21 Kitchen Colour Ideas to Revamp Your Space

Updated On: May 17, 2024
Our kitchen is the heart of the home, a place to host different activities from everyday breakfasts to dinner parties. Thus, you must be cautious when choosing kitchen paint colours. The right kitchen wall colour ideas can help establish an atmosphere without overwhelming the space. Opting for simple kitchen colours is prudent unless you are okay with repainting frequently.

Different design styles, such as modern farmhouses, maximalism, minimalism, and industrial, each demand a unique colour palette. But you can venture beyond the basics to give your kitchen a look that reflects your personality. White is standard for its brightening and neutral appeal, but sage green and navy blue are close contenders. But these are not the only options. So, explore our curated list of 21 good paint colours for the kitchen.

White – A Canvas of Simplicity

White Colour for Kitchen - A Canvas Of Simplicity

A neutral white colour for the kitchen is timeless. White is a versatile shade and can make your kitchen look inspired by a Vogue magazine. Opting for a white minimalist design scheme with elegant cabinetry and clean lines can make your space look airy. Further, you can amplify the visual appeal with a warmer off-white through natural woods and accessories around the kitchen.

Navy Blue Kitchen Paint Colors - Dive Into Timeless Sophistication

A navy blue kitchen exudes a royal appeal and looks glamorous by itself. But you can beautify modular kitchen colour design with mahogany, natural stone, and bronze material across the space.

Pink: Unleash Vibrancy

Pink Kitchen Wall Colors - Unleash Vibrancy

Startling pink may look overwhelming in large kitchens, but it is ideal if you have a smaller space. Pink is one of the best kitchen room colour ideas for smaller kitchens.

Pink makes a space look cosy, elegant, and inviting. Go for lighter shades rather than dark ones to ensure it is bright and easy on the eyes.

Green: Breathe Life into the Kitchen

Green Kitchen Color Ideas - Breathe Into Life

Green is a popular colour in Feng Shui and is associated with growth. It is also considered a hue for evolution, strength, and stability. Including green in our kitchen makes it look lively and close to nature.

However, when you use green as the home kitchen colour, balance it with a neutral colour, like white or earth tones. Kitchen pots, utensils, furniture, appliances, pans, and green stripes along the kitchen walls give you multiple ways to include green in the room.

Remember, the idea is to achieve a balance. You do not want to paint the whole area green. You can paint one wall, a cabinet, or an element green and balance the rest with neutrals.

Bright Yellow: Illuminate with Brightness

Bright Yellow Kitchen Wall Colors - Illuminate With Brightness

The overhead bright yellow camouflages a low ceiling. It is the best colour for the kitchen if you aspire to make your smaller space look bigger.

If happy and bright is your jam, adding yellow to your kitchen space is the way to go. You can also add yellow cutlery, table cloth, etc. if you do want to go all the way with yellow walls and cabinets.

Green + Gold: Symphony of Elegance

Green and Gold Kitchen Colour Design - Symphony Of Elegance

Green is one of the cool kitchen paint colours. Add green and then elevate it with gold accessories, such as faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware. Their shiny finish helps reflect light and adds some sheen to the room.

Yellow and Orange: Adding to the Sunny Warmth

Yellow and Orange Kitchen Room Colour Design - Adding To The Sunny Warmth

Shades of yellow or orange add harmony and warmth to the kitchen. These trendy modern kitchen wall colours give an intimate and cosy feeling. These colours make people calm and comfortable. Moreover, orange and yellow are linked to the fire in Feng Shui, a crucial component in the kitchen.

Light Grey: Subtle Sophistication

Light Grey - Good Kitchen Colors

Light grey is one of the understated parts of kitchen colour ideas. So, when you opt for this hue, it adds a touch of elegance without overpowering it. It can be the perfect colour for any kitchen size and kind, making it a versatile option.

White + Black + Blonde Wood: Modern Simplicity, Timeless Warmth

Modern White, Black and Blonde Wood Kitchen Wall Colors - Simplicity, Timeless Warmth

The trio is a classic yet contemporary kitchen interior design colour combination. It looks timeless with bold floor tiles, a warm wood island, and chic black cabinets. Anchoring the space, the distressed blonde wood finish grounds the kitchen colour scheme with high contrast. Further, achieve continuity with marble countertops and white-tiled walls. Add a touch of brightness to the dark cabinet paint colour, cabinet hardware, and brass fixtures to give it a gleaming effect.

Black: Elegance at its Best

Black Kitchen Paint Colours for Walls - Elegance At Its Best

A beautifully executed black kitchen colour design idea looks organised and clean. Moreover, when you add black to the kitchen, it opens up a plethora of options to include complimentary colour combinations (like gold or white) or elevate the room with chic metalwork. Moody but bold in expression, black is always impactful.

Red: Burst of Passion

Red- Best Color for Kitchen Walls

Red is an excellent kitchen wall painting design to uplift a darker space sans enough natural light. Teaming your red walls or red cabinetry with raw materials, like stone and natural wood, can offset the probability of red appearing gaudy or too bright.

Dark Blue + Light Blue: Depths of Serenity, Skies of Tranquility

Dark Blue and Light Blue Kitchen Paint Ideas - Depths Of Serenity, Skies Of Tranquility

Are you looking for modular kitchen colour ideas that give the space a timeless appeal? Consider mixing a few shades of blue. You can begin with a lighter shade for elements like backsplash, walls, or cabinets. Further, introduce darker or bright kitchen wall colours through dishware, seating, window treatments, or rugs. While doing so, please ensure all the blues have a similar undertone to prevent clashing.

