Latest Wardrobe Inside Design Ideas for Beautiful Bedroom

Published On: Mar 6, 2023

When it comes to outfitting your bedroom, little else is more important than the wardrobe. Not only does it house all your clothing and accessories, it also elevates the room with its essence and charm. Styling a wardrobe inner design can be time-consuming, but rewarding and with the right layout and ergonomics, you can design a well-organised bedroom space that suits your lifestyle.

To help inspire your bedroom wardrobe design overhaul, we’ve rounded up our expert’s tips, configurations and customisations to fit all your storage items.

Catalogue Your Belongings

Start off by taking an inventory count of all your belongings before finalising the bedroom cupboard’s internal design. This will help you estimate exactly how much space you require for shelves, hanging, pull-outs, and storing accessories. After determining the quantity and the size of the wardrobe needed that can fulfil your requirements, it’s time to bring your interior wardrobe design ideas to life!

Size Matters

Another essential factor to consider before curating your wardrobe inside design is the amount of space available in the bedroom. Ensure that the wardrobe fits seamlessly into the room without overcrowding the area. It elevates the visual appeal and blends with the furniture elements and wall paint ideas. Factor in the number of people using the cupboard and its utility for a clutter-free space. 

Find Your Type- Build or Buy

Do you prefer an integrated built-in wardrobe design or free-standing closets? Choose your desired type of wardrobe that fits your style and tickles your fancy. While free-standing is suitable for compact spaces and useful if you want to relocate in the future, a built-in wooden wardrobe is customised and comes in a myriad of colours, materials and shapes.

Hinged or Sliding Wardrobe

Next up- the type of door you choose for your bedroom wardrobes, whether hinged or sliding,  depending upon the size of your bedroom and the floor space available. Sliding doors allow more room for furniture as they save space, whereas hinged doors require more space but add a distinctive look to the room. Alternatively, you can opt for an open wardrobe design- a great space-saving option.

Pick the Material

After having determined the style, size, and design of your custom closet, let's look at the endless options for materials. From versatile laminate to low-maintaining veneer, PVC foil, and solid wood, the choice is wide to elevate the home interior design. You can introduce glass panels, fluted, frosted, mirror, or transparent, as per your preference. 

Cupboard Internal Design

Organising your closet doesn’t have to be a daunting task – it’s all about how well you sort your clothes. Allocate a section for hanging dresses, salwar kurtas, coats, sarees, and trousers, followed by shelves and deep drawers for folded knitwear and sweaters. 

An average hanging space in the wardrobe internal design for ladies should be around 18'24 Inches, and the cupboard inner design shelving measurement must be 12-15 inches for folded clothing. If you are sharing the closet with your partner, compartmentalise the space into zones to help keep the peace!

Design With Ergonomics

While tailoring the wardrobe’s inner design, it’s essential to keep ergonomics in mind. For increased functionality, compartmentalise your cupboard for sorting all your storage requirements. Put the rods, shelves and racks in an easily-accessible arrangement that ensures convenience and adds an orderly appeal. Keep in reach of your daily wear and stow away the seasonal ones on the upper shelves. 

Make Way for Accessories

When it comes to organising accessories, seek to embrace innovative solutions and welcome any opportunity for customisation. Get creative with hooks and nooks for scarves, ties, belts, and bags, and hang or stack coats and shoes. If you have the luxury of space, invest in a built-in cubby or custom drawer with tilted racks to organise your shoes. 

Light Up Closet

Invest in string lighting or led lights to elevate your cupboard design interiors while providing utility and convenience. Walk-in wardrobes require accent lighting to illuminate the expansive closet space. You can imply string lights to line the perimeter of a freestanding wardrobe or incorporate overhead fixtures to add an exquisite look. Add a  bit of valour to your master wardrobe design inside by hanging wall art or a decor piece. 

Interior Wardrobe Design Ideas

Below is the assortment of modern wardrobe design inside ideas that can culminate all your storage needs. 

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe Design Interior

Source: Pinterest

Minimalist and stylish, this cupboard inner design with multiple shelves and railing provides ample storage space to store your belongings. From shirts, knits, and trousers to accessories alike, this sensibly curated wardrobe design brings functionality and flair to your bedroom wardrobe design. The light grey tone with wooden accents incites a plush look to the space. 

2. Sliding Wardrobe Design Inside

Source: Pinterest

Looking for wardrobe inside design ideas that blend beauty and practicality? This sophisticated wooden almirah inner design that offers creative organisational solutions and enkindles a seamless look to the room. Arrange your fashionable clothing shirts, pants and coats, and personal valuables in a clutter-free way. 

3. Elegant 3-door Wardrobe Inside Design

Source: Pinterest

Glass wardrobes are the ultimate trendsetters in modern home interior design ideas exuding grace and glamour. This exclusively crafted wardrobe inside design for ladies perfectly divides the whole space into a range of sections while adding order and luxe to the room. 

4. Smart 4-door Wardrobe Inside Design

Source: Pinterest

If your boat floats for subtle colours and fuss-free style, this wardrobe inside design for the bedroom is just for you. Grey laminates amp up the style quotient by several notches, and the contemporary handle design adds to its aesthetics. It is the most versatile and practical wardrobe inner design with glass shutters that gives a see-through to contents and brings with it, a premium touch. With the addition of shelves, hanging rails, and deep drawers, it’s easy to store and access all your belongings. 

5. Rustic 2-door Wardrobe Inside Design

Source: Pinterest

This rustic wardrobe design with a scintillating green shade, lends an earthy touch to the bedroom. The impeccable style of this small wardrobe’s internal design has a variety of storage compartments for a clutter-free arrangement of all your essentials. From the hanging space for dresses, shirts, and jackets to the open shelves for foldable items and shoes. The bottom shelves can be used for rare units or seasonal objects. 

In A Nutshell

A wardrobe design can truly change your bedroom’s look. An unorganised bulky wardrobe can make your bedroom look cramped and outdated. Choose a modern wardrobe interior design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also budget-friendly. Whether you are looking for a quick update or furnishing a new home, we hope these wardrobe internal design ideas offer ideal solutions to characterise your space with order and visual appeal.


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    What are the standard wardrobe sizes?

    The standard wardrobe inside dimensions in India are around 4 feet wide, 7 feet high, and a depth of 2 feet

    How wide is the walk-in bedroom wardrobe design inside?

    Custom walk-in wardrobes require an ideal space of at least 7ft x 10ft to accommodate homeowners needs. These walk-in wardrobe designs offer leverage storage space with a combination of drawers, shelves, and rods to streamline your essentials.

    What tips can you use to maximise the storage space within the wardrobe?

    To maximise the storage space for your cupboard design interior, you can invest in wardrobe inserts such as shelves, drawers, and baskets. Additionally, you can consider hooks for hanging items vertically and use slim hangers to ensure clothes fit tightly together.