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Beautiful Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for a Welcoming Treat

Published On: Nov 16, 2022

It's the season of holidays and unwarranted lethargy! Thanksgiving is that time of the year when families come together to bond over memories and traditions under one roof.  Being swamped with holiday responsibilities like snagging perfect gifts for your loved ones, planning and preparing the meals, and hosting the celebrations, doesn’t mean your home design has to take a backseat. There are infinite Thanksgiving decoration ideas that are effortlessly stylish and easy to adapt to the taste and style of your home.

From twirling up tablescape decor to delight all your dinner guests, making personalised place cards, to DIY eye-catching wall decorations, or stringing flower wreaths for your entrance, the following ideas can bring holiday glamour to your living space. Thanksgiving is celebrating the beauty of the fall season and sharing happiness with friends and family.

Get inspired to see how little touches can bring the warmth and zeal of the season to your home! 

Thanksgiving Crafts Decorations- Fall Wreath

Source: Pinterest

Decorating the front door is a wonderful way to welcome guests and spread holiday cheer in the surrounding environment. For festive and easy DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas, adorn your entrance or tabletop with a fall wreath that can bring artistic flair to your home. Pick the autumnal colours and design a simple wreath using acorns glued to a base ring. 

Further, add decorative objects like dried berries, pine cones, dried flowers, and cinnamon sticks that suit your Thanksgiving design ideas. You can accessorise your entrance by decking up pumpkins of varying shapes, sizes, and colours to accentuate the curb appeal. 

Easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations- Place Setting

Source: Pinterest

Surprise your guests with a few creative twists on classic Thanksgiving day decorations. As families celebrate this holiday season with gratitude, happiness, and enthusiasm, it’s time to boost your creativity with Thanksgiving craft decoration ideas. These simple DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas will help you perfect your table settings, whether the celebration is casual dining or a fancy feast

Create lovely napkin ‘rings’ out of craft paper to add a personalised touch to your table decor. Moreover, you can also place a printed menu to bring a layer of sophistication to your Thanksgiving decoration. 

Pampas Grass Modern Thanksgiving Decor

Source: Pinterest

Looking for ideas on how you can create an attention-seeking Thanksgiving tablescape decor? Choose Pampas grass which is one of the leading trends in the interior design world for a couple of years. These white-toned plumps introduce the outside into the interior of your home, giving that rustic and relaxing vibe you crave. 

In addition, natural colours and elements, such as linen placemats, eucalyptus, pinecones, and scented candles with a pampas grass in a vase give an elegant vibe to Thanksgiving decorations for indoors. 

Decorative Candles for Happy Thanksgiving Decorations

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Candles make a cosy addition to the festive Thanksgiving decorations for indoors, whilst illuminating the space and spreading the fragrance in the room. Candles work for any theme, whether traditional style or minimalist design and create an enhanced table setting. Choose natural materials like acorns, nuts or seeds, fir cones, and colourful fall leaves to enrich your candle’s centrepiece. The shimmering candle centrepiece will be a unique and affordable DIY Thanksgiving decoration idea. 

Al-fresco Table Setting Thanksgiving Home Decor

Source: Pinterest

Thanksgiving is the time to set the table with your best meal preparations and decor to impress guests. Toasts, celebration, and deliciousness all come alive with Thanksgiving day decoration ideas that spark the conversation and create an alluring ambience in the home. 

  • Limit your colour palette to two or three colours to create a chic table setting. 
  • Add seasonal ingredients such as wheat grass, star anise, and pine corn that can double as décor. 
  • Make a statement with layer prints and patterns. Pair a striking tablecloth with gingham napkins and style printed plates for good measure. Liven up with unique glassware and candles for a beautiful setting.

Source: Pinterest

Thanksgiving dinners are typically held indoors, but in a mild climate, take the party outdoors. This sophisticated table is decorated in an earthy colour palette, incorporating green, browns, seasonal harvest and pumpkins to set the scene. Candles, flowers, and other décor work well in pairs or groups of three, five, or seven in Thanksgiving design ideas for a chic holiday celebration. 

