Best 8 Types of Blinds for Living Rooms to Enliven Your Space

Published On: Feb 8, 2023

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” 

Are the curtains in your room falling apart? Now is the time to incorporate the best type of blinds for living rooms! 

Unlike other corners and spaces in the house, the living room and kitchen create the most memorable familial moments. Ergo, these places demand special attention. The living room is a refuge from a busy life and plays host to family gatherings and uncountable parties. Therefore, while you are remodelling your home interiors, introduce some fresh elements such as window blinds into your living room for an enchanting experience. 

Modern home décor ideas have replaced traditional curtains with window blinds that not only add an aesthetic appeal to your home but also allow proper light into the room. Therefore, when picking blinds for a place as versatile as your living room, don't only look after the aesthetics of window treatments and your personal style, but also the functionality of the space. 

In this piece, we have covered a series of modern living room blind ideas to render an extravagant look to your space. 

What are Window Blinds?

Window blinds are a form of coverings that employ a range of control systems for your home's aperture. There are various types of window blinds with each blind consisting of a different system. 

Typically, a window blind is designed with multiple long vertical or horizontal slats available in various hard materials, consisting of metal, plastic, or wood held together by cords running through the blind slats. 

Now that you know what window blinds are, let us move further and discover the best blind designs for living rooms. 

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1. Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

If you want to give your living room an ideal blend of a modern and vintage vibe, then wood blinds and shutters could be a perfect choice. They are relaxed and casual, yet sophisticated and functional. Wood shutters and blinds are enduring, and offer privacy and inclination for custom-made light control with the warmth of natural materials and casual beauty. These window blinds ideas for living rooms are currently in demand.

Therefore, while you shop for window blinds and shutters, ensure that they are eco-friendly woven shades with a privacy liner that looks stylish and functional. 

2. Brown Roman Blind Shade Curtain

Brown Roman Blind Shade Curtain

If Roman blind shades are something, they are timeless classic beauties. Even though the taste of people has changed over the years, Roman blinds have retained their worth because of their versatility. 

Almost analogous to roller shades, the Roman blinds instil folds in the fabric when you pull them up. Based on the appearance of the blind you wish to institute, you can pick the fabric of your choice. 

Such blind shades could be magnificent or subtle basis your preference. They can harmonise with any style of room decor, minimalist or contemporary, modern or traditional.

Roman blinds serve as the best modern living room window blinds

Roman shades are full of a plethora of options. You can discover precisely the exact look you desire when you turn to these options.. 

Roman shades render much better temperature control as compared to other types of blind shades. You can shut them down to prevent overheating the room in summer or can pull up in winter to allow in the most sunlight. 

Roller Shade  - Popular Blinds for Living Room Ideas

As compared to other window treatment options, roller shares are available in a series of fabrics, colours, and textures. Moreover, they are highly customisable. Add a subtle pop of hue or bring relaxation and warmth to your living room with roller shades. Various levels of opacity can brighten up any room.

Block UV rays or allow ample sunlight with these blind designs for living room

While you can use it and place it strategically in a living room, roller blinds were previously the main choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This is because roller shades have clean, neat design that makes a space welcoming with amiable lighting.

Today, rollers are constructed in a wide variety of fabrics comprising luxe finishes such as linen and velvet. The popularity of patterned linings is increasing, adding an extra layer of softness. 

4. Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Shades
One of the best types of blinds for living rooms

If you are hunting for a window treatment that can offer your room a neat appearance without extravagance and decoration, cellular honeycomb shades could be an ideal choice. For the modern décor, the elegant sleek look is ideal. Cellular honeycombs come in a variety of colours, choose the one that best goes with your living room. 

Cellular shades are also incredibly energy-efficient, making them one of the versatile window solutions for your room. 

5. Draperies & Curtains

Draperies & Curtains
Curtains act as beautiful decorative blinds for living room

Regardless of how window blinds may have overtaken modern decor ideas, drapes and curtains still rule the hearts of old-school folks. What makes curtains the most preferred choice is their flexibility. They can be sophisticated, classy, yet simple to resonate with your modern taste.

But how you hang the curtains plays a significant role in a room’s decor. To give your place a luxurious feel without stepping overboard, hang the curtains from the top near the ceiling. They will add dimension and impart an impeccable look. 

Choose from various colours, patterns and textures to integrate with your existing décor.

6. Valance and Cornice

Besides window treatments, you may also employ valance and cornice boards to cover your windows. They deliver the luxury of choosing the gorgeous ones with tassels and frills or sticking to more subtle fabric colours and shapes to render a modern look. Valance and cornice perfectly add the required amount of drama that a room demands. Plus, if you get the right design and colour palette, they will bring the entire room together in a harmonious blend.

Valance and Cornice
Designer blinds for living rooms

7. Layer Up with Sheer Drapes or Blinds

Layer Up with Sheer Drapes or Blinds
Sophisticated modern blinds for living rooms

Sheer drapes and blinds are all-time classic decor pieces. White blinds and sheer drapes look fabulous and enrich the aesthetic appeal of your modern living rooms. They provide an airy feeling to the room, allowing light to gush through and offering a luxurious yet subtle appearance to the windows.

8. Denim Textures

Denim Textures

The fabric holds the utmost importance when you look for the best window treatment to bring your living room ideas to life. You can opt for a grey linen/viscose mix that leaves behind a soft, vintage denim finish to the blind. 

According to interior design experts, if the pattern or fabric is the prime concern of your design scheme, Roman blinds are the best alternatives. The header rail provides visibility of your fabric pattern, whether the blind is closed or open. On the other hand, traditional pleats are a chic addendum that makes a feature out of your window. 

Denim texture in window blinds is one of the best modern types of blinds for living rooms.

What Blind Should You Choose for a Small Living Room?

While full-length curtains may look tempting and trick you into thinking a small window is larger than it appears, the best type of window blinds for living rooms could be your ideal bet. 

According to some interior design experts, living rooms with small windows should use Roman blinds. They are cost-effective, and stylish, and offer simple solutions for small and large windows.


They add just enough cover for privacy, frame a window perfectly, and add shading without cluttering an already small space.

See through the Blinds

While the market brims with beautiful and sophisticated curtains, you will be surprised how window blinds can advance the aesthetic appeal of your home, particularly when you pick the right fit that goes perfectly with your home décor. 

We expect the above-mentioned best type of blinds for living rooms have rendered ample inspiration. With 2024 on the way and varieties of window blinds present in the market, it only makes sense to welcome the new year with thrilling and exciting yet small home décor transformations such as installing window blinds or shades or window blinds shutters. 

Roman blinds and Roller shades are home dominants and come in myriad options. However, if you are still not over the curtains, you can try Valance and Cornice or Sheer drapes for a gorgeous and sophisticated look.  

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    Ans: Window treatments are important in various ways. They serve multiple purposes such as sunlight and UV ray regulation, rendering privacy, and adding beauty to your room. They can be a fabulous design element in your house.