years, it experiences little wear and tear. These tiles design for balcony floor are perfect for those who desire durability. Enjoy trolling on pitch-coloured slate tiles beneath your feet as they render the flooring a rustic and antique appearance!

12. Recycled Granite Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Granite has become an incredibly popular installation as balcony tiles since it is a scratch-resistant material. Granite is a very durable volcanic rock that can be used as tiles for walls or floors. These tiles are also resistant to scratch, however, you must constantly polish them to keep the gloss intact. Black granite balcony wall tiles are ideal to deck up the remaining area. 

13. Terrazzo Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Terrazzo tiles are one of the most popular front balcony tiles design installations if you want to add a touch of suaveness. Glass, quartz, granite, marble, and other materials are used to make terrazzo, which makes it characteristically stronger. Terrazzo is also famous for its long lifespan and smooth surface. This design is all things chic and modern. 

14. Geometric Tiles

Source: Pinterest

Geometric tiles can completely alter the look of your patio and can be paired with different materials. For instance, geometric tiles on the walls can be paired with brick stones on the flooring. Here the green geometric tiles blend beautifully with the other neutral colours of the patio. 

Tile it Up!

Any balcony in a home should be both functional and ornamental, decked up with the design of the homemakers' choice. Choosing the balcony tiles design that perfectly amplifies the balcony aesthetic might be a difficult task for some homemakers. But, it only requires the knowledge of the type of tiles that would last long in your home surroundings and obviously make an impact. For more design ideas contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    Q 1. Which tiles are best for a balcony?

    Ans. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are considered to be the best balcony tiles owing to their strength and durability. These are available in different balcony tiles designs.

    Q 2. Which balcony tiles stay cool in the sun?

    Ans. Travertine tiles are best suited for India’s tropical weather under the sun. Their porous texture and pale colour keep the tiles comparatively cooler than other flooring options.

    Q 3. Which tiles design for balcony floors are the most cost-effective?

    Ans. There are numerous budget-friendly tiles available that would deck up your balconies. Vitrified tiles, terracotta tiles, porcelain tiles, and natural stone tiles are some of the most pocket-friendly options.

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