9 Stunning Balcony Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Apartment Outdoor Space

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

Your balcony is the getaway location of your home! At times it is a sundeck to soak up the sunshine. Somedays, it becomes a brunch location where you and your girlfriends can sit enjoying a happy meal, and sometimes it is a garden where you can add plants. It is often a sanctuary for yourself where you can lounge with a cup of coffee and your thoughts.

To make this space 'the best' it is vital to get everything right, which includes what lighting should be used. To find the most satisfactory balcony lighting ideas, we would suggest you keep reading! 

1. Suspended Foot Lighting

Source: Pinterest

With the introduction of strip LED lights, the market has been ablaze! The demand is unbeatable and that is understandable because how can someone let go of such a beautiful balcony lighting idea? Installing the strip lights inside the alcove wall gives out an immaculate appeal and this balcony is the perfect example. 

2. Create a Cloud of Lights

Source: Pinterest

If our balcony had lighting like this one, going back inside would be hard. This whimsical and decorative modern balcony lighting can transform the look of your whole area into an enchanted Eden. A cloud of lighting will make an appearance and light up the entire space as if the sun is out even at night. 

3. Utilise the Candles

Source: Pinterest

Who would have thought that reusing empty jars would look like a dream? This is an affordable and easy way to revamp your space using candles and minimal lighting. Create a date night setting with small balcony lighting ideas, and enjoy some leisure time in the open air with your loved one. 

4. Fairy Lights on the Swing

Source: Pinterest

Create a cosy nook for yourself on your balcony using just some string lights wrapped around your swing. Place some floor lamps and a ton of flowers to bring together the essence of your outdoor space. Use seasonal decorations and fall colours because nothing beats calm rustic hues and some pumpkin spice, right? These medium to huge balcony decoration ideas with lights will not only give you a space to wind down but will also become your pet’s favourite spot.

5. Wall Sconces

Source: Pinterest

Wall lighting can help add a dramatic impact to your niche; sconces are one of the oldest types of balcony light design that helps make the space ambient and gives it a modern look. Wall sconces are very easy to install and replace when changing fixtures. 

6. Spot Lights

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn't like being in the spotlight? This balcony light design definitely requires one. The use of an LED spotlight on the ceiling helps bring out most of the wall art that has been added as an art piece to this balcony. Highlight the best of your sundeck with this balcony decoration light and make the most of it. 

7. Make the Most of the Pendants

Source: Pinterest

Drop or pendant lighting is usually seen inside the house, overhead a dining table or a bar counter. Charms like this bring out the natural beauty of any space. This top-tier idea can be utilised as a balcony light design. Choose the theme for your space, like bohemian for this balcony, and hang a few in different shapes and sizes to add the required charisma to your outdoor space. 

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8. Bamboo Lights

Source: Pinterest

Adding greenery to your balcony is a great way to revitalise the area, but utilising some lights with the greens is a total game-changer. Use bamboo sticks to revamp your balcony with a backsplash by wrapping some string lighting. String lights are one of the most popular ways to decorate balcony with lights.

9. Star Lighting

Source: Pinterest

Our star lighting for this balcony lighting idea is a star itself! Being very simple and minimal as per lighting, it is majorly to bring the most in one’s balcony space. This balcony clearly illustrates how a paper star lantern can be a great option to amp up your space. 


We hope this article comes in handy with your search for a fabulous balcony lighting idea that will take your balcony space to the next level. For more balcony ideas, reach out to Interior Company and get assistance from our most talented interior designers.


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    How can I place fairy lights on the balcony?

    Lanterns and lamps are a great way to add balcony lighting ideas. Utilise different outlets and place the lamp around to make your balcony ambient.

    If there aren’t enough electrical outlets on your balcony, then you can use the following:

    • Extension boards
    • Solar lights and save on the bill
    • Use battery-operated lighting
    • Rechargeable lamps and
    • USB lighting
    Can we use LED lighting for the balcony?

    LED lighting is the best to invest in nowadays, and they can help light up any dark space, even when used in small quantities. LED strip balcony lighting ideas are a new way to add pizzazz to your space.

    How to hang lights without drilling the wall?

    Using handles, hooks, zip ties, and awning hangers can be used to hang lighting without making holes in your balcony wall.

    How to make your balcony beautiful?

    Adding plants, patio furniture, floor pillows, dim lighting solution, throw pillows and maybe a hammock can help elevate your balcony space.

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