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Beautiful Focal Point Ideas for Living Rooms: Wallpapers and More

Published On: Mar 29, 2022

Planning on renovating or building a new home? Do you want to create a spectacular focal point ideas for living rooms? Are you one who can’t decide what to choose from wallpapers to shelving? 

Interior Company is here to declutter your confusion and design your space. However, before we get to the ideas, let's start by understanding the significance of focal point in interior design. A focal point is where the eyes land when one first enters the room. Therefore, it draws attention and also enhances the aesthetic of your home. Many places have their own focal point which is a large window or a fireplace that adds the unique element of amazement. Sometimes a focal point is an architectural feature like mouldings, fall ceilings, fireplace, windows or doors. And at other times it can be wall art, paintings, wallpapers, bookshelves, light fixtures or statement-furniture.

Focal Point Ideas for Living Rooms

Here, we have some ideas for you to incorporate in your home decor that will help you set a focal point in any room you like. 

Wallpapers and Wall-moulding 

In this day and age, we have quite a variety of wallpapers in the market. Wallpapers are a great way to fill in some colour and texture in the room. Wallpapers come in a waterproof finish as well which is appropriate for bathrooms. Another focal point idea is creating an accent wall with wallpaper. 

Not a fan of wallpaper? You can opt for wall mouldings. Immediately upgrade any wall from looking simple to something very beautiful and high close. 

Wall mouldings create a statement for when you don’t want to go over the board in styling and adding too many colours to your walls.


Statement mirror pieces are a new trend that give ideas for living rooms to makeover it deserves. Mirrors are famous and commonly used strategies that are used to create a focal point in the room. A large mirror not only acts as a decorative piece but also reflects the light entering the room.

Bouncing back of the light through the mirror actually helps make the room look much bigger than it actually is. One can also place a mirror on the top of the fireplace mantle as a decorative. There are several shapes and sizes of mirrors available in the market now. Choose the right size, frame and cut of the mirror because it is a ‘mirror’ to your mood and personality.

Artwork and Frames

Installing paintings and artwork is an easy option. It is also a way to portray your personality and your choices as a person. Go for large pieces for home decor it fixates the eyes and gets the attention of people and does so much for any space. The trick is to not go over the board and keep it simple and classy.

If you don’t want to hang paintings in your house you can also opt to hang large vintage frames. They give a very balanced yet mystic vibe.


Choosing bright colours is a great option, painting the wall is the easiest you can do. Wall colours draw eyes very easily and they will most definitely stand out among the rest. Pain behind the TV wall or draw shapes with paint on the walls. One can also paint their doors and windows to create colourful aesthetics.

Plants and Flowers

For all the biophilia and greenery lovers, another way to creating a focal point in your room is by incorporating plants and flowers in your home decor. Grab a huge fern or palm and seat it in the corner of your room or you can place it in the corridor or hallway of your house. Most importantly plants not only help keep the air fresh and purified. It's not only good for aesthetics but also for your health. Create a natural vibe by not only having potted plants but by curating a wall full of plants. A wall endorsed with plants is definitely a statement don’t you agree?

Pompous grass has become a new statement this year, filled with bohemian vibes it's best if you are going for an aesthetic feel for your living room.

Sculptures and Antiques

Installing unique furniture pieces and antiques in your home is an amazing way to amp up any space. Not only it will draw someone's eyes but it will give your space a sense of history. Thrift some good second-hand pieces at a very affordable price which will be a great and pocket-friendly way to create a focal point in your living room.

Light fixture

Another simple focal point idea for any room is to go for light fixtures. Lighting is altogether very important for any room, forget about the simple and old fashioned tube lighting and opt for classy and stylish options. Hang an exquisite chandelier over your dining table and see how it pulls together the whole area and makes it a centre of attraction. 

 Create a lot of interest in space by installing a beautiful fender to the chandelier, wall sconces or even large bulbs (they never went out of fashion *wink*).

No room is an exception, amp up even your bathroom by hanging a pennat right above your bath and creating a beautiful aesthetic.  Add some vanity lights to the bathroom mirror, which will be useful as well as fashionable. 

When installing lighting in your living room always remember the more the better. You can play around with different styles of lighting. Strip LED lighting will be great to set behind your television wall or in the fall ceiling.


Windows are a natural focal point for any room. But it is a great one as a living room focal point idea. Firstly, windows help create an illusion and make any space look larger than it already is. Having a wall-size window in your living room must be a dream of many of our home designers

Final thoughts

Creating a focal point in your home is not an unachievable task rather it is one that will make you fall in love with your home all over again. You just need to let your inner creativity run wild and convert almost anything from mirrors to wall art into a focal point ideas for living rooms. We hope that you got a clear idea of how to beautify your dwelling and how to make all the eyes stick to the focal points in your living room. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The focal point is the area where the eyes land when you first enter the living room. It could be anything from a huge window to a fireplace mantle. It could also be anything that you have designed specifically for attracting the attention of your guests like a piece of art or an accent wall.

Ideally, a living room should have only a single focal point which is supposed to grab everyone’s attention. A living room can have 2 focal points only if the room is large enough. In that case, you can arrange the furniture or interior decor in such a way that there are multiple main focal points. 

If there are multiple focal points in your living room, you should arrange the largest pieces of furniture or art around the main focal point. Then, group together the smaller and fewer pieces around the secondary focal point. For example,  placing a few chairs around the fire mantle which is the secondary focal point and pointing the larger piece like a couch towards the television which is the primary focal point.