Stunning Living room Colour Combinations To Liven Up Your Space In 2021

Published On: Sep 08, 2021

Colours are the most impactful in any art piece. In interior design, Colours are like the heart of the place. While choosing hall colours, enlist what you want it to look like. If you are willing to experiment with the furniture and want it to be bright, choose light colours. It will create a balance in colours and will appear to look each furniture valuable and vibrant. There are numerous Living Room Color Combination to choose from.

The perfect color for your living room is what matches the trend and your personality. For instance, you want the living room to be bright but the trend is of light shades. You can go for pastels colors for living room. It will meet your choice and trend as well. Never run for trends if it is not satisfying what you want. Every colour has a different impact and looks different with different furniture options. If you are confused with some colour options for the living room or do not have any idea, here is a perfect opportunity to explore different looks by multiple colour choices.

You can go for neutrals, dual colour, or a single pastel or bright colour. While adding creativity, there are wide ranges of wallpapers, wooden and plastic accessories available to add home colour design to the living area. Other than colours, lights play a considerable role in making the living room more beautiful. Adding a traditional touch of art in wall colour also looks great.

There are many factors responsible for creating a complete look to the living room. It includes walls, sofa-set, decorative items, and other accessories. Each element plays an important role and is interrelated. It should be kept in mind that you need to have a balance of colours while designing any place. If it is missing, the place would either be too dull or too bright. There are various concepts of designing the living area which sometimes become confusing and we tend to go for the wrong choice. Let's discuss the ideas keeping in view the vibe you want to create in the hall, similar or contrasting walls and furniture, modern or traditional, etc. This helps to understand the theme of the living area altogether and maybe you get a match with what you think of and what you get.

Here are some of the latest Living Room Color Combination. All the colour options are unique and have a different charm of their own. Explore to find a perfect look for your living room.

Sand Palette

A light beige shade from the palette of brown signifies calmness, relaxation, and peace. The soft sand colour gives a similar calm as a beach. Adding statement lights adds brightness and charm to the look.

Cloudy Gray

The dark shade is looking bold but the vibe of the place is calm. This is because of the colour balance scheme. The dark gray is neutralized by a wooden wall and the yellow chair is lightening up the place.

Porcelain White

Whenever in doubt, paint it with peace. White gives you a chance to experiment and brighten up the furniture. The dual colour sofa would never have looked so pretty without white walls.

Bohemian Splash

The grey wallpaper with black detailing and striped cream ceiling are very creative and creates a complete look in itself. It is a simple yet designer look created with basic colours.

Crimson Pink

A Jaipur dream shade from the pink colour palette creates a cute interior look. The pink and white walls bring innocence, positivity, and blush to the look. It is created for a home for small kids.

Paint It Purple

A dark yet calm colour that seems so welcoming and friendly is perfect for you if you are looking to create a bold look in the living room.

Soft Tones

Bring home the calmness and serenity of sky and brightness of sun together in your living room by painting it blue and adding the welcoming and warm orange.

Vibrant Pink

The shiny and bright champagne pink coloured walls are creating an amazing look. It is a great pick if you are looking for a dark vibrant colour. You can add the other shades of the same colour to have a dark-light variance in colour scheme.

Bone White

The light cream touch with wooden detailing looks casual and simple. If you are not willing to experiment with different colours, it is a smart-casual pick that will give you a modern vibe with a touch of colourful furniture.

Peach Blush

Bring the peaches to the living room and squeeze the magic. Painting the walls with peach and adding different patterns to the furniture will create a colourful and modern vibe.

Sun-kissed Yellow

The golden touch to your living room signifies prosperity and wealth. The warm and welcoming living room colour will release all the stress after a tiring day.

Sparkling Blue

Adding colour creates a positive vibe but adding patterns could brighten the place more. The floral motifs on walls and geometrically patterned flooring is looking amazingly great and gives a modern vibe with a touch of antiqueness.

Dazzling Red

The crimson and white Living Room Color Combination is creating a bright and joyful vibe. The floral printed sofa looks great with the crimson touch.

Olive Green

White and green walls are creating a prosperous look to the living room. The pastel green colour is the best choice while looking for a colourful light colour.

