A Petite Guide to Nursery Room Ideas 

Updated On: May 17, 2024
When it comes to designing your baby bedrooms, the main thought that strikes the mind is, they grow up so fast! As soon as you take hold of your little one, all you want is to give them all that can possibly bring a smile to their little faces.

Although having a newborn can be more than a little chaotic for the family, there are always some ways in which you can battle the stress. One of which is to create a space that you love, for yourself and your baby. Whether it is a firstborn or a loved little sibling, there is always scope to take inspiration to spruce up the nursery design. With the hope of providing the best for your precious, we have come up with some enchanting baby room designs that will bring peace and serenity to your home. 

Gender-Neutral Nursery 

Source: Pinterest

Gender-neutral nurseries are a big part of the times we live in! In addition to neutral nurseries, you can add very subtle layers of colour to warm up your space with the plants you own! Start by choosing a natural wood crib, a neutral glider, a white changing table and cute rope canopy accents to lock in the distance. The texture is very important in the neutral range so that the room doesn’t feel too cold or monochromatic. Another thing that is always very important in the baby bedroom is the windows. Blackout curtains help darken your windows, but still frame the entire wall and add cohesion to your overall design. If the house already has rattan Roman shades, this is how you can bring the baby room design in sync. 

Bohemian Nursery 

Source: Pinterest

Why do we love the Bohemian theme so much? That we have now chosen it for your baby room design! Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. The theme welcomes a collection of neutral and ambient shades that render any room with elegance. 

Choose jute and wooden furnishings to add a touch of comfort and plants to add life to your baby room design. Keep the nursery wall art simple and add some wooden hanging shelves to display some decor pieces or make it a nursery bookshelf. Complete your baby room with some plain white linen curtains and white crib sheets to play along with the theme. 

A Mountainous Baby Room

Source: Pinterest

If you are a family who loves adventures, you can introduce your baby to the mountains at a young age. In this case, what can be more attractive than a mural? Murals are the most appropriate nursery wall art ideas that are easy and affordable. This baby room design is simple and modern, inclusive of elements boosted by mother nature. The white wooden crib, a huge planter in the corner, a jute basket and a wooden rocking horse are nursery room must-haves. 

If you prefer natural elements and want something that will last then this is the perfect example. 

Tropic of Nursery 

Source: Pinterest

Baby room designs with sweet renderings of trees, animals and flowers are wonderful. Nothing is more relaxing than some tropics, don’t you agree? 

This baby room design showcases this idea with nursery wallpaper of ferns and flowers with golden illuminating text that reads dream. The soft tulle canopy beside the crib actually pulls together the colour scheme of this nursery. With a lot of yellow lighting and comforting hues used in this baby bedroom, both the parents and the baby will be able to enjoy a relaxing time. 

Forest Princess Theme 

Source: Pinterest

While growing up there is a phase in every child's life where they are obsessed with princes and princesses or superheroes whom they adulate. Choosing a Cinderella bedroom or one like lightning Mc Queen’s baby boy/girl nursery theme is to cliche. This forest princess theme is definitely something different. This design for your little royal will give them not only a nursery but a room that will grow with your child. 

The most attractive element of this design is the nursery lighting which seems like some flower buds in the corner. 

Baby Room Designs Inspired by Classic Books 

Source: Pinterest

The Tales of Peter Rabbit is shrouded with whimsical nostalgia! Why not narrate the classic through interiors in your baby bedroom? Introducing kids to classics is very important and this nursery wallpaper is all for it. It is an adorable baby bedroom to grow up in, the simple yet traditional accents like the bows on the crib and the use of English colours have taken our breath away. These traditional baby decoration ideas should be on your checklist because as the classic states, 'Even the smallest one can change the world.' 

Serene Jungle 

Source: Pinterest

Everything green always goes well in baby rooms. You can choose to pair that up with some grey furniture to complement the green. You can also hold going overboard with the trees and add some animal paintings to create magic within the space. 

Paired with ambient whimsical furniture pieces, a fabulous fan and some animal nursery wall art, this space serves as the perfect jungle retreat for your little one.

Animal Print Baby Rooms

Source: Pinterest

Similar to other themes for baby rooms, animal print is the theme of modern times. If you are thinking of doing something completely unique, choose this animal print. You might be confused with the thought of what might go well paired up with animal-printed nursery wall art. It is much easier to remember prints for a long as compared to motifs and paintings. 

This leopard wall is a premium model of how an animal-themed baby bedroom can take your child from their baby days to the teen years easily. 

A refined nursery asks for a genteel bed in the baby bedroom with a groundbreaking bassinet that responds to a baby’s fussing with delicate womb-like sound and motion, calming the crying in under a minute!

Before Saying Sweet Dreams'¦ 

As the baby will move into a gentle slumber these eclectic yet comforting designs will bring you the most joy. Creating a safe space for your little tot is essential, we hope these baby decoration ideas might have given you the inspiration to design any baby boy/girl nursery theme. Get in touch with the Interior Company for more such designs. Like these designs? Shop from the vast range of kids’ room accessories and furniture from Pinch of Pretty.


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    How to decorate a baby room?

    There are several ways to decorate baby rooms. Rather than choosing designating colour schemes, it is advised to go with the neutral trend. Choose a simple coloured crib and dresser to keep it in contrast with some attractive decor pieces.

    How can I welcome my newborn at home in India?

    Welcoming a newborn baby is really important in India. The first step inside the home of a mother and newborn is celebrated with a thali pooja. After entering the house the newborn is placed in a beautifully decorated cot.

    When should you start decorating baby rooms?

    There is no right or wrong when you are choosing when to start decorating a baby bedroom. It is advised to start early so that you and your partner have plenty of time to decide on what and what not has to go in the baby bedroom.

    What colour room is best for babies?

    It is advised to choose colours that are bright, that make the room appear ambient and airy. It is also important for the child to interact with the interiors of their room.

    How do you style small baby rooms?

    If the space for the nursery is small it is advised to make use of each corner of the room. Place a dresser with extra counter space to place the changing table diaper storage. If the room lags a window incorporating one in the room is best to keep the room ventilated.

    How do I make my baby room cosy?

    It is easy to make a baby room cosy, simply incorporate items like soft throw pillows, rugs and some throw blankets. To top it all off you can also add some soft toys and plushies.

    What is the most important item in the nursery?

    The most important thing in a baby bedroom is the crib, it is essential to keep the baby safe and in a place you can leave them without any worries.