Creative Children’s Day Decoration Ideas 2024 for Home and Preschool

Published On: Nov 7, 2022

“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”- Jawaharlal Nehru

Between all the festivities and holidays in November, Children's Day is the occasion to commemorate the wonder and joy the kids bring into our lives. Initially, Children's Day was celebrated on 20th November each year to promote the togetherness, awareness and welfare of children worldwide. However, in India, Children's Day is celebrated on 14th November in honour to mark the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This day is a reflection of his love and adoration for kids.

Celebrate this day and design a fun-filled dreaming space for your little one. Read this blog below and get inspired by our Children’s Day decoration ideas. 

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If you have got your children's artwork piled up in drawers, this is the time to pick them up for Children’s Day decoration ideas and frame them to showcase these sprightly works and discover the happiness on their faces. For a modern look, stick to the neutral palette and a singular frame style. 

Make it a seamless flow with large and small frames that creates a visual appearance. DIY art gallery Children's Day craft ideas like these imbue a strong style statement and add a personalised touch. 

Make a Fun Zone with a Tent

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Give your child's imagination wings and encourage them by creating a section in the room to inculcate their passions. Add a dash of privacy and quirky elements with the Children's Day decorating ideas where they can express themselves. 

Teepees are all the rage these days that create a fun and personal nook for your little one. Place them smartly and fill them with your kid's favourite items, toys and books. Make sure to decorate their new den with a string of fairy lights for an added magical effect. Besides enhancing the decor, such Children's Day decoration ideas will encourage some me time.

DIY Craft Paper Ideas 

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While designing the kid’s room, create a distinctive style that resonates with their personality and adds visual appeal. Make a fun DIY wall decor with these colourful and bright paper Children’s Day craft ideas that add a refreshing vibe to your kid’s room. Turn it into a group activity and teach your kids some teamwork and appreciate the little artist in them. The cutting and folding techniques used in making paper flowers help in enhancing cognitive skills and spark creativity. 

Further, allow them to choose vibrant colours that stimulate and motivate your child. This is an amazing Children's Day craft idea that can be used to decorate homes.

Children's Day Decorations with Balloons

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Coming up with Children's Day decorating ideas for your toddler's room is a lot of fun! Just imagine the delight on your toddler's face when they wake up in the morning and see their room decked up with colourful balloons for Children's Day decoration. Try pairing lighting with sparkling effects to accentuate the space. Moreover, you can also use Chinese lanterns to make hot air balloons as paper Children’s Day craft ideas and add charm to the decor. 

Lighting Ideas Children's Day Decoration

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Is your tiny tot afraid of the dark? Choose conventional wall night lamps for pleasant dreams. From bunny night lights to a suspended cloud and moon glowing from within, these free-standing night lamps cast a soft glow to drift off to dreamland. 

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Another brilliant Children's Day decorating idea is to induce magical string lights that create an appealing atmosphere and make your little one feel like they just stepped into a fairytale. 

You can also make your light-up fairy jars for your kids this Children's Day, indulge them in this activity and see how creative ideas they bring to the table. 

Materials Required:

  • Mason jars 
  • Fairy LED lights
  • Pretty pebbles, rocks or stones
  • Faux flowers, feathers, tiny pinecones, seashells etc.
  • Glue

Peel and Stick Wall Decals

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Want to educate your child with decor that is both creative and informative? Then, incorporate these adorable alphabetical wall decals that pique a child's interest in the living space. These customised wall art designs for Children's Day decoration ideas revamp the bedroom and enhance its appeal. 

Infusing enlivening ideas in your kids' bedrooms create energetic and interesting spaces. This decor element comes with easy application and is more cost-effective than paints and wallpapers based on their latest interest.

Blackboard Paint Wall Design

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This Children's Day, bestow your kids the freedom to scribble on the walls and let their imaginations run wild. Consider a chalkboard paint wall as a backdrop to add a little art corner at home. These Children's Day decoration ideas make for refreshing wall art and come with easy maintenance. 

The activities that can be done on this DIY chalkboard wall will keep them engaged and create a productive environment. Create an art theme scene inspired by fairytales or space science that enhances the decor and brings in an enchanted vibe.

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Storage Solutions

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Getting a kid's room organised is a daunting task. The oversized toy boxes provide storage space for the toys, books, and other trinkets whilst adding a decorative accent. Add creative toy storage crates to your child’s room and bring a delightful charm to your kid's bedroom. 

Recycle the old wooden containers or cardboard boxes and cover them with coloured papers, or use spray paint for Children's Day decorating ideas and create an attractive and organized space. Moreover, you can stick adorable prints or paint the letters for an enticing look. These are easy to carry, durable and can be stored in shelving units for a clutter-free designed room. 

Celebrate Fun Day!

We hope these Children’s Day decorating ideas for your kid’s bedroom will create a visually pleasing environment. Every child is unique, so try to choose a design that captures their personality and looks appealing. For more kid’s room design ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    How can I decorate a kid’s bedroom on a budget for Children’s Day decoration ideas?

    If you have a strict budget but you need to celebrate for your little one, here are some great kid’s Children’s Day decorating ideas:

    1. Kids wall art
    2. DIY projects
    3. Unique kid’s bedroom wall paint design ideas
    4. Pinup board or bookshelves for their creative minds
    5. Teepee tents for a private and fun zone
    6. Decorative Art photo gallery
    What are some easy bedroom themes for Children’s Day decoration?

    There are so many innovative themes to spruce up your kid’s room and add aesthetics to the living space.

    1. Nature-related theme- jungle safari or mountains
    2. Favourite Cartoon theme
    3. Space and stars theme for little astronauts.
    4. Chalkboard paint ideas for artistic minds
    5. Neutral and minimalistic designs for toddlers
    6. Quirky Wall Murals
    7. Inspirational quotes
    What are some Children's Day craft ideas?

    Simple art and craft Ideas for Children’s Day to engage your kids and add intrigue in the space are as follows:

    1. Colourful Paper Pinwheel
    2. Creative Paper Plate Mask 
    3. Pistachio Shell Photo Frame
    4. Origami Bookmark for little readers
    5. Paper Ice Cream Cones for outdoor decoration
    6. Flying Rockets for space theme
    7. Flower wall Hangings