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Simple and Innovative Wall Display TV Showcase Designs for your Indian Style Living Room

Published On: Oct 08, 2021

Walls are believed to be the empty canvas that gives wings to your creativity to fly high and high. The way the walls are embellished not only lifts your mood but also creates spaces to define the look of the entire home. Wall showcase design forms an essential part in decorating the blank walls as well as making space to flaunt pretty items, place gadgets, or display items.

Living room Wall Showcase designs

The living room represents the entire home and also you tend to spend most of your time there. So it has to be elegantly designed with modern minimalist or psychedelic bright interiors, living room showcase design is an integral part of the interior.

1. Incorporate A Photographic Showcase Design:

simple living room decorative ideas

Photos always create memories and what is the best part of your home to have a living room showcase designed in a way to let you relive those memories. Photographs can be floating, free, or glass-encased, solitary frames, or a collage of pictures. But they will provide only reminisce, track passing by of time, reminders, or gather memories.

2. Hallway Showcases To Fit Your Style:

simple and innovative living room decor ideas

A sassy kind of wooden showcase design in the hall creates a statement with décor accents. A hallway can very well be designed to be an extension to the living room. Even a standalone with curios, wall sconces, paintings and photos can be used to design a wall showcase.

3. Showcase Designs for Living Room Wall Mounted:

living room decor ideas

Wall shelves design for living room or wall-mounted showcases are kinds of shelves or furniture that hang on walls and are not standing on their legs. There are a variety of styles and finishes that make these shelf designs for the hall. It can provide utilitarian use or can be completely closed. Outer doors can be simply designed as per the taste being modern or traditional styles.

4. Use The Indian Style Wall Showcase:

 Indian Style Wall Showcase

Wall showcase designs for living room Indian style come in a wide variety right from simple, elaborate, ordinary, or embellished. The standing showcase design be it small, tall, long, or heavy make a place in the most Indian-style traditional living room. They are popularly used for placing music systems, vases, keepsakes, photo frames, curios, or knick-knacks. This place is the altar to memories for the present, past, and future. These days the Indian style designs are combined with modern wall showcase design by making them more creative, inventive, and quirky. They can be molded out of MDF or wood, in a matte or gloss finish, and can be closed or open shelves design for the living room.

5. Install A Sleek Free Floating Wall Showcase Design:

Sleek Free Floating Wall Showcase

Horizontal or vertical floating showcases are the most trending home showcase designs in modern trends and interiors. The most appreciable feature of such showcase design for home is that they are fuss-free, simple and yet give an elegant look. One can adorn them with some showpieces for the living room or curios or photo frames. They are normally made out of lightweight metal or wood and provide enhanced sturdiness making space for imaginative displays or storage.

6. Incorporate A TV Showcase Design for Living Room

Minimalist tv showcase designs for the hall are a popular choice and highly trending for displaying gadgets and television. Bigger shelves and niches when designed for TV sets can also be used for placing books, knick-knacks, or gadgets. These wall showcase designs for the hall give a trendy modular look and are very popular. They are crafted with sturdiness to stack the gadgets from ceiling to the wall and various other appliances can also be easily placed. Such kind of simple showcase design only asks for sturdiness and is very low maintenance.

7. Have Open Shelves:

open shelves living room

The simple showcase designs for the hall can also be easily created with a wall recess and adding an exposed stone wall. The niche is beautifully filled by creating end-to-end open shelves to display your favourite artifacts.

8. Integrating TV Wall Showcase With A Partition:

Wall Showcase With A Partition

In modern urban places where you have less space and a lot of storage space is required, then you can create a showcase design for a drawing-room that can also be used as a partition for other areas of the home. These are so beautifully crafted that they can be simultaneously used as a storage place and displaying beautiful items and photo frames or vases and showpieces. This increases the elegance of the living room and utilizes the space comfortably and smartly.


A beautiful and creative showcase design for the hall makes the interior trendier and pleasant for any place. It poses a work of art and represents your mood and the endeavoured beauty of your home. One can play with finish and colors and at the same time install the unit that compliments the style, comfort, beauty, and elegance. The beautiful wall showcase designs let you display your knick-knacks and elevate the entire aesthetics of the décor of the living room.