21 Best Small Closet Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

If there is a place in your home that's difficult to organise and causes trouble, it's your bedroom closet. Have you ever experienced pulling out one top from a precarious stack, only to have them all crash down onto the floor? You might understand this dilemma. That's why it's challenging to keep the closets clutter-free and orderly. But it's not impossible. We have got you covered!

Our experts in closet organising hacks bring creative solutions and ideas to make the most of your precious space. From rotating your wardrobe seasonally to installing internal dividers, categorising your clothing and adding drawers and cubbies, there is a treasure trove of tricks waiting to get your hands on. A simple rolling tip- opt for ideas that work best for you and your lifestyle. Read on to find the best strategy for small closet transformation, where creativity meets utility and flair.

Declutter Before You Do Anything Else

Declutter Before You Do Anything Else - Diy Small Closet Ideas

Embrace your inner Marie Kondo style before you start jumping on the organisation tips for small closets. The path to a well-organised bedroom with a small closet design begins with decluttering. It's about bidding adieu to the old to make room for the new, keeping only those essential things and discarding items that no longer spark joy. It’s about curating a wardrobe that inspires you to express yourself through your clothes.

Use Internal Shelf Dividers

Use Internal Shelf Dividers - Small Closet Ideas

After decluttering, the next step is introducing a structure with internal clear shelf dividers. These nifty organisers take minimal space and work wonders in maximising vertical space and keeping your stacks of clothing from toppling over. Neatly arrange your messy piles of sweaters, jeans, and T-shirts, each in their designated section.

Make the Closet Space a Happy Place

Make the Closet Space a Happy Place - Closet Ideas For Small Closets

When you have a small closet design, don’t shy away from experimenting to make this place functional yet visually pleasing. Use it as a decorative element and channel whatever style you want. Consider adding chic wallpaper, bold paint on the walls, framed art pieces or a geometric patterned rug that calls for attention, reflecting your style and setting a positive tone for your space.

Group Clothing by Colours/ Category

Group Clothing by Colours - Small Closet Design

No matter your organisation style, create zones for your clothes. Start by coordinating by category which makes it easier to find your piece of clothing, saving you time and hassle. And colourise within each category to add a glam quotient to your space. Implementing this practical approach to your small closet layout allows for a harmonious blend of function and fashion, transforming your space into a personal boutique.

Add Wall Decor

Add Wall Decor - Closet Designs For Small Closets

There’s no way your small closet for the bedroom should lack in style as a walk-in wardrobe. Beyond hooks and shelves for practical storage, you can elevate the aesthetics of your closet. Whether it’s a quirky wallpaper, a framed quote that inspires you or a set of decorative hooks for your hats that add function and style, these touches add a pop of personality and enchanting energy to your space.

Give your Shoes a New Home

Give your Shoes a New Home - Small Closet Layout

If you own several shoes, stack or tier your shoes to store them all in your small closet layout. Invest in a shoe closet or an organiser with racks, featuring adjustable, flat-slanted ledges.

Alternatively, you can opt for a rolling cart or an over-the-door hanging organiser to make your space much more tidy.

Set up a Freestanding Clothing Rack

Set up a Freestanding Clothing Rack - Layout Small Closet Design

If your small closet design is already packed to the brim, a freestanding clothing rack can be a versatile addition to your space. Display your formal gowns or perhaps curate a selection for the current season on your portable clothing rack, a part of the room’s aesthetic. Think of it as a personal showroom- functional and beautiful where your clothes are the show-stoppers.

Incorporate Storage Bins

Incorporate Storage Bins - Very Small Closet Organization Ideas

Thinking storage bins take more space in small closets for the bedroom, but it’s not! These sleek and uniform storage bins keep your accessories, seasonal clothing, or small items neatly tucked away yet easily accessible. Choose woven or fabric storage bins that thoughtfully organise the space, ensuring every item is within reach while complementing your room's decor.

Make an Over-the-Door Organiser

Make an Over the Door Organiser - Closet Ideas For Small Bedroom

One of the best ways to organise the space of closet ideas for small bedrooms is to buy an inexpensive over-the-door organiser. These clear pockets in a vertical design can store shoes, seasonal items, accessories, toiletries and small handbags. Turn the back of a door into a valuable asset and keep clutter out of sight.

Find a Home for Each Handbag

Find a Home for Each Handbag - Organization Tips For Small Closets

To store your handbags (totes, travel bags, or shoulder bags), there are many different options for your small closet ideas. You can use shallow cubbies or drawer inserts for your small clutches.

Hang your high-end shoulder bags on the closet rod alongside your clothes, saving precious space and display your collection. It’s a simple yet effective DIY small closet idea to keep them compact and make selection a breeze for any occasion.

Extend Wall Shelves to the Ceiling

Extend Wall Shelves to the Ceiling - Small Bedroom Ideas With Closet

Thinking of remodelling your small closet layout? Experts suggest extending wall shelves up to the ceiling just like the kitchen cabinets. This creative idea boosts the storage space and allows you to store seldom-used items’like seasonal wear or decorations on the top shelf. Decorate it with woven baskets to add personality and warmth to the room.

