Brick Wall Inspiration For Living Room- 15 Amazing Design Ideas!

Published On: Oct 6, 2021

The idea of rustic yet modern interiors has been floating for quite some time now and brick walls have been around for years being the absolute favorite for many. Even today when we talk about modern living rooms, they are the first thing that comes to our minds. More so because architects and homeowners these days have found new ways to incorporate bricks into living rooms.

They add a rich and charming touch to the living room and are sure to draw your guest's attention. These walls also offer a wonderful mix of the past and present – the 'best of both worlds' to homeowners who are keen to renovate their place.

The exposed brick walls for living rooms can be transformed in many ways. You can use a wide range of colors and forms to fit your taste and preferences. From industrial and vintage to contemporary and shabby chic, brick walls have a lot to offer.

In this post, we have listed 15 incredible ideas to elevate your brick wall design creativity. Each idea is unique and inspiring in its way. So, let's dive into them one by one.

1) Get Your Own Contemporary Living Room

Get Your Own Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary living rooms with brick walls are a popular choice among homeowners who want a mix of fusion interiors. It's the style and color of brick walls that make them stand out from the other usual interior wall designs.

If you're looking for a neutral backdrop that can add texture to the room, we suggest painting your brick walls white. The color 'white' will enhance the overall appeal of the living room and give it an alluring vibe. But if you are looking for some dynamic alternatives, we suggest a black or blue brick wall with a bold backdrop. You can also paint them grey to create a light and elegant atmosphere.

2)  Walls With A Distinctive Old-World Feel

Walls With A Distinctive Old-World Feel

Brick walls provide a wonderful backdrop that allows you to proudly display your favorite pictures and art pieces in the drawing-room. Unlike ordinary walls, they offer a distinctive and enchanting setting. With the proper usage of light, accessories, and attention to detail, brick walls can do wonders for your living room.

These walls however require a certain level of discipline. Over-decoration can make your living room look cluttered.

3)  More than Just Industrial

More than Just Industrial

For a lot of people, brick walls are too industrial. These walls give them a dark and cavelike vibe that they wouldn't want in their living rooms. To each their own, but we feel that with the right décor even the industrial style can make a room visually appealing.

Together with exposed ductwork, great lighting, and large windows (plus metallic frames), they can create the ideal drawing room for those who like industrial designs.

If you have white brick walls, you can give your living room a Mediterranean or rustic touch. In this choice, We suggest adding a few wooden elements along with some natural lighting to make the living room bright and cheerful.

4) Walls that Shine Even in Small Living Rooms

Walls that Shine Even in Small Living Rooms

Not sure if brick walls would look nice in a small living room? Don't worry!

Brick walls bring in a lot more warmth and comfort to small living spaces than larger ones. You can work around with varied options such as taking the eclectic route and using an assorted range of styles, textures, décor pieces, and colors. You'd have to be extra careful with this design idea though. It requires an eye for interior design so you can stop adding more elements to the room at the right time.

Scandinavian style is also an excellent choice for people who love brick walls but have small living rooms. This style screams simplicity, neutral hues, and clean straight lines. Going this route allows you to make a bold visual statement.

Remember to choose a SINGLE decorating style for your living room.  A clear approach will help you showcase a texture-rich space to your guests.

5) Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

When it comes to brick walls, the design ideas are plenty. Instead of sticking to the ordinary, you can throw in a curveball and give an edgy vibe to your living room.

Those with dark brick walls can design a graffiti brick wall that adds patterns and colors to the exposed wall. It gives a street-like look to your walls, something that is different from what people are used to seeing. And if you happen to have a curved or broken brick wall, you have all the more reasons to go stylish. Just highlight it well by talking to an interior designer. A professional will most likely try out contrasting textures or shades to jazz up your living room.

6) Consider Limewash for a Soft Finish

Consider Limewash for a Soft Finish

Brick walls are a continuation of exterior walls. With limewash, you can soften the bricks from the inside and give them a soft finish. It is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to renovate their drawing rooms and protect their walls from any scars or damages.

