Trendy New Couple Bedroom Designs in 2022

Published On: Sep 20, 2021

The bedroom holds a special place in one’s house. It is one of the most private spaces which should be calm, soothing, and cosy. A beautiful bedroom is a space where couples spend their most intimate moments away from the hustle-bustle of their daily lives. The bedroom design for couples should be aesthetically pleasing and provide comfort and an ambience to create memories. 

Here is a compilation of the 25 latest romantic, beautiful room designs for couples.

  • Classy All White Décor

Classy All White Décor

Go for a classic and serene all-white look for your bedroom. There are numerous shades of white available, and they all look different on the walls depending on the natural lighting and accents.

  • Minimalist Decor 

Minimalist Decor

Less is more! Keep the room clean and minimalistic with a light frame bed and matching neutral tone linens. This will make your bedroom look crisp, chic, and statement-making.

  • Reflective Finish

Reflective Finish

Metallic finishes for accessorising add class and elegance to the bedroom. Opt for wall artefacts, floor lamps, or table lamps with sheen finishes. You can also opt for high-shine gloss lacquer paint to get a sleek look to your bedroom.

  • Ambient Special Lighting

Ambient Special Lighting

Opt for beautiful floor lamps, pendant lights, or recessed lighting for artificial lighting in your bedroom. Ambient light also includes natural light through skylights and huge windows. It not only enhances the design but also adds charm and romance to rooms for couples.

  • Bed with Grand Headboard

    Bed with Grand Headboard

Opt for a bed with tufted padding at the headboard covered with upholstery or fabric of your choice with details like buttons, grommets, etc. It will not only provide comfort par excellence whether you are engaging in reading or binge-watching your favorite series together. 

  • Bedroom with Sitting Area

Bedroom with Sitting Area

Create a small living space in your bedroom where you can unwind or snuggle with your loved one other than the bed. Opt for a small love seat or a simple futon in the empty corner of your room for a romantic tet-e-tet

  • Canopy Style Bed

Canopy Style Bed

To introduce a sense of intimacy, add a canopy to your bed. Use a sheer fabric or plush linen draped on all the sides and over the top of the bed with curtain rods or wooden frames.

  • Vintage Bedroom Design for Couples

Vintage Bedroom Design for Couples

An old-fashioned yet stylish look for a beautiful bedroom is a perfect choice for married couples. A bed with a traditional headboard along and a custom-made vintage look dresser with a framed mirror add panache to the room. 

  • Rustic Charm Wooden Décor

Rustic Charm Wooden Décor

Nothing beats wood for warmth and extravagance. Be it a wooden false ceiling or plank natural wood flooring or wood bookshelf or a vintage wooden accent or a wooden platform bed, it will give an intimate edge to your bedroom. 

  • Mirror Decor for a Beautiful Bedroom

Mirror Decor for a Beautiful Bedroom

Mirrors are sure to add magnificence and magical effect to a couple’s bedroom. It also makes a room appear larger. Use the glass on the false ceiling or panel behind the headboard. A beautiful collage of different shapes of mirrors can create a nice accent wall. 

  • Evocative Artwork 

Evocative Artwork 

Invest in your choice of a stunning and appealing piece of art. Place it either directly over the head or on the wall opposite the bed. Go for a large piece like an abstract work or a beautiful landscape on canvas.

  • Decorative Rugs

Decorative Rugs

A rug can characterise the room, add warmth, and layer a room’s stylistic theme. They can also be put on the walls as decorative elements. It’s a great way to add colour and texture to your room apart from protecting your flooring.

  • Cool Blue Theme Bedroom

Cool Blue Theme Bedroom 

One of the most recommended colours to design the rooms for couples is blue. It is good for unwinding and serenity. It also aids a good night’s sleep.

  • Mixed Furniture Style

Mixed Furniture Style

Combine vintage items, antiques, and contemporary artefacts to decorate your beautiful room. This will give your room a timeless and nuanced feel. Go from a rocking chair to a white pendant light to vintage painted stools.

  • Monochrome Design

Monochrome Design 

A monochrome look can be calm and romantic at the same time. Use tints and shades of a single colour to decorate your room, add textures to create variations, and make it interesting.

  • Stylise with Sheer Curtains

Stylise with Sheer Curtains

Use semi-sheer curtains or drapes for bountiful sunlight to stream into the room when you wake up. Sheer drapes and gauzy curtains summon a feeling of ethereal sentiments.

  • Decorative Golden Accents

Decorative Golden Accents 

Introduce a touch of gold in the bedroom to give it a posh and rich look. Decorate with accent pieces or photos with golden frames or a beautiful golden centrepiece.

  • Blush Pink and Grey Decor

Blush Pink and Grey Decor

Add a touch of gorgeous blush pink in the form of fresh bloom, throw pillows, soft blanket to the grey tone of walls and furniture.

  • Green Love

Green Love

For a pristine environment and to add a touch of freshness, use indoor plants and plenty of florals. A low maintenance option is to use fresh eucalyptus leaves or fresh flowers.   

  • Open Spacious Bedroom

Open Spacious Bedroom

Merge the bedroom with the balcony or a patio. It leads to better ventilation, lighting, and a stunning view which can uplift the mood.

  • Modish Textured Walls

Modish Textured Walls

Make your bedroom into a romantic getaway using beautiful wallpapers or textured walls of the colour of your choice. Be it subtle florals, graphic patterns, soothing textures, or bold prints, and they make a statement. 

  • Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Bohemian Bedroom Decor

A boho décor is ideal for a small bedroom. Opt for a palette bed, plants, and earthy tone décor to spend some relaxing time with your partner. 

  • Soft but Stylish Bed Line

Soft but Stylish Bed Line

Avoid going into a debate over a floral duvet cover, instead opt for good quality, solid-coloured bed linens. Keep it serene and upscale by choosing different tones and textures.

  • Sconces for Bedside Wall Lamps

Sconces for Bedside Wall Lamps

To read your favorite book without disturbing your partner’s sleep, go for either wall sconces or a swing arm lamp on both sides of the bed.

  • Romantic Perfumes and Aromas

Romantic Perfumes and Aromas

Use essential oils, aromas, and diffusers to add to your chemistry. They also bring in therapeutic value.  

The choice of bedroom design for couple's perfect combination of style and functionality A couple should decide on the décor that suits both their styles and personal preferences. A couple’s bedroom should radiate romantic vibes.