Easy Low Cost Simple Kitchen Designs That Makes a Big Impact

Published On: Dec 15, 2022

Refresh the hub of your home with these low-budget kitchen design ideas.

Designing a budget kitchen in India requires time and attention, as the entire family comes together and spends quality time whilst indulging in their meals. However, there are plenty of creative ways to use clever hacks and upcycling that can lend you a dreamy kitchen update. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refurbishing the old fixtures and fittings, smart choices and nifty design strategies with savvy spending can deliver style and function in your cooking space.

Keep reading the blog below and let's take a look at low-cost kitchen designs in India.

1. Vinyl Flooring

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Choosing a low-cost modular kitchen flooring that creates a personalised look can be achieved on a budget. Consider vinyl flooring, laminate or porcelain tiles, which are a budget-friendly alternative to ceramic tiles or wood planks. The kitchen is the busiest space in the home, and selecting vinyl is the stylish and practical option for low-cost modular kitchen designs. Moreover, these floor tiles are durable, waterproof and suitable for underfloor heating. 

2. Kitchen Rug

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Add a rug to the modular kitchen and bring colour and texture to your straight kitchen design layout. With careful consideration, floor rugs can make the space look more expensive on a budget. The best place to place a rug in your cooking space is in front of the sink since it is the most utilised area. Choose the best rugs for a low-budget kitchen design with hard-wearing quality and machine washability. This will elevate the space and create a cohesive look. 

3. Splashback Tiles

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An easy way to amp up your kitchen on a budget is by changing the backsplash tiles to refresh your cooking area. Add interest and texture to your space with stained wood or mosaic tiles and bring the wow factor to the room. Decorative tiles come in a wide range of styles suiting your taste and aesthetics. Opt for a neutral palette to create a soothing low-cost modular kitchen, as it will blend well with cabinets and countertops. 

4. Affordable Kitchen Hardware

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Do not neglect smaller details in a low-cost simple kitchen design; handles, knobs, and faucets can make an enormous difference to the overall vibe of your cooking hub. Invest in warm metallic sheets that are inexpensive but can upscale the look of your home. Replace your lighting, faucet or cabinet hardware with products in gleaming brass or bronze to add a chic look to your interiors. 

5. Open Shelving

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One of the most popular low-budget modular kitchen design trends is open shelving. They introduce light and a breezy feel while allowing the area to look more expansive. You can decorate the space with similar coloured utensils and crockery to create a more cohesive look. This DIY low-budget kitchen idea creates smart-storage solutions and lends an edgy style to your kitchenette. Alternative budget kitchen design includes swapping the door of one of your cabinets to create open shelving without spending a penny. 

6. Freestanding Island

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The freestanding islands for a low-budget kitchen design perform the same functions, adding counter prep space and storage. These units are affordable take-on kitchen islands that help you stay on budget and open up the cooking space.  

Enhance your kitchen appeal with efficient free-standing units that fit the bill for beauty and function, becoming the epicentre of family life. Pack a punch of personality to your kitchen by painting the island in vibrant colours giving a modern twist.

7. Paint your Cabinets

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A low-budget modular kitchen comes with limitations, but that should not stop you from glamping your cooking space. Spruce up the walls with latest kitchen paint ideas and deliver a premium look at an economic price point. For the latest trends, consider choosing muted sage and mint to grey hues and paste blues, these soothing shades work incredibly well for small spaces. In addition, these soft neutral hues open up the space and revitalise the home interiors. 

8. Budget Kitchen Appliances

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Choosing kitchen appliances might not be as exciting as cabinetry or flooring. However, these appliances will take up a fair bit of your budget but can refresh your kitchen without burning your pockets. There are abundant smart modular kitchen appliances available in the market that can make a real impact in the space, from the essentials like fridges to kettles or toasters. Keep an eye out for low-cost modular kitchen appliances and shop your favourites to maximise the space and achieve effortless cooking. 

9. Bring Fun with Wallpapers

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Designing a kitchen on a budget needn't be boring. Add a splash of pattern with wallpaper to bring vibrance to an old kitchen. You can either cover the backsplash or create feature wall ideas for a cost-effective but equally stunning look. Make sure you choose high-quality wallpaper with a one-of-a-kind design to protect it from the wear and tear of everyday life. Moreover, create a focal point with wallpaper accent wall ideas that visually heighten the space and draw the eye upwards. 

10. Weave Colour Pops

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Even though lighter hues and muted colours tend to give small modular kitchens a massive feel, some might find that one-toned kitchen a tad boring. Adding a vibrant colour such as yellow, blue, or red on selected design elements will enhance the room and give it an energetic vibe. These small yet vital elements provide some vigour to simple kitchen designs low-cost. In addition, keep the flooring, tiles and countertop light and bring pops of colour to the shutters or on bar stools. 

11. Muted Colours

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If you have a smaller-sized modular kitchen, opt for muted colours on the cabinetry, countertop, etc. to get the most out of your simple low-budget kitchen designs. These muted colours will visually expand the space and add the vibrancy of a lively cooking room. We love the warmth of this kitchen design, with wooden accents giving dimension to the space, creating a comfortable yet elegant design. 

12. Make a Statement with Lighting

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Shed new light on a budget kitchen design by incorporating dramatic ceiling lights. The oversized pendants over the island or peninsula can take the space from drab to fab! These alluring lights create a focal point and instil task and mood lighting. For a contemporary look, seek out styles with geometric shapes and patterns and make a statement in low-cost easy simple kitchen design. For a small kitchen design, follow the stylist’s tips and hang them in threes for maximum impact. 

Kitchen Simplified!

We hope these low-budget modular kitchen designs with more affordable, readily available alternatives get you inspired for your next renovation without compromising on style and aesthetics. All it takes is a little effort and creativity to pep up the heart of your home. For bespoke kitchen design ideas and inspirations, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

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    How can I make the low-cost modular kitchens look good?

    1. The clever way to beautify your low-budget low-cost modular kitchen is to replace flimsy hardware with modern styles. Faucets, Handles, locks and latches can all be easily replaced with on-trend brass or matt black choices to elevate your kitchen. 

    2. Another way is to paint your cabinets or walls to refresh the interiors and appeal to your cooking space. 

    3. Stylishly displaying accessories and plants will bring life and energy to a space and are a cheap way to update kitchen decor.

    How can you do a budget kitchen design makeover?

    1. The economical way to update your low-cost modular kitchen is to get creative with DIY renovation using clever hacks. Painting cupboard doors can spruce up your kitchen and costs minimum. 

    2. Another budget low-cost kitchen design is swapping the door of one of your cabinets to create open shelving for storage solutions. 

    3. Adding wood panelling to walls is another great way to update a kitchen without burning the holes in the pocket.

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