Unique and Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom Interior

Published On: Apr 06, 2022

The layout of bedrooms has changed tremendously in the world of interior design. As individuals curate spaces that mirror their own personality,  trends follow suit. The walls of your bedroom structure the layout of your space and lend a base to most decor pieces. An accent wall ideas for bedroom is associated with unique textures and colours made up of entirely different materials.  While curating your space you can choose to go all out or be subtle about your aesthetic.

Normally, an accent wall idea for bedroom  is designed behind the headboards of your bed, for they tend to showcase uniqueness. However, you can choose to pick any wall of your choice.

If you are looking for some master bedroom accent wall ideas, then you have stopped at the right place.

Choose Solid Bold Colours

Choose Solid Bold Colours The simplest way to make the  focal point different from that of other bedroom accent wall design ideas  is to add an element of bold colours to one of your walls. There are various ways through which one can easily blend the block colours with different highlighters of patterns or stripes or even textures. This helps in highlighting the focal point. A solid block colour is an amazing bedroom accent wall design idea one can ever think of.

Chalkboard as an Accent Wall Idea For Bedroom

Chalkboard as an Accent Wall Idea For Bedroom When you are deciding on the bedroom accent wall design ideas, you usually want to incorporate a practical  idea. One such option is a chalkboard accent wall. Being one of the natural and the most flexible options, incorporating a chalkboard is an excellent way to showcase not only the trend in your bedroom but also a great option for youngsters to add a way of communicating. Your children can use this board to write their thoughts, writing and even draw their hearts out. All the busy moms can use this board as a planner to note down their daily planner, school schedule, exam planners and for mentioning important dates as part of bedroom decoration.

Wooden Accent Wall Ideas For Bedroom

Wooden Accent Wall Ideas For Bedroom When all the other walls of your room have been coloured in neutral or pastel shades, then the best way to balance them out is by incorporating a new wooden wall or a wooden divider. A wooden wall helps in providing a delightful surface of warmth and profundity to any of your spaces. This idea is relatively at a higher expense as compared to other wall décor ideas.

Brick Accent Walls 

Brick Accent Walls In case you want to enrich warmth and incorporate the mechanical gesture then the best way to include that in your style is by adding a brick accent wall idea for bedroom.  A brick wall is the best way of pattern to balance the colour palette with other walls.

Combination of Grey and White

Combination of Grey and White The room can be best complemented with an amalgam of grey and white. Make an attractive layout with this colour combination to match the aesthetics of your room. It is a subtle colour that can actually complement each and every element of your room. This colour combination is also perfect for kids’ rooms, it is also perfect for all the grown-up plans.

Windows Are a Perfect Accent Wall Design Idea

Windows Are a Perfect Accent Wall Design Idea Why find a new focal point when you have it just right in front of you? This focal point is the window of your room. Now that you have a focal point ready in front of you the only thing you need to focus on is finding different ways to make it look more attractive and beautiful. Talking of beauty is a reminder that the view is one such element that already makes the task a little easier for you!

Coloured Room with a White Wall

Coloured Room with a White Wall This is the perfect pick for those who have coloured their room in a darker shades. To bring about balance and subtleness in the room, the focal wall is painted in the colour of white paint. A white wall in between the rest of the darker tones is the best combination for your room.

Cozy Bohemian Wall

Cozy Bohemian Wall The bohemian style is one of the best accent wall design ideas for bedroom. Incorporatring beige tones, cane furnishing  and cacesoring the walls with green can tie the space together.

Rainbow Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom

Rainbow Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom Another idea that your bedroom includes is the rainbow accent wall idea for bedroom . Such pastel rainbow colour patterns are perfect for the children’s room.  You can let this rainbow headboard be the focal point of the bedroom.

In Conclusion

No matter what’s your budget for the next step, your bedroom can incorporate your aesthetic by utilising the materials and items you already own. These materials could include anything such as paints, woods, tiles, etc. This is an incredible way to pick accent wall ideas for bedrooms to beautify the space you have and yet make it look chic and elegant! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best way to design my bedroom walls?

There is no such rule for the best way of design for your bedroom walls. Nowadays, anything you do is a part of a trend. What is rather important is to understand that there needs to be balance in everything you do. No too darker tones or too lighter tones should be used for your walls. 

Q. Can a bedroom be decorated at a cheap rate?

Yes, a bedroom can also and always be decorated on a budget. The first step towards decorating your bedroom walls is to decide on a budget and then accordingly plan the designing pattern for yourself. 

Q. What are the Ideas for decorating my bedroom?

Some of the ideas for decorating your bedroom include painting your walls in bold colours, block colours, adding patterns and textures on the wall, adding aesthetic décor, adding wallpapers, deciding on a focal point, etc. 

Q. How do I choose a feature wall?

Choosing a feature wall requires you to choose a wall that stands out from the rest and that will catch a viewer’s eye as soon as they enter the room. This wall does not necessarily always have to be the centre of your room but can also side walls at times. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to make it look attractive enough to stand out. 

Q. What colour is best for your feature wall?

There is no set of colours that your wall needs to be painted in. These colours could be brown, neutral shades, darker tones such as purple, black, etc. You can also turn this wall into double-shades such as blue and white, green and yellow, any combination that works well for your wall.