What are the Ideal Dimensions for Different Types of Wardrobes?

Published On: Feb 20, 2023

Wardrobes are one of the most captivating furniture elements in your bedroom. A cohesive design that fills your space and keeps your valuables organised is all you need. Regardless of its size or style, hinge or sliding, walk-in or built, we bring you a quick guide to standard wardrobe dimensions in feet and inches. Curating an efficient wardrobe design offers easier access and a dedicated space to fit functional aesthetics and budget requirements. 

1. Wardrobe Internal Dimensions

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Whether it’s the classic hinged wardrobe design or plush walk-in closet, the internal layout enhances its overall organised look with a collection of shelves, drawers, pull-out trays, and hanging rails. Planning wardrobe inner dimensions optimises the space for all your delicates and valuables. 

Internal Wardrobe Dimensions Depth

The ideal standard wardrobe depth for swing and sliding closets should ideally be around 24 inches. For a more compact design, reducing it to 22 inches. However, that would limit the hanging space. 

Wardrobe Dimensions Height

So long as wardrobe design dimensions are concerned, the standard height is along the lines of the doorway (7ft tall), or instead, you can maximise the space by opting for a floor-to-ceiling design. A loft space at the top of the closet, either attached or separate, will offer plenty of room for seasonal items. 

Hanging Rail Design

A hanging wardrobe design is amongst the trend setters in the built-in or walk-in styles, featuring single or double rails that keep your clothes creased. Each rail is spaced out to fit your suits, coats, maxi dresses, and long formals, bringing a neat and trim look. 

Wardrobe Dimensions Drawer Sizes

A set of drawers form the essence of wardrobes, segregating the space for your delicates, accessories, and various other necessities. These shallow drawers, placed under the hanging area or at the bottom, have a 4 to 6 inches depth, while the ideal depth for multipurpose drawers is around 8 inches. 

Shoe Rack Design

Be it fancy evening shoes, sandals, sneakers, or boots, a shoe rack is a prerequisite in your closet dimensions with a height of 6-7 inches. If you are short on space in bedroom wardrobe dimensions, install pull-out trays to house them at the base.

2. Sliding Wardrobe Dimensions

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Sliding wardrobes are in vogue and space-saving, especially in urban homes with a contemporary design style. Unlike standard hinged wardrobes, they require limited space and are perfect for small bedrooms leaving adequate space, about 32 inches or 80 cm, between the cabinet and bed. 

  • The sliding wardrobe dimensions start from a width of 7 feet with two sliding doors 3.5 feet in height. They stretch up to 12 feet depending on the family size and personal requirements.
  • The standard height and depth for wardrobe dimensions in feet are 7 and 2 feet. 
  • With the addition of a 2-inch track for the sliding door, the wardrobe’s internal dimensions count up to 26-inch depth.

3. Dimensions For A Swing Wardrobe

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A swing or hinged wardrobe is a staple in any home interior that can be tailored to suit all styles and desires. Simple yet elegant and with double or single front shutters, the standard closet dimensions are 7 feet high with a depth of 2 feet. They provide ample space for all your clothing and accessory needs for a hassle-free experience. 

  • You can also opt for a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe for a streamlined appearance, or choose a loft unit on top as per your choice and available floor space. 
  • When it comes to wardrobe design dimensions, the width for a single shutter starts at 2ft, with double doors at a total of 4ft. 
  • The 3-door wardrobe dimensions are around 6ft, and the 4-door wardrobe dimensions are 7ft 2 inches. 

4. Walk-in Wardrobe Dimensions

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Walk-In closets scream of fanciness and luxury. The lavish wardrobe dimensions require ample space and depend upon your preferences. Whether you choose single-sided, double-sided or three-sided, the wardrobe’s internal dimensions can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

  • The standard walk-in closet dimension requires a minimum space of at least 7ft x 10ft to accommodate your every need.
  • A single-sided wardrobe dimension occupies a 3ft (36in) of clearance in front of the internal shelves for easy access. 
  • Similarly, a double-sided closet can have 4-5ft (54-60in) between two sides and the depth should ideally be 2 feet or 24 inches. 
  • Walk-in Wardrobes have a combination of drawers, shelves, hanging rods, and custom-built-sized drawers for accessories, jewellery, and little trinkets. 

5. Standard Wardrobe Dimensions: Loft

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The addition of lofts in standard closet dimensions offers the best storage solutions for your winter wear like extra linens, blankets, as well as seasonal items to keep things tidy and organised. A width of 6 feet coupled with a depth of 2 is the standard wardrobe dimension, in feet, to ensure ample storage space. Moreover, the height depends upon the ceiling dimensions offering a clean look in your bedroom. The full-length wardrobe induces a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

6. Men's Wardrobe Design Dimensions

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The wardrobe specifics for men require two hanging shelves for shirts and trousers. Two equal sections of the closet’s layout dimensions with a minimum of 40 inches in height to neatly accommodate the needs, avoiding the creasing at the bottom.

A depth of 28-30 inch internal wardrobe dimensions will fulfil the requirements of suits, coats and jackets. Separate two drawers for briefs, socks, handkerchiefs, and other miniature accessories like watches and perfumes add to the clutter-free look. 

7. Women’s Wardrobe Inner Dimensions

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Curating a well-organised women’s wardrobe that can accommodate all the collection, be it fashionable clothing, accessories, shoes, or house bags, is quite the task, isn't it? The standard wardrobe dimensions in feet must be approx 5.5 to 6 feet, and the closet shelving measurement is 12-15 inches for folded clothing. 

Whether you want an expansive space or a streamlined design, have the sections divided into parts. Around 66-72 inches for hanging your kurtas, long dresses, and formals for a neat arrangement and about 40 inches closet dimensions for saris, jackets, pants, and tops. Add custom-made drawers for small clothing and shelves for shoes and bags. Also, install hooks inside the wardrobe doors for belts, dupattas and other embellishments. 

8. Children's Closet Dimensions

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While designing a wardrobe for a children’s room, maximising space with floor-to-ceiling closets is key. These should include overhead cabinets and tall units to store their knicks and knacks. Keep the hanging section in the wardrobe’s internal dimensions around 28 inches in height for vertical garments. 

Introduce several drawers/shelves of varying sizes between 6 -15 inches wide for their shoes, toys and other trinkets, slaying the tidy look. Additionally, add built-in open shelves of about 12 inches in height and pull-out baskets for books, stationery, and toys, which lend an airy and bright look. 

In a Nutshell

With this comprehensive guide, we hope worries about wardrobe design dimensions that fit your taste and style stand solved. But if you still have any queries, please feel free to contact our experts at Interior Company, creating tailor-made designs to furnish your home. 


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    What are the standard wardrobe dimensions?

    The standard wardrobe dimensions in India are around 4 feet wide, 7 feet high, and a depth of 2 feet.

    What is the depth of the wardrobe in inches?

    For a hinged wardrobe, the depth should be 24 inches, and an addition of a 2-inch track for standard sliding wardrobe dimensions.

    What should be the height of the closet in modern homes?

    The height of wardrobe dimensions in inches is around 84 or 7 feet, other than to the floor to the ceiling closets.

    How wide are the built-in bedroom wardrobe dimensions?

    Built-in wardrobes require a minimum space of at least 7ft x 10ft to accommodate users’ needs. These custom-built walk-in wardrobe dimensions have a combination of drawers, shelves, and rods.

    What is the size of the double wardrobe dimensions?

    The standard size of the average double wardrobe- is 7ft high x 10ft wide x 24 inches deep.

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