Easy Children’s Day Board Decoration Ideas for School in 2024

Published On: Nov 7, 2022

It’s no surprise that a well-decorated classroom invites the kids with open arms. It can leave a positive impact on the children making it an ideal space to learn. As kids, we all have experienced special decorations and attention towards our entertainment and happiness on Children's Day in school. It used to be a special day of celebrations, programs and chocolates. Entering beautifully decorated classrooms in the morning is one thing to always remember!

Let's skim through some creative board decoration ideas for Children's Day to make the day special for the kids who make the world a better place.

Bulletin Board Decorations

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Utilising the best school-provided entities, like bulletin boards are a great way of decorating the classroom. Choose a project, art and craft that you want to display on the board, and make it a space of visual appeal.  If you have a large classroom, you can also opt for two or even three bulletin boards rather than having a large one.

There are several ideas for Children’s Day Board Decoration Ideas, either it can be generic or it can also be day or season specific. 

Season-specific Board Decorations

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A season-specific classroom board can be changed invariably. This board showcases a beautiful display of the fall season. You may incorporate such Children’s Day Board decoration ideas if you want to welcome your students to a welcoming classroom. For example, an appreciation section on the board so that each student feels special and appreciative. As the winter arrives, the board can have decorations related to snow, Christmas or even activities one would indulge in during vacations.

Neutral Notice Board Decoration 

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Neutral decorations don't have any specific theme but they generally have decorations that are more generic and can be utilised any time of the year! Opt for either a gallery of student pictures or an event. This Children’s Day board decoration idea is suitable for any class with pictures of all students. Choose a beautiful quote that will tie the whole decoration together. 

Student’s Work

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One of the best ways to decorate the classroom on Children's Day is by displaying the projects or artwork of the talented students. This Children’s Day board decoration idea will give the little tots a sense of pride and victory. This idea can also help create a positive and compelling learning atmosphere. One can use several mediums to display students' work on walls or soft boards.

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Happy Quotes

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Decorate the classroom with some inspirational quotes for the kids to seek encouragement. You can either print out the quotes, buy some posters or they can even be hand drawn for a personal touch. Create a theme with the quotes or gather some famous ones that can be hung or pasted on the board.

Student Name Garlands

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Isn't this idea super cute for a classroom? All you have to do is cut out some bulb shapes from coloured paper and write each letter of the student’s name on it. Attach these bulbs to twine or rope to make a beautiful garland. Hang the garlands from the ceiling to create an enthralling atmosphere.

Classroom Themes Bulletin Board Ideas

There are several themes that you can choose to decorate the classroom; this doesn't mean you have to go overboard with your choices. These themes can be seasonal, which is an easy choice like summer, fall or winter. Few simple decorations can do the magic, just choose the right theme that will fit the class aesthetic. 

Photo Booth

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Photo booths are a modern way of engaging people of any age group. With the increasing popularity of electronics, we think kids would love to get a picture clicked. Choose something like this motivational quote on a hot air balloon(which is also easy to make) or choose a cute out of a popular cartoon. 

Another creative idea for Children's Day would be to click a polaroid picture of the kids on the phone booth to give them a little something to remember from the beautiful day. 

Wall Posters

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Wall posters are another common yet creative idea for Children's Day to add some wittiness with some effort to the walls. These posters can consist of art, cartoons, class rules or some pictures of motivational speakers and leaders of the country. Order some online or make some to execute this interesting Children’s Day Board decoration idea. 

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Funky Curtains

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Spruce the space up with some extra pizazz on your windows with these rainbow bucket creative ideas for Children's Day. Who said you can only make use of the bulletin and soft boards for decoration? Explore the arena and make use of every corner. This is a funky idea that also involves a little creativity and some waste materials that can be put to use in making something extraordinary. 

Grab some different coloured wrapping paper, tulle or tissue paper and some cans or containers. Hang the containers on the window sill and then paste the paper to the end of each can to make the idea of spilling paint. 

Classroom Supplies

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This is a simple idea for this Children's Day that does not require a lot of work but just an idea of what your students might want on their desks. 

Why decorate the classroom? You can bring the kids some supplies that will help make their every day a little colourful. Choose some colours, pens, pencils, glue and some desk buddies for them. This will also come in handy when your students forget their supplies or when they remember they need art supplies at 10 pm at night. 

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Celebrating Children's Day at school has been a special time, now this is the time to make it celebratory for your children. With these Children’s Day board decoration ideas create a space for your children to learn, play and thrive in. Log on to https://www.interiorcompany.com and get more Children's Day decoration ideas now!


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    Is Children's Day a national holiday?

    Children’s day is celebrated on 14 November annually as a tribute to former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

    Why is Children's Day important?

    Children’s day is celebrated on 14 November in India which also marks the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru or commonly known as Chacha Nehru by children. The day is celebrated in order to honour the former leader and his love for children by giving them affection, love and attention.

    What activities can you do on Children’s day?

    Make children’s day a memorable time for the kids by involving them in several activities especially aligned for them. Trying to hold an arts and crafts session or a game of musical chairs can also keep the kids entertained.