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Best Colour Combinations For Your Kitchen Laminates

Published On: Oct 09, 2021

It is often believed that the kitchen is the heart of the home as well as a hub of a lot of activities. From cooking our favourite meals, learning to bake with mom to hosting and entertaining friends while engaging in a conversation over a steaming cup of tea. It is the place where the fondest memories are made. All the actions take place in the kitchen (and food!). Some people say, if you can organize your kitchen then you can organize your life.

Kitchen laminates have tremendous significance in any household which defines their aesthetic value. When it comes to color combinations for kitchen laminates, you can choose from a variety of options that will spice up your kitchen decor with a tasteful mix of two or more hues.

When it comes to interior design, many people celebrate colors by focusing on their favourite two or three. But you don’t have to limit your color palette any longer. Whether you have the budget for a full renewal or you just want some minor renovations, you have to make the right colour changes to change things up in the kitchen. These 16 kitchen laminate colour combination ideas add an element of fun to the heart of your home.

1. Rainbow Splashed Kitchen Cabinets 

rainbow splash kitchen laminates

One of the most modern looks in today’s time is incorporating contrasting colours. Rainbow kitchens are an interesting design prospect, as the abundance of counters and cabinets makes more room for adding every touch of colour. Not only is this appealing to the eyes, but it also adds space and in-depth perception to the areas you want to highlight. The same has been showcased by installing a wide range of bright cabinet doors in this fabulously modern kitchen.

2. Beautiful Orange and Grey Kitchen Color Combination

bold colors kitchen laminates

You can introduce two color combinations for kitchen laminates to add vibrancy and a zing to the kitchen space. Combine two or more different colors on kitchen drawers and cabinets. Choose shades that counterbalance others effectively – perhaps a deeper shade, like the yellow here, for a bit of pep and the white to keep the space looking open and bright. The grey touch adds depth to the whole scheme.

3. Pastels Shaded Kitchen Laminates 

pastel shades kitchen laminates

Lighter shades are always comforting and very familiar to the eye since it is found just about everywhere in nature! Pastel shades give an airy feel to the kitchen. Pastel green combined with whispering yellow work wonders as a laminate combination in this soft, almost exquisite kitchen. The discreet, subtle matte textures enhance the peaceful palette.

4. Combo of Black, White & Red

black red and white combination for kitchen laminates

Black and red is a kitchen laminate combination that never shies away from every designer’s look book! Strong and impactful, this is a confident mixture of shades that always adds a dramatic element to the kitchen. Cooking as an art is dramatic after all! And you can never go wrong with red and black for modular kitchen laminate colors

5. Contrast of Black and White Color Kitchen Cabinets

black and white kitchen laminates

Life isn’t black and white but your kitchen can be. The timeless beauty of black and white is elevated to a whole new level in this modular kitchen laminate design that puts the beauty of matte-finish laminates to good use. Black and white create a strange dreamscape that colors never can. A theme that definitely makes the case for a classic monochrome palette! 

6. Wooden Kitchen Cabinets design

wooden kitchen laminates

The kitchen is the most important source of energy, wooden laminate design for the kitchen cabinets and furniture bring in an earthy feel. It highlights the crucial parts and enhances the overall attractiveness.

7. Sunset Hues

Sunset Hues combination for kitchen laminates

Light coloured laminates with contrasting dark colored tiles can augment the overall game to a notch above. The perfect combination is yellow coloured sun mica paired with red colored furniture bringing in sunset vibes right in your kitchen.

8. Sapphire Blue Color for Kitchen Laminates

sapphire blue kitchen laminates

Blue among all the kitchen laminate colors maintains its character in all its shades. A blue color combination for kitchen laminates brings in a sea of tranquillity by matching perfectly with the blue walls and lighting. Besides signifying water, an integral element of nature, the blue laminate texture is soothing for the eyes.

9. Kitchen Cabinets with Cherry & White Wine Color

cherry and white wine colored kitchen laminates

Glossy maroon and white kitchen cabinets sit pretty when paired with white. Red and white is the most trusted combination that adds every bit of colour to your kitchen.

10. Baby Pink Tinged With White

baby pink and white combination for kitchen laminates

Silken champagne cabinets do wonders against a backdrop of bubble-gum pink in this trendy kitchen. The designer has used vivid red in the chairs in the prominence and added a pop of colour that compensates the undertones of the pink.

11. White & Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

white and wooden combination for kitchen laminates

Minimalism often works great for laminate design. You just can’t go wrong with this combination that contrasts the warmth of natural wood color laminate against the cool elegance of white. This combination creates a space that looks very modern and yet has a classic approach. Experiment with dark and light wooden colours until you find a combination that works for your kitchen laminate design.

12. Blend of Smoky Grey and Vibrant Red

smoky grey and vibrant red combination for kitchen laminates

A neutral shade that adapts to any colour combination, grey is definitely the new black this year! Smokey grey and post office red is an incredible combination, made even more so against the oak wood table in this modern wardrobe laminates.

13. A Pocketful of Sunshine

yellow color combination for kitchen laminates

Citrus yellow is a mid-tone, muted, glowing firefly and a perfect laminate for a kitchen. Splash some sunshine on your cabinets for eye-popping flair, and then pair it with deeper toned woods or white trim. A combination that always works!

14. Burgundy With A Style

Use a vibrant shade of burgundy that glorifies your kitchen in the most sensuous way. Balance out the strong backdrop with subtle worktops. It creates energy as well as warmth.

15. Kitchen Cabinets Design for Nature Lovers

kitchen laminates designs

Green embodies a sense of renewal and growth and there’s nothing like the touch of green to lower stress levels and indulge in a sense of calm. The freshness of soft green offers a sense of balance to the pop of white in this kitchen. Ground the look with the checkered floor.

16. Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue combination kitchen laminates

Set the vibe of pristine beaches and the deep seas, with this classic colour combination of blue and white that sets the perfect charm to this two-tone kitchen.

Kitchens are the focal point of the home and you definitely don’t want it to be a boring one. Color plays a huge role in kitchen laminate design. All said and done, pick a color for your designer laminates that blends well with the overall aesthetics and resonates with your sense of style.