15 Creative Bedroom Wall Painting Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home Interiors

Updated On: May 17, 2024
Do you know what the primary home improvement principle is? A new coat of colour or a fresh room wall paint design can make a remarkable difference in the space.

Broadly, the wall paint design ideas for bedrooms fall into three categories:

  • Revamping the room walls with fresh/new paint
  • Creating a focal point with one standout colour
  • Channelling the artist in you with different wall painting techniques

Beyond this, you can find several wall painting ideas for bedrooms, such as a complete colour scheme change, paint effects, or block painting. To help you revamp your space, we have curated below 15 simple wall painting designs for bedrooms to amplify your home aesthetic.


Stripes Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom

Stripes are versatile, timeless, and one of the best wall painting designs for a bedroom. They add a lot of character to your bedroom. You can experiment with different textures, patterns, widths, and colours for a unique look. Stripes can be horizontal and bold or vertical and subtle.

So, get creative with the stripes, as they work for all rooms around the home, from the living room to the bedroom and the bathroom.

Double Delight

Double Delight- Room Wall Paint Design

You can amplify your bedroom décor by introducing a horizontal line that spans the room, dividing your focus wall with colour. Can’t decide between two colours? Add both to your bedroom wall. This latest paint design for the bedroom adds an extra flair to the space. Make sure that both the colours complement each other as well as the rest of the decor of the room.

Coloured Diagnols

Add some vigour to your bedroom walls by adding colourful diagonal sections. These modern wall paint designs for the bedroom infuse lively energy and creativity into the room. Consider bold colours for a striking appeal or a muted tone for a chic aesthetic.

Coloured diagonals are trendy and cool bedroom wall painting ideas. Balance them with minimal décor and furniture. You can achieve a simple but attractive design using pastel or soft tones in the diagonal patterns on one wall. But if you desire a bedroom that exudes funky vibes, add a pop-coloured diagonal near the bedhead, window, or desk.

Cartoon Painting for Kids Bedroom

Cartoon Painting for Kids Bedroom- Room Wall Painting

A vibrant cartoon bedroom wall painting is ideal for a kid's room. These will delight your child and make them love the interiors. Please ensure the characters are painted in striking, vivid hues, giving the space an upbeat and lively feel. This bedroom painting will bring excitement and a ton of joy to your child's space.

Random Rectangles

Random Rectangles- Wall Painting Ideas for Bedroom

It is a contemporary, visually pleasing, and creative bedroom wall painting idea. Creating random rectangles is easy and will complement the modern interiors in your home. You do not need specialised artistic or innovative skills for this. Just pick your favourite colours and ensure that you experiment with size and placement.

Nordic Blues

Nordic Blues- Bedroom Wall Design Ideas with Paint

Greyish-blue shades are common room paint design ideas for minimalist, modern, cool Scandinavian design interiors. You can employ multiple Nordic blue shades to cover the wall blocks. A painter's tape is the secret weapon here to achieve straight, clean lines.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes- Room Paint Design Ideas

The geometric shape can be an excellent alternative to add playfulness and dimension to the wall design painting for a bedroom. Some geometric patterns you can include are herringbones, hexagons, and chevrons. These go best in minimalist and modern rooms. Shapes are infinite, so get down to business and ideate to create a unique bedroom wall painting.

3D Designs

3D Designs- Creative Bedroom Wall Painting

If you love watching 3D movies, why not give your bedroom 3D walls? Go with these trendy and funky wall painting designs for bedroom Indian. Some straightforward 3D wall paint designs include abstracts, objects/flowers, 3D murals, and shapes like boxes.

Sponge Effect

Playing around with textures is a great way to find your ideal room wall paint design. This is a very low-effort idea that yields great, stunning visual results. You can create an ombre effect or random designs by sponging the wall with congenial shades. This effect adds depth and texture to your bedroom. You can use it on the main wall or ceiling.

Honeycomb Design

Honeycomb Design- Wall Paint Design Ideas for Bedroom

Amplify the plain white wall with multi-coloured or same-coloured honeycomb shapes. Place small hexagons randomly for a funky and fun vibe in the room. You can incorporate colours that go with the room's interiors. When using this honeycomb idea for a wall painting in the bedroom, ensure that you do not go overboard.

Multi-Coloured Design

Multi-Coloured Design- Wall Painting Images for Bedroom

Are you looking for wall painting for bedroom ideas for your kid’s room? You cannot go wrong with multi-coloured designs. Anything in multi-colours will work for your child's bedroom, be it an abstract sponge effect, rainbow stripes, or geometric shape.

Gingham Style

Gingham Style- Master Bedroom Paint Design Ideas

Gingham is not limited to just your clothes. This pattern looks classy and rustic on your bedroom walls, too. So, why not try the gingham-inspired wall painting to add a rustic and idyllic charm to the bedroom? For this latest wall paint design for the bedroom, carefully study the shades and plan the painting, ensuring the lines are straight.

Patterns and Stencils

The latest room wall painting designs involve having at least one accent wall in your bedroom. Typically, homeowners opt for stencils or patterns to break the monotony of the bare wall. From the traditional, basic patterns or stencils in Indian homes to abstract patterns, these designs are in vogue. So, these designs can elevate your bedroom, be it one-coloured patterns or golden patterns on a dark-hued wall.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots- Wall Design Painting for Bedroom

These are whimsical and playful bedroom back wall paint designs to add joy to your walls. You can pick from different colours and sizes for the perfect effect. Choose between delicate, bold, oversized, or miniature polka dots to add character to your room.

You can also establish a pattern with these dots, like a diagonal line or a chevron, to bring out your artistic streak. Consider mixing colours and sizes for a diverse appeal. This design is versatile and goes best for all rooms in the house, from the bedroom to the home office or nursery.

Floral Presence

Floral Presence- Modern Wall Paint Designs for Bedroom

Beautify a corner around your bedroom with the fascinating and charming flower wall accent. You can use bright colours like orange or red or cool tones like grey or yellow, whatever suits your fancy!

Final Words

Elevate your bedroom's aesthetics with these popular wall painting ideas, ranging from traditional stripes to trendy 3D designs. Whether you desire a minimalist look or playful appeal, these unique and creative techniques and designs will revamp your space.

So, stop thinking and explore these possibilities to make your room a personalised haven.

Want some more inspiring home decor ideas? Get in touch with our experts at Interior Company, crafting bespoke and livable designs for you and your loved ones.

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    Which colour works best for the bedroom wall?

    When picking the colour for your bedroom, the selection depends on several factors:

    • The mood you wish to create
    • Your room’s style
    • Lighting

    Consider neutral shades like white, grey, or beige to keep it subtle, or bolder colours like black, green, or blue for a dramatic effect.

    How to paint a wall creatively?

    For creatively painting a wall, always think out of the box and experiment with different finishes and techniques. Use tape or stencils for patterns or geometric shapes, blend multiple colours for an ombre effect, or use a rag or sponge for a textured finish.

    Should I paint the ceiling and the walls in the same colour?

    You can paint the walls and the ceiling in the same colour to achieve a cohesive or visually expansive look. Go with this approach only if your bedroom receives ample natural light.

    Can I combine multiple painting techniques in my bedroom?

    Absolutely! It is your bedroom, and you want it to reflect your personality, so why not?

    How can I make my small room look bigger with wall paint?

    To make your small room look bigger with wall paint, follow the tips:

    1. Use neutral or light colours for an airy feel
    2. Paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls for a height effect
    3. Go with vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones.
    4. Use painted walls or mirrors to reflect light and create an illusion of space.

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