Ravishing Modern Curtain Designs for Living Room 

Published On: Oct 15, 2022

A home’s interior design is a blend of numerous micro and macro aspects that make the surroundings consistent in style. Among accessories, furniture, colours, floors, home decor, and lights, curtains have an important role to play in the aesthetics of the home. Luxury curtain designs adjust natural light and create and characterise the room’s atmosphere rendering new visions. 

Curtains interface with different facets of design and hence needs to be chosen with careful consideration. Curtains are like show stoppers that add a personality to the space and installing them is almost hassle-free. This article enumerates some of the most trending luxury designer curtains, the types of curtain material, and the important things to keep in mind while choosing them. It’s time to adorn the windows to create your own world. 

Things to Consider while Choosing a Curtain

Curtain designs reflect different aspects like light, fabric, style, colour, and a series of other factors that make them one of the most difficult and controversial furnishing accessories. A luxury curtain design holds the power of radically changing the appearance of the room. Hence, it becomes important to take into account the variables and reasons like the length, position, and manner in which the curtains are installed. 

No to Immense Relevance

It is not ideal to give excessive prominence to curtains because in design the furnishing accessories must always remain a complement and not be predominant. Ensure that the curtain chosen should be an aesthetic part of the design system and act as a gear in the complex mechanism of shapes, light, colours, lines, and decorative elements. 

Relationship with Light

The first and foremost factor to consider while choosing a curtain is to decide the amount of natural light that you want in your living room. Do you want the curtains to filter the light or just darken? The answer to this question depends on personal preference and thus different guidelines have to be followed in regard to the colours, patterns, size, and fabrics. 

Finding Fabric

Every fabric has its own structure and is not only limited to the material that it is made of. This alters the suitability of the curtain for an aesthetic purpose and specific use. 

The finer and lighter materials like satin, cotton, silk, and linen help in implementing the lighting of the living room.

The heavier materials like brocades and velvet tend to darken the ambience. Synthetic yarns are usually recommended for more unpopular places like the bathroom since they are anti-aesthetic. Ultimately the fabric of your luxury curtain design depends on the aesthetic that you are looking for and the requirement of light. 

Furnishing or Decorative Power

When choosing classy luxury curtains for living room, you must always remember the curtains’ value in context with it being a decorative element and furnishing. Ultimately, it is about the style and the functionality is considered a close second. The curtains must be tied to the rest of the furniture. 

Types of Fastening

The last aspect in selecting the luxury curtains for living room is of a functional nature. After you have selected a specific fabric with a hue and pattern, how do you want to install the curtains? The systems and possibilities are divided into two main categories:

Rod: A rod is fixed to the top of the window, and a telescopic rod can be made use of to fit different sizes. 

Rail: A rail is used with very light curtains and permits the curtain to slide through the ropes that are placed on the sides. 

Luxury Curtain Design Ideas

Explore these modern luxury curtain designs for your next makeover inspiration. 

Ready-made Jacquard Curtains

Ready-made Jacquard Curtains

This luxury curtain design is a pencil pleated design with a detailed vintage print on it. These curtains are usually made from thick polyester material. The intricate design makes it perfect for a bedroom entrance or living room. 

Luxury Velvet Curtains

Luxury Velvet Curtains

Velvet luxury curtains for living room are a trendy rendition of the classic design. Velvet is known to reduce the heat trapped inside your home, hence it helps in making the home a bit cooler. These velvet drapes in brown are an epitome of what modern drapes look like. 

Luxury Sheer Curtains

Luxury Sheer Curtains

Opting for sheer classy luxury curtains for living room is the way to go if you like the touch of natural light in your space. The sheer curtains usually come with an embroidery design and are embellished with pearls. Here, the curtains are plain and are more voguish in comparison to their traditional counterparts. 

Geometric Curtains

Geometric Curtains

Different shapes especially geometric shape makes up for a playful yet luxury curtain design. Here a black and white geometric curtain is paired with sheer ones for a subtle yet grand look. This combination definitely takes up a spot in the luxury designer curtains list. 

Neutral Hued Curtains

Neutral Hued Curtains

Neutral curtains come into play when the design of your living room is either too good to tamper with or if you are a fan of minimalism. Here, the subtle demeanour of the living room is accentuated by these neutral luxury curtains and decor. Pair them with sheer curtains for a more nuanced look. 

European Style Curtains

European Style Curtains

This European-style luxury curtain design is usually fabricated in neutral colours, especially in cream, and adorned with intricate embroidery. It is one of the most used curtain designs in Indian living rooms. Amp up the look of your living room by choosing the colours that suit your aesthetic.

Bold Curtains

Bold Curtains

These classy luxury curtains for living room in bold colours have been mixed and matched in contrasting hues for a stunning ambience. The colours of the curtains are in harmony with the neutral colour palette of the room. The design, colours, and the shape make it an ideal choice for luxury curtains and décor. 

Popular Fabrics for Curtains

Linen: One of the most durable and soft fabrics for curtains, linen does not block the light of the sun and also renders a tailored look to the space. 

Polyester: Polyester resists wrinkling, shrinking, and stretching. It is also an affordable, durable, and sturdy fabric for luxury curtain design. 

Cotton: Cotton is a versatile fabric that can work for both traditional and modern interiors. It renders a clean and crisp feel to the space.

Silk: Silk is one of the heavier materials for curtains. It is well suited for draping and also exudes a romantic vibe. But, it is highly susceptible to damage by the sun’s light. 

Velvet: Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics that give an opulent touch to the space. It offers extra privacy and a more nuanced look. It requires high maintenance and is the most ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. 

Bring Down the Curtain!

By now you must have understood the relevance of curtains in the world of interior design. An element that accentuates the whole space, luxury designer curtains need to be a part of your living room for that oomph. Go through the different materials, and types before you choose the curtain that fits your personal aesthetic.

What is the best curtain colour for 2022?

Turquoise is the most popular colour for luxury curtain designs in 2022.

What type of curtains is in style 2022?

Following a more minimalist style, the modern luxury curtain designs with earthier or cleaner colours are trending in 2022.

Are lighter or darker curtains better?

Luxury curtains and décor are preferred in light colours where the living room gets a lot of natural sunlight.