Modern Round-Shaped Pop Design Ideas

Published On: Dec 19, 2022

False ceilings are a great way to amp up your plain and lifeless ceilings. One might think that people don’t focus on the ceilings that much, but let us tell you that they are the first thing people notice when entering your home. It contributes to the general appeal of the room by adding the quintessential element of surprise. 

There are several varieties of false ceilings in the market. Round false ceiling designs or coved ceilings seem to have taken over people's hearts and their spaces. A round false ceiling design makes up a string geometric appeal in a room of rectangular or square shape. 

Let's step into some rooms with exceptional round-shaped false ceiling designs. 

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Simple Round POP Design 

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a neat and functional false ceiling for your bedroom, here’s the design for you! The cut of this round POP ceiling is created artistically to create a completely new pattern. 

This design showcases a simple drop ceiling where the epicentre of this ceiling is reserved for a unique ceiling fan or chandelier. This is clearly an innovative approach. To keep it simple, the designer had chosen two colours, namely white and cream to make it sophisticated for their clients. 

Jewelled Round POP Design 

Source: Pinterest

This is a simple and artistic round false ceiling design with several cove lights to make the ceiling glow in itself. A round drop is added in the centre, with three round extensions to the corners. You can set different types of cove lights to add colourful drama and you can also brighten the space by adding a piece of ceiling jewellery i.e. a chandelier. Adding some accessories to the ceiling is also a great way to amp up the ceiling with or without a false ceiling. 

Half Cut Circle 

Source: Pinterest

If you are searching for a unique ceiling design for your bedroom, check out the ceiling design inspired by the beauty of a full moon night. Other basic blanket designs have a circle-shaped centre but this one showcases two round drops with LED lights for more ambience. 

The ceiling warrants our appreciation, the round-shaped false ceiling design is cleverly extended to the wall for more drama. 

This feels like Shahrukh was right about successfully bringing the moon to the ground. 

So when you turn off the lights, you can feel like you’re in heaven without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Double Circle Ceiling 

Source: Pinterest

Double-round pop false ceilings are more famous in India as they are specially designed to incorporate ceiling fans. This double-layered ceiling will add volume and depth to your home. Dim lights are strategically added to this design to make it appear more ambient. 

Luxurious Ceiling 

Source: Pinterest

If you wish to add an elegant element to any home the best solution is to opt for some white and gold. It is unnecessary to have everything look like royalty, but we support great ideas. This round false ceiling design showcases precisely the same, simple yet elegant. The use of gold in this patterned POP ceiling is exceptional. The panels inside the tray ceiling make the round epicentre seem like a sun and its rays. Adding a chandelier was like a cherry on top to further accentuate the ceiling. 

Futuristic False Ceiling Round Design

Source: Pinterest

Some say we don't know what the future holds for us, what if we tell you we know exactly what the future of your ceilings is looking like? 

This spiral round false ceiling design is made by using both POP and gypsum board to give you a classy and artistic structure that is not that heavy for the house. Dim lights are added strategically inside the spiral to add a contemporary look. This round false ceiling design can be completed with or without a ceiling fan depending upon the needs of the owner. 

In a Nutshell

Adding a false ceiling to any room ushers in a lot of drama to a no-frills setting. This false ceiling design not only plays a part as decoration but also adds an element of functionality to the ceiling. False ceilings can be used to hide away all the extra wiring that you don't want on display overhead. Add a pinch of glamour and a nip of excitement to your home with these trendy round POP ceilings. 

For more false ceiling designs contact our talented designers at the Interior Company.


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    Where should you add a false ceiling at home?

    A false ceiling can be added anywhere in the house, you just have to use your imagination to make it happen. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, halls, and kitchens are some very common spaces where you can get a false ceiling.

    What type of false ceiling is the best?

    Gypsum false ceilings are the best ones for home as they are popular and they are also very user-friendly.

    What are rounded ceilings called?

    Round ceilings are also called coved ceilings as they have rounded corners rather than sharp ones.

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