Store Away Your Winter Wear

Store Away Your Winter Wear - Small Closet Organization Ideas

Another simple trick, is when the seasons change, so should your wardrobe. Tuck away those bulky coats and pullovers into a suitcase or a vacuum-sealed bag, freeing up valuable space while making room for your current ensembles. It's a practical way to cycle your wardrobe seasonally, tailoring your small bedroom ideas with a closet.

Shallow Drawers


Dive into the shallow end with drawers that are perfect for organising smaller items and accessories that can easily become cluttered or lost. These drawers are the perfect appetiser for small closet ideas, enhancing space efficiency and order. No more searching into the abyss of a drawer for a belt or a lonely scarf. It's time you give your accessories a cosy nook, making selection a breeze.

Use Mirrors as Doors

Use Mirrors as Doors - Bedroom With Small Closet

There are some must-steal small bedroom ideas with closets, and this one is quite popular. Incorporating mirrors as doors for your closet serves dual functional purposes: first, it visually expands your living space and acts as a full-length mirror for outfit checks. This clever design trick spreads magic to your room, enhancing the natural light while making the space look more open and airy. The multi-purpose mirrored doors accentuate the aesthetic beauty of your room.

Use a Multi-Layer Hanger for Pants

Use a Multi-Layer Hanger for Pants - Small Closet In Bedroom

Ladder hangers come in clutch when you want to store pants or jeans by category. These hangers are a game changer for DIY's small closet ideas, letting you hang all your coloured pants in one and denim in another without cramping each other’s fabric. Additionally, it saves your rod space and keeps your trousers wrinkle-free and easy to access.

Small Drawers Under Your Hanging Space

Small Drawers Under Your Hanging Space - Diy Small Closet Ideas

While most small closet ideas in bedroom design are outfitted with rods to hang clothes, sometimes the space underneath goes to waste. Consider installing small drawers that can house your folded t-shirts, chunky sweaters, socks, or other essentials, making efficient use of every square inch of your closet. This clever design solution streamlines your belongings and keeps the space clutter-free.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures - Small Closet Ideas

Choosing the right lighting fixtures will present your wardrobe with a new enchanting look that you crave. Use recessed lighting, LED lights on shelves and hanging rods to radiate the compact space. The lights will cast a spotlight on the clothes and accessories, adding depth and dimension to the room, and jazzing up the interiors of the space.

Install Sliding Doors

Install Sliding Doors - Closet Ideas For Small Closets

Let's slide into the next tip with style’introducing sliding doors. These smooth sliders are space-savers and provide aesthetic elegance to the room. Plus, they conceal clutter and divide spaces without taking much space like the conventional hinged doors, making them a multifunctional marvel for your bedroom interior design.

Label Everything

Label Everything - Small Closet Design

Labelling is a key step in structuring your closet, clearly sorting the categories and bringing an orderly appeal. From shelves to bins and drawers and everything in between, personalise your labelling system and make the daily routine efficient.

Accessory Tray

Accessory Tray - Closet Designs For Small Closets

The easiest way to keep track of all your jewellery treasures, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, is with a well-organised decorative tray. Give the spotlight to accessories they deserve, creating a curated display of your personal style.

Alternatively, if you don't want your jewellery storage to be quite in a display, opt for a stackable system that better fits your fancy items.

Include Shelf Baskets

Include Shelf Baskets - Small Closet Layout

The glory of baskets weaves texture and functionality into the fabric of your small closet space. These versatile marvels disparate items into cohesive collections. Whether it's towels, linens or those pesky items lying around, shelf baskets add a layer of order and aesthetic appeal.

Space Marvels!

Rearranging your wardrobe is an overwhelming task, but with clever tricks and tips, you can maximise the space and transform it into a stylish and orderly haven. Each of these strategic ideas marries practicality and creativity and integrates these elements that fit your space and lifestyle, crafting a harmonious and competent space that makes your dressing routine much easier.

We hope these small closet design ideas create a distinct impression in your bedroom interior design. For more bespoke wardrobe solutions, contact our experts at Interior Company.

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    How do you maximise a small closet design?

    Here are a few tips for organising a small closet:

    • Take all the items out and declutter the elements.
    • Stack them according to colours or category, placing your regular wear items in the front.
    • Add internal shelves, hangers and baskets to optimise the small closet space.
    What is the most efficient way to organise a small closet design?

    Arranging items by category and colour makes it easier and more accessible to find your piece of clothing. It also gives a more functional and visual presentation, with each category having its designated section.

    What tips can you use to maximise the storage space within the small closet?

    To maximise the storage space for your small closet design for the bedroom, you can invest in wardrobe inserts such as shelves, drawers, and baskets. In addition, you can consider hooks for hanging items vertically and use slim hangers to ensure clothes fit tightly together.

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