Bear in mind that limewash takes a few days to completely dry. A single coat however is enough for brick walls. It gives l them a chalky texture that is hard to attain via normal paint or wash.

7)  Work Around with Alphabets and Art

Work Around with Alphabets and Art

 Modern homeowners can also play around with brick walls in their living room. A cool way is to use large-sized alphabets or the world map on the brick wall (see photo).  You can top it up with multi-colored light bulbs, cutting-edge decoration, or interior design.

Both of these ideas add a quirky touch to any ordinary-looking living room. They'll capture the attention of guests instantly after they enter the place.

8) Make Use of Frames

Make Use of Frames

In many homes, only a part of the original brickwork is exposed. That's because a large section of it is either damaged or rusty.  For cases like these, we suggest the use of wall frames. Large, oversized frames and pictures offer a grounded look to a space.  Additionally, you can place small tables or cabinets in front of these walls to complete the 'contemporary' living room look.

9) The 'Sneak Peek' Design


When it comes to a modern brick wall, most people prefer the solid white option instead of a red brick wall. If you are one of those, you can go for a 'sneak peek' design for your living room. Explore some options online, get in touch with an interior designer and then make the final design decision.

An alternative is to imitate a London train station look with a wide circular window. Now, this option can be a little time-consuming and may require a lot of effort, but the result is worth it. It is just one of those modern yet old-school designs that can never go wrong.

10) Create Dividing Walls

Create Dividing Walls

There's nothing more delightful than the combination of wood and brick. If you've had the single brick wall for a long time, it's time to shake things up a little. Work with a professional designer to create dividing walls. Not only do they look outstanding but are also the most amazing way to pay homage to the legendary Australian woolshed.

The Reverse Brick Veneer is a dynamic form of home renovation and construction. It offers remarkable aesthetics along with enhanced thermal efficiency for homeowners to enjoy.

11)  Whitewashing Still Works'¦.


Whitewashing is a darker and ambiguous take on limewash; an option worth considering. A painted brick wall can give you a much-needed change of color and mood.

Besides, a whitewashed brick wall doesn't change the entire look of your living room. When done right, it can reveal subtle tones of the original color and brighten up the interiors.

12) Multiple Layers and Contrast

Multiple Layers and Contrast

While a two-dimensional design brick wall looks excellent, you do not necessarily need to go with it. You can take things a notch further by layering it up with multiple brick patterns and opt for a three-dimensional effect. Doing so will help you give some contrast, texture, and shadow play to your living room.

13)  Embrace its History

Embrace its History

Brick walls signify history, old times, and adventures. Make the most of these walls and use them as evidence of the golden days that have gone by.  Preserving the wear and tear of the brick walls not only intrigues the guests but also helps you ensure a warm and welcoming vibe to your home.

14) Add a Pop of Colour

Add a Pop of Colour

Give life to your living room by adding a pop of color to it.  Choose a bold, bright, and colorful artwork or piece of furniture to make the texture brick wall noticeable and catch extra attention.

When we say a pop of color, we mean a subtle pop of colors like orange, green, or yellow. Remember to not go overboard and discuss it with a designer if you're confused at any point.

15) Torn-Off Plaster Look

Torn-Off Plaster Look

Brick walls were plastered over by many homeowners back in the day. Now that they're trending again,  designers are making money by promoting the torn-down effect for these walls.

This effect, when matched with a set of hanging bulbs, looks highly decorative and eye-pleasing.


Home is where the heart is, and our heart loves little things that make us comfortable and happy. Owning a dream home and then decorating it with all those creative ideas which you have been thinking of probably for years. So just use those crazy thoughts and give your dream a look of reality with your interiors in your house.

We hope these ideas inspire you to use brick walls as a design element.  Their versatile features go well with varied themes, whether rustic, modern, or industrial. You can highlight its natural elements or take the 'bold & fresh' path to incorporate them into the interiors of your living room.

Like reading our interior design blogs? Stay tuned for more!

We publish blogs regularly and enjoy offering guidance to everyone looking for design inspiration. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on what topics we should cover next, we'd be happy to work on them.


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