Brown: Earthy Elegance

Brown Kitchen Color Design Ideas - Earthy Elegance

A warming but rich brown makes for the best colour for kitchen walls. Brown is easy to mix, provided you have uniformity in your finishes, keeping the rougher raw finishes and lacquered wood distinct. Incorporating milky white marble can be an excellent companion.

Orange: Igniting Spaces with Warm Energy

Orange Kitchen Wall Paint Ideas - Igniting Spaces With Warm Energy

Terracotta or orange are the latest kitchen colours. They add warmth to the space and make the area look cosy. Elevate it with earthy tones to give the kitchen an organic feel.

Classic Cream: Timeless Elegance

Classic Cream Kitchen Room Color Ideas - Timeless Elegance

Light kitchen colours, especially classic cream, are not the most sought-after when revamping a kitchen space. Beautiful and versatile, the cream is more forgiving than pure white. It has a warmer undertone that you can complement with rich metallics, like the hanging copper ports in the picture. Incorporating wooden cabinets ties up the whole area.

Dark Grey + Green: Blending Urban Chic with Serenity

Dark Grey and Green Kitchen Wall Painting Design - Blending Urban Chic With Serenity

Mixing stormy and dark grey with refreshing lime can give your room a contemporary vibe. These modern kitchen wall colours can make the space look balanced but poppy. Use grey on permanent elements and green on swappable accents like countertop accessories, tiles, artwork, rugs, or island stools.

They are both good kitchen colours, but to ensure they do not make the space overly gloomy, balance them with hints of white, yellow, or green on the backsplash, walls, or cabinetry.

Blue-Grey: Tranquility Meets Timeless Sophistication

Blue-Grey - Trendy Modern Kitchen Wall Colors

Blue-grey kitchen wall colours make the space look elegant. It may not be as bold as black or bright colours or as wacky as the pastels, but it is suitable when contrasting kitchen room colours are employed in the apt proportion.

Stainless Steel + Citron + Black: Symphony of Modern, Vibrant, and Chic

Stainless Steel, Citron and Black Kitchen Interior Design Color - Symphony of Modern, Vibrant, And Chic

Mixing green and yellow gives a high-energy citron, one of the most popular kitchen colours, for a bold statement. The citron kitchen paint colours for the walls give the space a retro feel. Appliances and lower cabinets have stainless-steel fronts for a contemporary, sleek look. A black stone countertop anchors the room, and the grey ceiling adds a high sheen.

Lavender: Serenity at its Best

Lavender Kitchen Wall Colour Ideas - Serenity At Its Best

Are you bored with traditional kitchen paint colour ideas? Why not colour the kitchen lavender? It adds a flush of excitement to the kitchen without overpowering the aesthetics. This subdued, warm colour is ideal for both modern and standard kitchens.

Dove Grey + White + Icy Blue: Tranquility Infused with Elegance

Dove Grey, White and Icy Blue Kitchen Paint Color Ideas - Tranquility Infused With Elegance

Icy blue, white, and dove grey are excellent kitchen wall paint colour ideas. These colours add light to the room without overpowering it. Incorporating a white plank ceiling and cabinetry can make the kitchen look bigger.

Further, including a white marble slab works as a bold contrast with an icy blue colour for the kitchen island. Metal pulls on the drawers and cabinets add a glimmer to the room.

Peach Lacquer: Radiance into Refinement

Peach Lacquer- Good Paint Colors for Kitchen

The bluish peach/pink with deep aqua lacquered cabinets are great kitchen paint ideas for their reflective properties. These can make the space feel larger and more luxurious.

Cook in Style with these Kitchen Colour Ideas!

Elevate the ambience of your kitchen with these 21 captivating colour styles and ideas to cater to diverse design tastes. From soothing greens to timeless whites, lively oranges, and bold navy blues, this curated list offers inspiration for every style. So, employ these kitchen paint ideas and transform your space, creating a stylish and welcoming environment for yourself and your guests.

You can further explore the possibilities with our esteemed team at the Interior Company, your trusted partner for revamping spaces and bringing innovative designs to life.

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    Mention some factors I must know when picking a kitchen colour scheme?

    When deciding which colour is good for the kitchen, consider factors like:

    1. Kitchen size
    2. Current décor
    3. Natural light

    Go with kitchen wall paint ideas that reflect your style while amplifying the overall space.

    Can I use multiple colours in the kitchen without making it look too busy?

    Yes. You can add several colours to the kitchen to give it a dynamic look. However, please prefer a cohesive colour palette with a dominant shade followed by complementary accents to ensure it does not look cluttered.

    How to use colours to make my kitchen look bigger?

    Consider lighter colours like soft pastels, creams, or whites to make the kitchen look bigger. Further, following a consistent colour scheme across accessories, walls, and cabinets helps give an open and seamless appeal.

    Which are the timeless colour options that never go out of style?

    Neutral colours like grey, beige, and white are some timeless options.

    How to add a pop of colour to the kitchen sans a significant overhaul?

    Conduct minor updates like vibrant dishware, bold backsplash, or colourful kitchen accessories to introduce colour without a complete overhaul.

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