The Best Kitchen Chimney Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Published On: Jun 23, 2022

A chimney is a must-have in any home, especially if you live with your family, where the kitchen utilisation is much more than just making a cup of tea or boiling water. Cooking creates a lot of smoke, especially in Indian households, due to our spicy and greasy cuisine. As a result, the kitchen tends to become oily and sticky, leaving marks on the tiles and cabinetry.

A chimney installed just above the cooking appliance absorbs the oil, smoke, steam and odours produced, keeping the kitchen airy. The oil gets trapped in the oil collectors, and the odour and smoke are expelled via a duct.

Simply add a chimney with the best kitchen chimney design just above your cooking range, and make it more comfortable and healthy to work in.

But first, let’s learn the essential factors you should consider while designing a kitchen chimney in India.

Key Factors to Consider While Deciding on a Kitchen Chimney Design

Kitchen Dimensions: Note down the dimensions and size of your kitchen. Consider the existing ventilation setup and your cooking and eating habits. The style and size of the kitchen chimney should suit the overall layout of your home.  Hence it’s important to keep in mind the general arrangement of your home and the internal structure of your kitchen while setting up the kitchen chimney.

Size of the Kitchen Chimney: Before deciding on the size of the kitchen chimney, take measurements of your stove. The chimney’s normal size ranges from 60 to 90 cm. A 60 cm kitchen chimney is ideal for a 1-2 burner stove. If you have a 3-4 burner stove, a 90-cm kitchen chimney will be perfect.

Suction Capacity of the Kitchen Chimney: How frequently you cook and the preferences of your family’s diet would be the essential aspects in determining the suction capacity of the kitchen chimney you purchase. A kitchen chimney with above-average suction power is required for a typical Indian kitchen. The suction force of a kitchen chimney is measured in cubic centimetres and is typically between 500 and 95 m3/hr.

Types of Chimney Filters: There are three filters available for kitchen chimney designs: cassette filters, baffle filters and carbon filters. 95% of Indian chimneys contain baffle filters. 

Duct Installation for Kitchen Chimney: Ducts are tunnels that suck up the smoke the food produces and exhausts it, keeping the kitchen well ventilated.

Maintenance: Purchase a low-maintenance kitchen chimney and put it no higher than 3 to 4 feet so that cleaning is not a problem.

Since you are now aware of what you should consider, let’s check out the best design ideas suitable for your kitchen chimney.

Top 10 Kitchen Chimney Designs in India

1. Box Design Kitchen Chimney

A box-style chimney will add a touch of class to your kitchen. This type of chimney significantly lowers emissions and dusty particles while also making cooking less noisy.

This kitchen chimney design is an excellent option if you have limited space under your cabinets. Its elegant design gives it a finished and eye-catching appearance thanks to its box-like shape, stainless steel body and baffle filter.

Box Design Kitchen Chimney


2. A Wall-Mounted Chimney

The wall-mounted chimney is the second-best option for Indian homes as it is fastened to the wall. This design is cost-effective since it uses fewer/no pipes to remove contaminated air. They are compact and appealing when placed between light grey wall cabinets. It also blends well with a black countertop and a wooden plank floor.

A Wall-Mounted Chimney


3. Ceiling-Mounted Pyramid Chimney with LED Lights

Any configuration, such as the pyramid form, can have a variety of designs. This style is suitable for wall-mounted chimneys and stoves with multiple burners.

Opt for a chimney with thermal overload protection (TOP) to safeguard your equipment from overheating. Its pyramid form makes it a smart buy for folks using their stoves the entire day.

Ceiling-Mounted Pyramid Chimney with LED Lights


4. A Corner Chimney

A corner chimney will assist you in making effective use of the often-overlooked kitchen corners. They are small and take up little room. It gives that corner a distinct look while creating the impression that it doesn’t exist. This is ideal for kitchens with cabinets and other appliances with a natural appearance.

A Corner Chimney


5. Chimney with a Baffle Filter

This chimney with a baffle filter is your best bet if you’re looking for low-maintenance but long-lasting choices. It includes a specifically constructed flow-control panel that alters the direction of air that passes through it.

The filter draws down and absorbs the heavy grease without any detrimental impact on the chimney’s suction force. Its built-in lights provide enough illumination across the stove to ensure a safe and comfortable cooking experience. This one also improves the look of the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Chimney with a Baffle Filter


6. An Island Chimney

Since they are mounted on the ceiling, these chimneys are ideal for open or U-shaped kitchens where the hob/stove is in the centre. This chimney design is quite expensive and necessitates many ducts to extract gases. A basic wooden finish with a white ceiling is an all-time winner to match this chimney.

An Island Chimney


7. An Angular Kitchen Chimney

Traditional kitchens benefit from the pyramid shape. However, if you like more modern designs, an angled chimney will blend in better. The fact that angled chimneys have side vents is a plus of this design. Smoke is collected into the chimney, filtered and sent back through the vent with the engine. The entire procedure is carried out easily, efficiently and stylishly!

An Angular Kitchen Chimney


8. A Downdraft Chimney

This smartly built downdraft kitchen chimney can be an excellent option for your modular kitchen. Its sleek and sophisticated appearance stands out among all other chimneys. It frees up room on the kitchen countertop, allowing you to conduct all of your other tasks with ease. It comes with a mechanism where you can push a button that raises the chimney over the stove when necessary and retracts it when you’re finished.

A Downdraft Chimney


9. A Curved Glass Chimney

Many kitchens benefit from the use of angles. However, a curved glass design may be the perfect pick if you’re searching for something attractive for your kitchen chimney design.

Typically, curved glass chimneys have a baffle filter, which makes them simple to maintain. The elegant appearance of the curved glass adds a modern touch to your kitchen.

A Curved Glass Chimney


Modern Kitchen Chimney Ideas in a Nutshell

We hope you now have interesting and creative ideas for your kitchen chimney design and you redo your kitchen with our stylish makeover suggestions.

Your starting point will be planning and thinking about areas and comfort while happily cooking with your family after completion. So, plan your layout today and be mindful of every minute factor that promotes comfort while maintaining a modern aesthetic look in your kitchen.  If you need expert guidance, reach out to the Interior Company for some ingenious kitchen chimney ideas.

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Q. Why should I install a kitchen chimney?

When cooking, particularly in Indian households, there is a lot of smoke due to the use of spices. Hence, the kitchen tends to become oily and sticky, leaving marks on the tiles and cabinetry. A kitchen chimney absorbs the smoke and oil, giving you a clean and airy kitchen. 

Q. What type of kitchen chimney would look good in my contemporary kitchen?

While the trend of blending traditional with the contemporary is in right now, you can go for a downdraft chimney or a curved glass chimney to add a level of sophistication to your kitchen. 


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