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Dressing Table Attached with Wardrobe Designs

Published On: Dec 9, 2022

Having a space that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin when you dress is a game changer! If we think about it, wardrobe design with a dressing table is a very convenient way of incorporating a vanity.  Every house requires a wardrobe design with dressing table– although there are several options to choose from, it is also important to choose the one that will satisfy your daily needs. Build a space with us that will give you confidence and the main character energy. Find the best design that will suit your personality and your style.

Tips on Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

Amidst wanting a wardrobe, it’s best to follow certain tips and tricks to achieve the wardrobe design with dressing table of your dreams. 


When planning any space, having a clear vision is really important. Figure out how the wardrobe will be attached to the dresser. Natural lighting can be a game changer and is the thing to keep in mind and utilise. Mirrored modern wardrobe design with dressing tables must need an artificial lighting source as well. As you might not want to put up make-up in dull light, right? Plan out the seating plan, taking into consideration what the client is most comfortable in. 


Placing things in their own place will help de-clutter your everyday life in a jiffy. Have a container for clothes, shoes, bags, belts, ties, loungewear and whatnot. Don't forget to make another adjacent compartment for the makeup, skincare and jewellery you might need. 

Compartments can also be divided into daywear, nightwear, party wear, seasonal garments, athleisure, undergarments and ethnic wear.

Materials Used

The use of shutters in wardrobe design with dressing tables can be handled in various styles. Glass and some solid shutters are great when you want a bright look. The openness and visibility of glass for practicality and appearance are unmatched. However, realistically, visibility means that the item is always on display, and not all homeowners can or are willing to maintain the look, so this mix is brilliant. A fair compromise is a translucent, frosted, or fluted glass. Other types of material include mirrors, veneers and polishes, matt or glossy lacquers, glass wicker, and shoe and bag slats.


Lighting is the key to knowing whether the fixtures you pick to use in your home will shine when you leave the house. Daylight LED lights work very well in situations where when you are dressed up indoors, the colours of your clothes and make-up appear in the same light. But while LEDs provide functional lighting, a wardrobe design with dressing table is a place of luxury, so decorative lighting should also be a major game changer. They give the necessary ambience and make the space attractive. This can be achieved by using track lights, flashy spotlights, and most obviously ornate hanging lamps and or chandeliers. If you have an open shelf, you can incorporate a light strip to make it stand out. Few of the lights respond to Alexa or the Apple app and can be controlled by voice, but they can be controlled by opening a switch or shutter. Some can be manipulated with magnets.


 It is an interior design with a certain degree of practicality, but small relatively inaccessible corners should also be considered and used appropriately. In areas that are too high for the user, there is a pull-out mechanism that allows the hanger to reach a much higher height. For shoes,  angled shelves or shoe racks can be used, but such items require ventilation. Bags and other items should be dust-free, so drawers should be slim, and glass shutters and open shelves should be limited. Small items such as jewellery and accessories. Can be stored in drawers or shelves with locks. The internal dividers of these shelves and drawers can be adjusted based on your picks and entities for better organisation. Flexible shelves make a  difference if you want to make changes for future use. The corners can be used for long-hanging items or as a shelf for steam irons. Alternatively, in such spaces, L-shaped shelves can be attached to adjustable pins to adapt to altering specifications.

The interior company offers a myriad of options of wardrobe design with dressing table for you to choose from. Find the best one that suits your lifestyle.

An Extension to Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe design with extension

When you decide on the clothes for the day, it is best to have the accessories and skincare right by the side so that you can get ready all at once.  This wardrobe design with dressing table extension is a great option for all. It is not always necessary for a larger room to have a vanity table and a huge closet all by itself but it can be in the same direction. 

Get your carpenter to add an extension as is, you can have exactly what you require without any score for corner space. Complete the space with a mirror and a vanity chair to fit your idea of a wardrobe with dressing.  

Keeping Things Afloat

Afloat wardrobe design

Attach your vanity attached to your wardrobe and keep it afloat! The length and breadth of this room allow the installation of a more oversized mirror which further elongates the space making it more appealing. Use lighter materials for the wardrobe attached dressing table, so it doesn’t loosen over time. The floating wardrobe design with a dressing table allows for keeping things off the floor, giving space to be cleaned or to hide a moving stool inside the hollow space for seating. 

By floating the bathroom vanity, the flooring reaches the wall and makes the bathroom look wider. A wall-mounted dressing table also creates more usable space for storing items such as waste paper baskets and scales with plenty of leg room under the sink.

Walk-In Closet 

Walk-In Closet design idea

Walk-in closets are a great way to flaunt luxury. Having an entire room to get ready is a fantastic idea. The walk-in wardrobe attached dressing table comes in various designs and options. Or get creative and design your fantasy with the help of well-taught interior designers of the Interior Company. 

Hidden Vanity 

Hidden Vanity wardrobe design

This dressing table can also be hidden behind the closet door when not in use. This keeps the mess out of sight. Find an old solid wood cabinet, adjust the shelves to suit your needs, add leg room to slide chairs underneath, and layer a few of your favourite colours. Set in your beauty products on the shelves hidden inside the wardrobe door. 

Amidst them Mirrors

Amidst Mirrors design ideas

A wardrobe design with dressing table is the main space that will not be able to survive without a mirror influx. This wardrobe design with dressing table is an example of luxury and modernity. The mirrored wardrobe doors help make the space much more ambient than it might be. Mirrors are great reflectors, so even if your room might have one or two sources of light, the space will do its own magic. The use of pearly white and gold makes it a perfect place. We must state that this space is a dream come true!  

Closing Thoughts 

Your own home is the place you want to design and set as the best place in existence, right? When choosing the wardrobe design with dressing table remember to opt for something that will fulfil all your needs. Contact Interior Company and choose from hundreds of designs curated just to suit your lifestyle. 


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    Is it cheaper to buy a ready-made vanity?

    Generally, a custom-made vanity will charge twice the price you might get in the market. But it is always better to get one made if you have a particular design in mind.

    Can you place the wardrobe design with dressing table inside the bathroom?

    If the bathroom is roomy it is best to utilise the extra space by placing the dresser and vanity inside to keep the whole getting ready in one place.

    What items can you place on your dressing table?

    A dressing table or vanity is a space that must be stocked with all the items that will make assist in the morning rush of getting ready. You can place your perfumes, lotions, skincare and other essential items on the vanity.

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