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Kitchen Racks: A Discerning Palate

Updated On: Jul 3, 2024

Kitchens serve a variety of palates for your taste buds every day, and you, being the “connoisseur” of food, love to be tasteful about what goes into your plate. Then why should your kitchen's palette look bland and monotonous?

So, spice up your kitchen with some furbishing of functionally efficient and aesthetically tasteful racks and cabinets.

Racks are warehouses of all the ingredients and essentials you use to make the daily dinner palate dynamic and flavourful, so provide your kitchen with different modular kitchen rack designs and colours.

We’ve curated a list of simple kitchen rack designs with different styles and utilities, so you can customise your kitchen!

The Classics: Wooden Rack Design

Let’s give tribute to one of the earliest cooking essentials- The Wood. Give your kitchen a rustic and classic look with the wooden racks and cabinets. The colour is the key here, while the design needs to be cracked to achieve the classic look you are manifesting while reading this. Combine dark colours like a royale purple wall with deep beige to create a rustic old aura and then close those rustic colours in sharp, simple-shaped boxes of class. And by balancing these two, your simple yet modern kitchen rack design is ready with a countryside look.

Stripes for Air

Adding stripes of empty space to your racked cabinets will open the items inside for regulated exposure, enough to let your master chef’s magical hands shift around the racks, picking up the spices and spatulas, while his tasty gravy burns itself to savoury on the stove.

*Tip note- Do not put additional handles on these racks as it will break the flow of the design and the movement of the chef's hands.

Staggered Shelves to Flaunt Your Master Ingredients

Open those closed cabinets and flaunt the secret ingredients you’ve been rack-keeping for all these years. This kitchen style gives you a very systematic and clean look. Though you need to keep an eye on how you fix those shelves, and have to be very thoughtful about the flow of different pairings of these shelves. What you keep on which shelve according to their placement in the kitchen is very important. A staggered and asymmetrical shelf design will give your kitchen a 'beauty of the chaos' look. You can also decorate the unused spaces on the shelf with small plants and fancy cutleries.

The Portable Wooden Cabinets

Wood effortlessly blends into any setting, embodying rustic elegance. Picture this: a versatile long cabinet, mobile yet sturdy, adorned with shelves and racks. It doesn’t just enhance your kitchen decor'it infuses it with warmth and charm. Imagine your master chef effortlessly moving it closer to the stove, crafting that fancy Italian dish you’ve been craving. And those expensive, untouched dinner sets? Display them proudly on its shelves, finally putting them to use in style.

The Sophistication in Your Kitchen

Imagine those New York's signature wooden framework in your kitchen. They are one of the simplest designs you can add to your kitchen, though they need to be well-designed and aligned with the decor of your kitchen. So yes, it becomes a bit complicated there. It is great if you’re just moving into a new house and are going to create the whole kitchen from scratch, or else renovation might not be a bad option, too'¦ considering the results!

Add Geometrical Leaf Cabinets

If you’ve been a real collector of cutleries and glassware, making storage is a great matter of concern for you. Adding some geometrical cabinets in every corner of your kitchen might make up the space while decorating the monotonous walls of your kitchen. These geometrical leaf designs are not only space-efficient but also let your crockery characterise your kitchen.

Kitchen Corner Shelf Design

If your master chef needs everything to be organised everywhere he lays his eyes upon, these corner kitchen shelf designs might be for you. These kitchen shelf designs can fit perfectly into a corner. They are lightweight compared to the sturdiness they have. The storage options that come with it are enormous; you can keep anything from edibles to vegetables to heavy vessels on these shelves.

Combine Closed and Open Cabinets

Do you have an open kitchen? And you don’t know how to keep it articulated and not let the kitchen stuff roll outside its space? Afterall, you don’t want to find yourself kicking utensils while walking around the kitchen. You can use a cabinet background designed with a combination of open and closed shelves, sorting different items to different shelves. Like keeping daily use items in the open ones while the fancy crockery or glassware inside the closed racks. Experiment with different forms and compositions or make a square of closed cabinets in the centre and enclose it with open shelves.

Train Compartment Arrangement

Yes, train compartments! It’s an arrangement of several cubical boxes compiled in a train's pantry like structure. This arrangement is clean and geometrical, visually a singular lineup of open or closed cuboids. This type of kitchen rack design is dedicatedly created for long kitchens which lack enough breadth to fit platforms or racks on both sides, as seen in the usual architecture of a kitchen. They make your small kitchen look spacious and don’t let it get cluttered or dysfunctional at any point in time, meaning your master chef’s hand won’t get stuck while opening the windows of the shelves.

Ready to Give Your Kitchen the due Respect?

Kitchen rack designs might seem a very small thing to think about, but the difference between a good house and a great highly functional home lies underneath these slabs and between those cabinets. The real test of functionality comes when a person in there is multifunctioning and has to manoeuvre around, working intensely. If your masterchef can dance while picking ingredients and crockery from here and there on the beats of the jazz music playing in the background reflecting from the beautiful classy shelfs and racks your kitchen is enclosed with. Then your kitchen and its racks have found the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

If you think this job is too much for you and you need a master designer to design it, consider talking to the experts at Interior Company and getting your dream kitchen racks ready.

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    How can I provide more storage to a small kitchen?

    There are many ways to use the variety and types of kitchen racks available in the market nowadays. You can put those hydraulic racks and cabinets on the wall, even at a height. Or you can try getting portable shelves that can be shifted according to need.

    What options do I have in simple kitchen rack designs?

    You can go through the article and get to know the variety and dynamicity kitchen racks have nowadays. Though we’ll list some of the best ones here-

    • Portable Wooden Cabinet
    • Staggered Shelves
    • Geometrical Leaf Cabinets
    • Background panel with a combination of closed and open rack
    • Lift-up hydraulic kitchen racks.
    How to maintain wooden kitchen racks?

    Regularly dust it with a soft cloth, once in a week clean it with a solution of water and vinegar, try not to spill any liquid item on it and even if you do use the same solution to clean it immediately.

    What things should I consider while choosing kitchen rack designs for my kitchen?

    The points you need to consider while doing so are-

    • Space in your kitchen- The type of racks and shelves you’ll choose will depend highly on the space you currently have.
    • Decor of your kitchen- The colours and designs would need to match the existing decor, so see how you want your kitchen to look like while keeping in mind what it actually looks like right now.
    • Kitchen Usage- You need to consider how much and which way is your kitchen being used and is going to be used.

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