Lilac With Silver Hue Combo for Living Room Walls

A gloss white living room with a light purple paint in the posh area is complementing each other. It creates a neutral yet colourful look.

Beaming Orange

A bright wall in the living area seeks a sense of brightness and warmth. It looks welcoming when the guests visit the house. The combination of white and orange walls with beautiful lamp lights is stunning.

Green Palette

A similar colour scheme in the living room looks great. The green symbolizes positivity, growth, and prosperity. The contrast furniture colour is going perfectly well.

Black, White & Cream Trio for Living Room

Bringing together a complete look by all the basics including black, white, and cream is looking great with a touch of brightness by yellow armchairs.

Rich Golden

It seems like a palace with beautiful golden detailing and a chandelier. The artwork describes the culture and artwork of the place, creating a traditional living room.

Metallic Copper

The basic white with a light copper touch is creating a simple and casual vibe. It is a perfect pick when you are looking for a classy and casual look.

Shining Red

The red and white wall paint colours signify the Indian traditional culture with antique floral carpet design and ethnic living room wall paintings. The complete look is perfectly balanced by balancing dark red walls and light sofa colour and on the other side, white wall and printed curtains.

Blissful Yellow

Yellow looks great for every interior room colour design, making it warm, welcoming, and positive. The living room is the place where you spend most of the time and where the guests visit you. The bright yellow walls and the light brown sofa neutralize the colours, making it look perfect.

Peacock Blue

The combination of peacock blue and white is so vibrant and signifies happiness and brightness. It is a perfect look if you want calm colours for your living room.

Contrast Hues

The living room colour scheme is versatile with soft lilac and bright blue enshrined by the antique copper touch mirror. The lilac colour signifies youthfulness, diligence, and spirituality and creates a positive vibe to the living room. If you want the living room to be bright yet calm, it is a great pick.

Smudgy Blue

A combination of blue and white signifies peace, serenity, and calmness. The living room is so connected to nature bringing the blue sky and white clouds in the living room. It creates a perfect aura ensuring growth and prosperity.

Classic Touch

The bright orange and white balance the brightness of the living area, making it look warm and welcoming. The painting of Lord Krishna on one wall, and two dancing women on the other, expressing an Indian dance form connects to the culture of the country.

Cerulean Blue

A luxurious living room design with bold blue colour with a touch of a textured brown wall design looks amazing. The collective design of the living area and dining place makes the place appear bigger and the statement modern lights make it more beautiful.

Combination of Black And White Color for Living Room

The white walls with textured black sunmica look bold and classy. An interesting factor in this living room is you can hide the TV. The soft brown curtains are highlighting the essence of the brown in the wooden sunmica sheets.

White All Over

White is the most protean colour and you can create different looks quite often after painting your walls white. The white walls and textured white wallpaper makes the place vibrant. The accessories are embracing the living room. You can change it to add an element to your unique style.

Gentle Neutrals

The luxurious piece of art from the magical shades of cream and grey goes very well with each other. The variation in dark and light shades of grey curtains brings the needed darkness that balances the neutral cream.

Modern-N-Chic Palette

A traditional Rajasthan vibe expressing the beautiful ancient architecture of the place is very ethnic. The tangerine-cream walls with the artwork would excite your guests to listen about the culture and art of the city.


The living room is the most entertaining place of the house and it is where all the family members spend time together and bond. It is the most popular place in the house. It is very important to wisely choose the interior design and colours for your living room. It is the place where you entertain your guests when they visit you. The living room should be designed in a way that defines you and your personality.

While choosing a Living Room Color Combination, you should experiment with different ideas but the problem comes when you and your family members want  it to be different. So, these options might help get you on the same page.

While deciding on the living area, you should address all the family members. If any of the members suffer from hypertension or are aggressive, you should not go for many bold colours. Instead, use neutral colours which keep you calm and relaxed.

The place where there are kids may have bright colours as children would not like simplicity but want the magic of colours. Colours impact our mental health. It is something which should be discussed with everyone in the family. If you are not someone who loves white but wants colours yet not bright, the palette of shades always has nude shade in every colour Experiment with different colours but make sure the aura of the living room should balance your vibe and trends.