9 Easy Children’s Day Celebration and Activities Ideas in 2024

Published On: Nov 7, 2022

We are celebrating kids this month! Get inspired by our Children’s Day celebration ideas for a fun-filled play date. 

Children’s Day in India is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of our first beloved Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly known as ‘Chacha Nehru’. The occasion is marked with great splendour on a national level to promote the welfare of children. Jawaharlal Nehru has left behind a legacy of education for the children of India by establishing some of the most prominent educational institutions in the country. 

There are loads of cultural events organised by schools all over the country on Children's Day, keeping in mind the interests of children of different age groups. With Children’s Day celebration ideas, engage your kids in activities and games to make a memorable one.

Indoor Theme Decoration Ideas for Children’s Day Program

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Children's Day celebration ideas are incomplete without decorating the room with your kid's favourite theme. Whether a jungle safari, space world, or Marvel Avengers theme, all you need is creative thinking and the designer's eye to transform your child’s room into a world of inspiration. The theme and the colour should resonate with their interests when decorating their room. Add quirky elements like these astronaut ceiling lamps to bring the kid’s room to life. 

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Creative Children's Day Activities

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Children’s Day is around the corner, so we bring you some creative craft ideas to keep the kids engaged. From trying your hand at origami for wall hangings to creating pencil cases for a clutter-free desk, there's something for every child. Restock the arts and crafts kit and grab empty jars or tin cans to unleash their creativity. The fun lies in learning the craft and making new memories with these Children's Day activities. Brighten and personalise your child’s bedroom with these adorable wall hangings. 

Children’s Day Activities – Wall Decorations

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If your kids love geometric shapes or bright colours, this rainbow confetti wall is the perfect idea for Children's Day activities at home. Murals are adored by kids, creating a lively vibe in the room. Moreover, indulge your kids by letting them choose their favourite shades to design their dream space that will induce a stimulating environment. Here, the bright walls are best juxtaposed with simple flooring to balance and open up the room. 

Painting – Children's Day Activities at Home

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Most kids love to paint. Why not make it a fun art event for Children's Day at home? From handpainted spring jars to animal handprints or DIY greeting cards, these events become a timeless memory. Further, decorate your little Picasso's paintings as wall art in their room with pinboards. It adds a welcome feeling and a personalised touch to the room.

Movie Date – Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

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Need affordable DIY Children's Day program ideas? This homemade tent that is a brilliant way to recycle old materials to create a personal nook. Add some comfy cushions and blankets to tie the look together. Save it for that perfect sunny day for a play date to enjoy a bit of shade and fresh air. Alternatively, you may recreate a movie date in their room and decorate it with a string of fairy lights for an added magical effect. Popcorn? Check. Comfy Space? Check. Disney/Aveneger movie? Check!

Lighting Ideas for Children's Day Program

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A unique way to execute Children's Day celebration ideas is to add a pop of colour to your kids room with custom neon lights for an added charm. They can be used as night wall lamps for your tiny tots to drift off to dreamland. You can surprise them with their initials or names creating quintessential bedroom design. Crafted with soft glow, it adds a perfect touch of sparkle for a good night's sleep. 

DIY Children’s Day Competition Ideas

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To mark Children's Day, gather all the kids with cool paper craft ideas to let their imaginations run wild. These colourful paper plate crafts feature adorable animals, fantastic flowers, and nature-inspired themes, making a fun addition to the learning activities.  

Further, add it to a frame or canvas to hang in your child’s room as a wall decor and enhance the appeal of the living space. These paper plate crafts can be hung in classrooms for Children’s Day celebrations in school.

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Room Decor Ideas for Children’s Day Event

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Another great idea to celebrate Children's Day is to create an attractive and organised storage space by inducing small shelves, square cabinets and a bookshelf in your kid's room. It enhances the appearance while adding dimension to the room.

How about a personalised bookshelf for your little reader? They are available in a wide range of designs, including a zig-zag-inspired variant, a staircase bookshelf, or a classic ladder style, so choose a style that blends in with their taste and room decor.  

Fun Flooring Ideas for Children's Day Program

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Are you looking for online Children’s Day game ideas? There's plenty to explore, from adding a hopscotch patch on the floor to a twister mat. You can choose playhouse rugs featuring activities like roads, tracks and games to keep the kids entertained. These rugs serve recreational and educational purposes and enthusiastic kids by becoming the focal point in the living space.

Children's Day Celebration in School

A day marking the welfare of childhood, Children's Day celebrations at schools and educational institutions involve numerous activities and events such as grand fiesta. Excitement and enjoyment lie ahead for kids at school by teachers organising different cultural programs, picnics and tours for their beloved students. 

  • Select the Children’s day activities based on the yearly themes like environment or healthy living and let students participate in them, learning about the plants and natural materials importance in our lives. 
  • Host a talent show for Children's day celebrations at school to showcase their personality. Let them volunteer in groups or individually and share their stories or expertise about what makes them unique. 
  • Plan the trips and treats for Children’s Day celebration ideas, and take them to museums or zoos for a fun learning experience.

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Indoor Children’s Day Program Ideas

Children's Day isn't all about parties and outings, you can recreate the magic at home by planning activities for kids and making it a memorable day for them. So, here are some of the fun ways you can make this Children’s Day celebration idea special for your little one with simple gestures that bring cheerfulness to their faces. 

  • Plan a treasure hunt event for Children's Day to celebrate the occasion, and hide gifts around your house. Prompt them with encouraging cheers and leaves clues all over to spike over the adventure. 
  • Organize dress-up Children's Day celebrations at home, and engage the kids to enact a play, dance, or mimic their favourite characters. This Children's Day activity idea harbours the creative talent of your kids and boosts their confidence.
  • With Children's Day celebration ideas, get their creative juices flowing with these fun arts and crafts activities. From paper pinwheels to colorful masks, origami bookmarks and ice cream cones. 
  • Let your kid indulge in baking a cake as a part of Children's Day activity at home. Buy all the ingredients, select their favourite flavour, and assist them in decorating the trinkets. 

Make it Unique!

Whether at school or home, choose intriguing and engaging activities for the kids filled with fun, excitement, and creativity. So, go ahead and surprise your kids with these Children’s Day celebration ideas and form precious memories to cherish in the years to come! For more home design ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    What is the purpose of celebrating Children’s Day?

    Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November in honour to mark the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This day is a reflection of his love and adoration for kids.

    What are some Children's Day Activity ideas?

    Simple art and craft ideas for Children’s Day to engage your kids and add intrigue in the space are as follows:

    1. Colourful paper pinwheel
    2. Creative paper plate mask 
    3. Pistachio shell photo frame
    4. Origami bookmark for little readers
    5. Paper ice cream cones for outdoor decoration
    6. Flying rockets for space theme
    7. Flower wall hangings
    How do you celebrate Children's Day in your school?

    Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Hence, every school and educational institution must celebrate this day with enthusiasm and grandeur. Teachers organise events and picnics such as singing, dancing, painting, drawing, quizzes, storytelling, elocution, fancy dress, etc.

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