10 Amazing Modular Kitchen Colour Combination Ideas

Published On: Apr 19, 2022

Kitchens are, perhaps, the most used spaces in a household. You find yourself fumbling in its cabinets to look for the perfect midnight snack, prepare delicacies for guests or cook delectable meals for the entire family. Needless to say, the colours you choose to decorate your kitchen help to set the vibe of this space. Kitchen colour combinations can set the right balance between therapeutic, bold, unique and trendy, making your kitchen the most stand-out destination in the house. This season, utilise the latest colour combinations for your kitchen for a completely new look.

1. Earthy, Foresty Greens

Earthy, Foresty Greens

Green is the colour of healing. It is soothing to look at and immediately helps give a relaxed undertone to the interiors. Darker greens are similar to the heavy notes of the forest, transforming your kitchen into a haven for preparing healing, nourishing and tasty meals for the family.

When paired with black backsplashes, darker greens create an interior with great depth; however, this theme may not sit well with lighter interiors. Alternatively, the latest modular kitchen colour combinations show how deeper greens can be made lighter by pairing them with woody backsplashes, like teak.

2. Lime Green and Cream

Lime Green and Cream

Yes, green is the new black. The green colour family is in vogue today, with interior designers experimenting with various colour combinations for kitchen cabinets that are either contrasting, complementing or blending. One of the most popular colour combinations for the kitchen is lime green and cream.

This popping candy colour is great for lively, sunlit interiors that exude vibrance. Such colour combinations are pretty famous in cafes. Lime green is the perfect shade to pair with cream to give the kitchen a hip look.

3. Aquas and Dull Whites

Aquas and Dull Whites

Gone are the days of super-white Santorini-style Greek colour themes. Dull, matte whites are in (preferably in a tiled look) ' and they look best when paired with pastel shades of (everyone's favourite) blue.

This latest kitchen colour combination does look very baby-crib inspired, but it couldn't be better suited for any other space in the house, as is made evident from the image below. The soothing lagoon-blue shade breathes a life-inspiring breeze into the room when paired with a dull white tile-style backsplash. What's more ' any other colours that you add to this combination work as accents, adding more pop to the whole area.

4. Grey All the Way

Grey All the Way

Grey is the colour of the future ' dark as in the tar-topped highways, and light as in the concrete in the buildings, shiny as in the metallics of every machine we use and deep like the cloudy sky. Grey is at the forefront of the latest kitchen colour combinations, setting itself in the background while letting the other colours shine; or even shining through by itself in combination with mood lights concealed in coves.

Interior designers love this no-nonsense shade to give the kitchen a serious, minimalist look that defines every edge in stark contrast without being imposing in nature.

5. Bold Like Canary Yellows

Bold Like Canary Yellows

One of the boldest and latest colour combinations for kitchen cabinets is canary yellow paired with practically any shade you can possibly think of ' teal, blue, grey, red (very bold), white, black, gold ' the list extends to the moon and back.

Yellow is pretty versatile ' you don't need to know what to pair it with, as long as you put it on kitchen cabinets. It will blend itself with the colour of your countertop and backsplash like it was born to do that. In the image, the yellow cabinets pair naturally with a teal backsplash and an aqua countertop.

6. High Contrast in Whites

High Contrast in Whites

White is an evergreen colour; it never goes out of style. Opt for pure white to give your kitchen a timeless, clean look. It helps define the tools, tackles, appliances and other features apart. White is the best choice when other aspects of your kitchen need to be highlighted more than the cabinets themselves.

High-gloss surfaces make super-white kitchens stand out even more, enabling features like edges, countertops and handles to shine through in their uniqueness. For example, the colour combination in the image below highlights how white brings out all the features in a kitchen very well.

7. Dark Red and Grey

Dark Red and Grey

Red might seem like too bold a colour to choose for kitchens; however, when paired with neutral hues, it creates a great toned-down yet contemporary mixture that strikes the perfect pivot between the two worlds. The best part is that the red doesn't need to be concerned with the other parts of your home and what interiors they have ' your kitchen can be red without a care for the overall theme.

Paired with grey, red creates a very formal-looking space with the right pop to it. This latest colour combination is neither dull nor very bright and has the potential to let other colourful elements shine as well.

8. Velvety Dark Blues

Velvety Dark Blues

One of the best latest modular kitchen colour combinations so far is the velvety finish of dark blue paired with woody browns. Imagine the cabinets in matte navy / inky / night-sky blues and kitchen countertops in browns or paler shades of the same blue. These colour combinations work best when there is plenty of natural daylight available to light up the space ' otherwise, this combination looks pretty dark.

If you love this colour combination, you can also consider adding many artificial yellow lights to compensate for the lack of daylight. See how well it all comes together in the image shown ' a pale blue backsplash and countertop, brown pergolas and furniture to match.

9. Go Woody

Go Woody

A timeless colour combination for your kitchen would be a mixture of browns, greys and whites. The woody undertone sets the right precedent for a space where cooking is supposed to happen; whites provide the fitting highlight and the greys work as a break in the colour combination ' sort of like a stop-gap between the two shades. This creates the perfect harmony required for a kitchen to look soothing and meditative.

A mixture of woody countertops and backsplashes combined with grey and white shelving creates an attractive look for your modular kitchen, allowing the colour combination to be surprisingly versatile in its shading. This theme works best when the kitchen plan is open, and the rest of the house has similar hues.

10. Your Statement Black

Your Statement Black

If you really desire to make a bold statement through your kitchen colours, go for a no-nonsense, all-black look. Such interiors for the kitchens can be hard to digest at first glance, but the classiness they embody speaks for itself. You can create this space in stark contrast to other rooms in your home ' while everything else is set in lighter tones, an all-black kitchen is likely to stand out.

However, be sure to include ample lighting in every nook and cranny as black does tend to get harder to see in darker areas or when the sun wets. Pair with unfiltered, non-diffused yellow lighting for best effects. In the image shown, the all-black concept has been utilised very well; in fact, this is rapidly becoming a favourite kitchen colour combination.

In addition to the latest colour combinations for kitchen cabinets mentioned above, there are other popular combinations that work well with any interior decor:

  • Mint green and cream
  • Grey and black
  • Woody brown and yellow
  • White and red
  • Yellow, mustard and beige
  • White and brown
  • Baby pink and white
  • Colourful Lego theme

If one of these appeals to you better, you can try them too.

Wrapping up

The interiors of your home are a matter of great significance since it is a space where you spend most of your day. For more unique ideas in interior design, particularly for your kitchen, you can visit the Interior Company.

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Q. Is black a good colour for kitchens?

Yes, when used with a planned colour scheme and complementing elements, black can transform your kitchen into an ultramodern space.

Q. What are the best colours for the kitchen according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, oranges and reds are ideal for your kitchen.

Q. Is the white colour in kitchens difficult to maintain?

The stove area may experience staining due to ingredients – you may want to clean this area more frequently than others.

Q. Which colours pair best with blue in kitchens?

The latest kitchen colour combinations with blue are blue-white, blue-yellow, blue-grey, blue-wood and blue-pale blue.


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