Unique Children's Day Theme Ideas for School and Home to Make This Event More Memorable

Published On: Nov 8, 2022

Children’s Day is one of the most memorable days for kids. This is their chance to make lifelong memories with their friends. As a parent or teacher, you would want to make the most out of this day and throw a memorable Children’s Day party. The changing times have led to a plethora of Children’s Day themes that you can choose for parties. These themes are easy to plan even if you have been busy the whole day. Cheer up, because we’re here to cater for you with the best ideas for Children’s Day theme parties.

Home Decor Ideas for Children's Day Party

Throwing an in-house Children's Day gathering is a great way to make your kids feel amused. Give them a break from everyday life and let them enjoy with their friends in the house. Here are some of the best Children's Day theme ideas that can you execute within the four walls of your home. 

Ice-Cream Cone DecorChildren’s Day Theme Ideas

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Make this Children's Day party fun and divergent for your kids and their friends. Go for decorating your home with ice-cream cones making the kids curious about various flavours. Ice-creams are refreshing and can make the Children's Day theme exciting. Practise decorating with numbers and abundant colours. Be sure to add the touch of The Ice Cream Song to whip up the party room. Along with the Children's Day theme, also add various flavours of ice-creams and sprinklers for the kids to satisfy their appetite.  

Animal-Themed Backdrop – Children’s Day Party Theme Ideas

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Be it creepy crawlers or wild carnivores, children are inquisitive about animals. What could be better than executing an animal-themed backdrop party idea? This theme allows you to go for numerous Children's Day backdrop ideas for the party. Go for backdrops defining the movements of animals or the lion kingdom. Accompany it with animal masks to add the touch of 'Welcome to Jungle' through the decorations. Plan the food table with animal-styled food plates and napkins. This will surely excite the little munchkins to enjoy themselves to their fullest.  

Comic Book Balloon Theme – Children’s Day Party Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Kids love comic books and are inspired by their characters. Opting for comic characters and balloons that look over your kids will be the party of a lifetime. Put together a fun-loving environment by cutting out masks. Make it more special for the kids by adding a Children's Day backdrop with posters of various characters. Add balloons and cut-outs to fill up the gaps. Make sure to decorate the table with their favourite desserts. The little superheroes are sure to work up their appetite while enjoying. 

Outdoor Children's Day Party Decor

Outdoor ideas for Children's Day functions give you a plethora of space and options to choose from. But settling on something that is fun and intriguing is tough. So, here are the top outdoor Children's Day theme ideas to go for in 2024. 

Water Play Children's Party Idea

Source: Pinterest

Playing in water is simply one of the most joyous moments of a kid’s life. And throwing them a party with water plays is the best idea for this Children's Day. Planning is essential to curate a water-themed party so that all kids in. So, you can take the help of your kid to know their favourite water games. It is not important to have a pool, instead, you can set up a small tub for the fun. Get the kids' heads on with water balloons, a change of clothes and some fun music to let them dance their hearts out. Do not forget to add crispy, crunchy and tasty snacks to let them fill in their tummies. 

Market Place Children's Day Theme

Source: Pinterest

Kids are fond of fake paper currencies and this will help you to get started with a backdrop for children’s day party. Plan vibrant marketplace themes with multiple stalls. Give them fake currencies and let them shop for different items. You can make it more alluring with plant shops and food stalls. Make kids buy plants for the home and teach them how to take care of them. The marketplace Children's Day backdrop can help the kids to learn and enjoy real-life instances simultaneously.   

Camping & Dancing Celebration Plan

Source: Pinterest

Camping and dancing never go out of style. And as one of the ideas for Children's Day, parents can go for this theme. The camping-themed party will let the kids have fun along with making some classic memories. And the best part about this party theme is that it is a cost-effective way of enjoying the day. Go out with kids and let your camp out under the sky full of stars. Make sure to take their favourite snacks. Roast some marshmallows on the bonfire and connect with them.

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School Children's Day Decoration Ideas

School celebrations mean a lot to kids and especially during Children's Day. It helps them to live the moment when they're being acknowledged. Teachers can make this a memorable day for the kids with these Children's Day theme ideas in 2024. 

Treasure Hunt Children's Day Party

Treasure hunt is a great way to give a start to school's backdrop for Children's Day. It enables the kids to enhance their adventurous and curious nature. The teachers can simply set out treasure hunts in the whole school and give the kids clues to find the. To make it more exciting, they can also add an activity with each clue. The kids will love the treasure-hunt-themed celebration. Plan an exciting gift afterwards to let the kids treasure their special day.

Mexican Style Pié±ata Theme Fun

Source: Pinterest

Pié±ata is a Mexican-styled theme decor piece filled with toys and chocolates. This Children's Day, make pié±atas and add yummy treats loved by the kids. Play games and let the winner break the pié±ata. Help the kids to break it if they fail to do so. Reward them with gifts and see their eyes light up with fun and excitement.

Costume Party Celebration Idea

Costume party is fun. And since the party is solely dedicated to kids, nothing can beat their enthusiasm to wake up and wear their favourite costume to school. This backdrop for Children's Day is creative. The kids get to wear and be like their favourite superheroes, cartoons and more. The teachers can plan food, dances, and other fun activities. Remember to add Children's Day favours for the kids. 

What Else Can You Look For?

Apart from these, you can also go for pizza party themes, take them out to the planetarium or bowling. Going hiking or opting for their favourite movie marathon will also make this day special for them.

Apart from planning a party according to Children's Day theme ideas, you can make it special by adding other elements. Make the party special with their favourite foods or by playing their favourite music. Make the party intriguing by inviting their friends. For more interesting decor ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    How can I craft a Children’s Day party theme?

    You can craft a Children’s Day party by making it theme specific like an animal, fairy, comic characters, etc. You can also make it special by making their favourite food items.

    What should I do as a parent on Children’s Day?

    As a parent, explain to your kids what Children’s Day means and why it is celebrated. Take them out to enjoy themselves and let them have a break.

    What gifts to give kids on Children’s Day?

    Chocolate boxes, piggy banks, comic books, video games, potted plants, cartoon wristwatches, and stationery items are the best choice to gift kids on Children’s Day.

    What is the Children’s Day motto in 2024?

    ‘Equality and Inclusion for Every Child’ is the Children’s Day motto for 2024 by UNICEF.

    How can I make Children’s Day special?

    Make Children’s Day special for kids by attending special events, going out on picnics, throwing them parties, camping, or by going out to dinners.

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