Wall Decoration 

Source: Pinterest

With little creativity, you can spruce up the walls with the best Thanksgiving hanging decorations ideas. Hanging plates as wall art are inexpensive and add quirkiness to the living space. Choose different platters in varying colours and shapes to bring intrigue to the Thanksgiving home decor. Intricate art or vintage-inspired wall plates makes an eye-catching focal point while elevating the home interiors. 

Cosy Thanksgiving Setup Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Autumn is all about warm, natural hues, and a wooden finish that lends a cosy vibe to the living space.  Enliven your home interiors for Thanksgiving party decoration ideas with low-key touches like a wooden vase of bright leaves or berries on a console table. Decorate the room by mixing neutrals with rich fall colours such as rust, forest green, mustard, and plum to enhance the seasonal appeal. 

Moreover, layer in extra pillows, blankets, and throws to add warmth to the living space. Brighten your home with candles and fairy lights to set the mood and creates a festive ambience with friends and family. 

Raise the Bar with Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to Thanksgiving decoration ideas, curating a seasonal bar can make a statement in your home. What are holidays without festive beverages? Include a special drink menu and print out the recipe to wow your guests and amp up the Thanksgiving home decor game. Incorporate a few pumpkins, a bundle of wheat, acorns, fall leaves and pine cones to dress up the bar cart. Add copper accents and scented candles for a gleaming look. 

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Spruce up the Pillows for Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas

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For a decorative take on holiday set the mood with vibrant pillows that broadcast a seasonal vibe. It is a cost-saving Thanksgiving design idea that can revamp your space from season to season without any major updations. Pick the red, green, orange, and yellow accents on throws and pillows to enliven the interiors. You can transition your living space towards Thanksgiving decoration ideas by infusing it with more grey and beige hues and deck up with dried flowers to bring the cosy vibe. 

Light and Airy Thanksgiving Home Decor

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to create gorgeous Thanksgiving place settings? Pumpkins and flower wreaths are a great place to start. Choose either a white, orange, or brown colour scheme depending on your decor style then adorn with fall foliage. Further, layer the organic touches like a carved wood vase filled with leafy branches, pampas grass and pine cones to add a bit of seasonal cheer that blends seamlessly with the living room’s aesthetic.

Understated Thanksgiving Home Decor

Source: Pinterest

A traditional Thanksgiving decoration is filled with autumnal shades like red, orange, yellow, and brown. But if you'r drawn towards minimalist and modern style, choose soft neutrals or pretty pastels for your home decor this holiday season. Craft an unexpected décor scheme filled with cool blues and soft greens that's both striking and memorable. Style your table with glassware, soft neutrals, and eucalyptus branches for an understated elegant look. 

Festive Decor!

Decorate with our Thanksgiving setup ideas without fuss and choose your favourite picks to create a refined holiday interior that impresses your guests and sets an inviting ambience in the home. For more decor ideas and bespoke interiors, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    How to decorate your doorway for Thanksgiving?

    Welcome your loved ones with a inviting doorstep- “Hello Pumpkin” doormat to feel the festive cheer. Decoarte a Thanksgiving wreath that can bring an artistic flair to your home. Spruce up the entrance corner by decking up pumpkins of varying shapes, sizes, and colours to bloom the curb appeal.

    What are the perfect colours for Thanksgiving Decorations?

    Thanksgiving classic colours are orange, red, yellow, and brown which can make a room pop, but you can also opt for a beautiful contemporary Thanksgiving home décor colour scheme that includes blues, green, gold and white.

    How do you make Thanksgiving decorations?

    Make your Thanksgiving decorations ideas to add beauty and personality to your home this holiday season. Incorporate Thanksgiving centrepieces, wreaths, and pumpkin planters, along with personalised place cards, napkin rings, and other tabletop decors to spruce up the home interiors.

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