Voguish Luxury Curtains for Living Rooms

Published On: Aug 23, 2022

What comes to mind when we talk about a room? Is it the furniture? The paint palette? Or the drapes? The answer is all of the above. 

A room is fully completed when all the elements, including the construction, structure, style, paint, furniture, decor and curtains, come together synchronously. Window dressing can make or break your interior game, so don’t forget to find some Y2K voguish designs for your curtains when you choose some for yourself. Call Britney the 90s are calling!

Curtains are essential to any space that help tie the room together. Or you can also tie your curtains together in the room!

We assure you the article below is better than our wordplay! Let us take you down and through some amazing curtains for the living room that can amp up your home.

How Many Types of Curtains Exist? 

Types of Curtains Exist

Curtains come in several textures, colours and cloth materials, it is best to have a variety in hand. When putting together your home, you might not want to leave behind any of the best choices, right? 

There are several different types of curtains that you can choose from the ones listed below:

  • Apron Curtains
  • Cafe Curtains
  • Single Panel 
  • Double Panel 
  • Panel Pair Curtains 
  • Pinch Pleat Curtains
  • Box Pleat Curtains
  • Goblet Pleat Curtains 
  • Pencil Pleat Curtains 
  • Grommet Curtains 
  • Rod Pocket Curtains 
  • Tab Top Curtains 
  • Tie Top Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains 
  • Energy-Efficient Curtains 
  • Window Sill Curtains 

Fabrics for Luxury Curtains in Living Room 

Fabrics for Luxury Curtains in Living Room 
  • Lenin is considered a lighter fabric and is more ideal for a casual setting. Linen curtains are usually sheer or translucent and give a chic yet Bohemian look to any room. They can be a great choice as outdoor drapery. 
  • Cotton curtains are one of the best and most versatile choices of luxury curtains for any room in the house. Cotton curtains are available in an immaculate amount of colours to match every mood and setting. These hereafter require care taking like ironing after wash and tend to be stiffer than other fabrics. 
  • Silk curtains add a luxurious touch to the setting. With a touch of tradition and class they are also available in several colour varieties– they are found to be  pre set and pleated to give a much cleaner and beautiful look. Silk curtains are a great choice as they allow slight light through while also maintaining privacy. 
  • Velvet is an expensive material, it is generally used in creating more luxurious and regal interior settings. Velvet luxury curtains are difficult to maintain as they are a heavy curtain material, and to clean as well. 

The Psychology behind Draping your Room

The Psychology behind Draping your Room 

It is psychologically proven that different colours can affect your mental and emotional state of mind. Do you ever wonder why when you look at whites and blues you get a feeling of being at the beach or some place that is cool? That is only because the combination of white and blue is calming and sends the brain a signal to relax. The interior design choices and the colours of either fabric or of the wall paint can have a huge impact on the psychology of a human brain. 

Wall paint and decor are one of the most common ways of incorporating colour in the room. 

Curtains are a dramatic focal point in a room, they seemingly blend into the interior design depending on the fabric, style and its colours. Just like iicing on a cake!

Check this out! 

Check this out

Checks have always been in fashion and are used as a royal curtain designs. Prints instantly bring a cosy and holiday-like feeling to this one. Long-length lightweight curtains can be a great choice. Why is check print the best choice? Because they hide the dirt and make the room look more homely. These subtle textures can work all year round, it not only provides the illusion of more generous windows, but also adds texture or we can say an element of nature. 

Botanical Curtains 

Botanical Curtains

Florals and ferns may feel like a small category to explore from. However, it is a collection of different styles encapsulating flora and fauna. They include fleur-des-lis (which is a 3-4 petal lily design), Damask, Chinoiserie (a chinese motif art that depicts nature), chevron and Toile. Why leave the motifs to Christian Dior when you can bring a similar essence with simple variety and some luxury embroidered curtains. 

The Interior Company offers choices that you will like and the patterns that will suit your home. 

Tie N Dye 

Tie N Dye 

As much as it is a cool summer trend, tie and dye prints have also been seen as curtains. If you love more than one colour, why not mix them? For a cohesive look, match the luxury curtains with some funky furniture pieces or one can also get cushion covers made out of the same fabric as the curtains to create a sync around the room. 



The setting of neutral colours is too good to be tampered with. If you are among the people who don’t choose bold colours or you are a minimalist who wants things simple and sophisticated. Then neutrals will become your cup of tea in a jiffy. Create some mood lighting and some lounging comfortable sofas to complete the look of your own nook. Neutral colours include shades like white, ivory, nude, beige, grey, sand, caramel, camel, ochre, talpe, tan, olive, browns, and even some shades of blue.



Blinds are the new luxury curtains. They are very versatile, and nowadays can be found in several patterns, fabrics, colours as well as shapes and they are highly recommended for a modern yet minimalist style. Blinds are a better option for compact places and moisture-laden areas. The biggest advantage of using blinds is that they present a much cleaner and tidier look. 


Blinds are a one time investment, they can be used in different settings as well, we are talking about not only the living room or the bedroom but also the bathrooms, balcony or the patio. 

Patterns All over

Patterns All over

Does pattern on pattern work? Yes, one can choose two different types of patterns for a similar setting. The only catch is to balance the scales and prints for example, with large floral patterns, you can choose a light-coloured gingham. A modern yet classical touch is used in drapery since it is the best way to add anchor and volume to any room. A unique character trait that patterns have is they work really well when used correctly without competing. 



Stripes are a simple fabric pattern that is easier to understand and relate to. Most homeowners might not want to go over the board in choosing the catchiest and trendiest luxury curtains but go for something eternal, simple and timeless. 

One can always play around with stripes, like matching the furniture to the carpet fabric. 

Combining two different coloured stripes is also an option when you can not choose between blue and white or blush and cream combinations. 

Solid Colours

Solid Colours

When we get numerous choices of something, it gets more difficult to choose one from a lot. Similarly with all the patterns, fabrics, textures the curtain business has spoilt us with choices. Solid colours are always a safe option, much likely to become an eye candy without too much effort put into it. Cotton or silk solid coloured curtains are the most common selection that mostly people opt for. These types of curtains also work well as liners under tissue curtains to add the needed colour. 

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Before We Draw the Luxury Curtain

Unlike painting the room with the latest pantone shade, installing a fabulous selection of curtains is more hassle-free. They are indeed a great way to project your sense of style and personality.  As we have discussed above that curtains bring drama to the room and they also represent a constant flow of energy, it is highly important to select the best luxury curtain design for your living room. From sheer white tissue to velvety solid black luxury curtains there is something for everyone in the market. 

They way colours have an effect on our mind it is best to select the one that can make the room feel very personal and connected to you. Get in touch with the abiding experts of the Interior Company and get personalised assistance to design your home to perfection. 

What colours are best for living room curtains?

Some of the best colours for curtains in your living room are – beige, blue, olive green, pastels, blush pink and much more.

What type of curtains should I use for my living room?

Finding the right fabric for your living room can be a hassle sometimes. There are several varieties of fabrics to choose from like– velvet, cotton, lenin, silk and tissue. 

Velvet, silk and cotton are some ideal and most popular fabric choices that go well in a living room. 

How long should the curtains be?

Curtains should be installed after correctly measuring the window, the sill and the wall length. If the curtain rod is installed too low it can lead to a shrunken window. A standard rule of thumb is about 4” up from the top of the window but you can definitely go up from there. Avoid the curtains from brushing the floor.