13 Creative Christmas Light Decorating Ideas to Illuminate Outdoor and Indoors of Your Home

Published On: Nov 21, 2022

The holiday season equates to all smiles, gifts, and time spent with loved ones. From Christmas and Hanukkah to New Year's, joy and togetherness are the themes of this season. People decorate and exchange gifts, but it is more difficult than it seems. While decoration can be simple, making them creative can be tough. So, if you need inspiration for this year's festive decoration, here we are! We have collected all types of light decor for your home that you can make independently. So, light up your eyes!

Lazy Decor: Mason Jar Lights

Lazy Decor Mason Jar Lights decorating with christmas lightMason jar lanterns are quite popular all around the year. From creating a cosy vibe in the night to decorating, these DIY light jars are perfect. You can use different sizes, lights, locations, or whatever you want!

Lazy Decor Mason Jar Lights christmas light design ideasYou can go for wired lights or wireless solo ones; anything will work. For the wired lights, you can put the whole light in or pin a hole to fit in a few and let the others go ahead. For the wireless ones, put the morning and close; no need to damage the jar caps.

Lazy Decor Mason Jar Lights xmas light decoration ideasAdd ribbons, flowers or labels to make them look extra special for Christmas.

After making them, hang the lanterns on Xmas trees or hooks outside. You can also use them as cosy centrepieces on tables inside or light up pathways. You can use Wine bottles or any other bottles, anything transparent will work.

A Natural Twist: Lighted Tree Branches

A Natural Twist Lighted Tree Branches christmas light design ideasLighted tree branches add a magical touch to your home decor. Find some sturdy branches and wrap them with string lights, making sure to distribute the lights evenly.

A Natural Twist Lighted Tree Branches christmas decoration ideas with lightYou can use different coloured lights to suit your Christmas decor needs. Arrange the branches in a vase or decorative container, or hang them from the ceiling for a whimsical effect.

A Natural Twist Lighted Tree Branches xmas light decoration ideasYou can also wrap light on a dry tree to give it a festive shine.

A Natural Twist Lighted Tree Branches exterior christmas light ideasIf you want, add some ornaments or ribbons to enhance the festive vibe.

Glowing Christmas Gift Boxes

Glowing Christmas Gift Boxes xmas light ideasGlowing Christmas gift boxes are a charming way to add shine to your gifts and home. Get empty gift boxes and wrap them in colourful paper and lights.

Glowing Christmas Gift Boxes decorating with christmas lightYou can either wrap lights around the box or take a translucent/transparent box and directly put the lights in the box like the Mason jars.

Place the boxes around your home or garden. You can stack them, arrange them under the tree, or scatter them throughout the room.

Also, use them as gifts for an exciting surprise for your loved ones.

Light Up the Curtains!

Light Up the Curtains outdoor christmas light ideas

Make your home look pretty with a light curtain for Christmas! Get some fairy lights and swing it along the curtain.

Light Up the Curtains christmas light design outside

You can use curtain rods or sticky hooks to keep them in place. Put them on windows, doors, or walls.

The lights make the place feel warm and magical, perfect for holiday fun with friends and family.

Light Up the Curtains christmas decoration ideas with light

Try different colours or use plain white lights, whatever you like. It’s easy to make any space feel like a Christmas wonderland!

Garland Full of Light

Garland Full of Light outdoor christmas light ideas

Make your Christmas budget-friendly by creating your sparkling garland this Christmas! 

Garland Full of Light xmas light decoration ideasGrab some string lights along with artificial greenery like vines or branches. Wrap the lights around the greenery, securing them with twist ties or small wire. Add ornaments, ribbons, or anything else to make it festive. You can also use pine cones to make the garlands.

Hang your handmade lighted garland on the mantel, staircase, or around door frames.

It’s a simple and budget-friendly way to bring holiday magic to your home.

Twinkle Twinkle Light Canvas

Twinkle Twinkle Light Canvas ideas christmas light outdoor

Create your twinkle light canvas this holiday season and add a touch of magic to your space!

To begin with, pick a blank canvas, a string of lights, and your choice of acrylic paint colours. Paint the canvas for a cute and festive background.

Twinkle Twinkle Light Canvas christmas light ideas on houseOnce dry, make small holes in the canvas for the lights. Insert the string lights from the back, and insert the light heads in the holes. Secure it with tape or glue.

Switch on the lights and see it bringing warmth and charm to your surroundings.

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Lantern Pathway to Holiday Heaven

Lantern Pathway to Holiday Heaven decorating with christmas light

Greet your loved ones in the most beautiful way possible with this holiday lantern pathway! You can find lanterns in different sizes and styles inside and outside the home.

You can use the LED or make your own by adding lights in glass lanterns. You can also put battery candles inside for a safe and glowing look. Decorate with some holiday ribbons, paints or ornaments.

Lantern Pathway to Holiday Heaven xmas light ideasPut the lanterns along your walkway to make a magical entrance. Add pinecones, holly, or small ornaments around the lanterns for extra fun. 

Lantern Pathway to Holiday Heaven christmas light ideas for outsideSuch lines can also look great over the fireplace or behind your Christmas tree.

Snowing Glowing Flakes and Snowman In Home

Snowing Glowing Flakes and Snowman In Home exterior christmas light ideasCreate your Glowing Snowflakes and Snowman at home! You can use glow-in-the-dark paint, glow sticks, or classic lights and paper for decor.

Snowing Glowing Flakes and Snowman In Home christmas light design outside

For paint, draw intricate snowflakes and Snowman patterns on paper or cardboard cutouts. If using glow sticks, carefully crack them to activate the glow and attach them to the snowflake shapes.

Place these DIY glowing snowflakes and Snowman on windows, walls, or ceilings for a homemade and festive touch. The soft glow adds a wintery ambience to your living room, bedroom, or any space in your home.

Take a Ride on Lighted Reindeer Sledge

Take a Ride on Lighted Reindeer Sledge christmas light design ideasYour outdoor holiday decor is about to upgrade with a Lighted Reindeer Sledge. These silhouettes are easy to install; you can stake them into your lawn or position them against a backdrop.

Take a Ride on Lighted Reindeer Sledge outdoor christmas light ideas

Craft your own; start with a sturdy material like plywood or foam board, then sketch and cut out the classic reindeer shape.

Next, carefully attach energy-efficient LED lights along the outline, ensuring even coverage. You can customise the colours or opt for warm white lights for a traditional feel.

Take a Ride on Lighted Reindeer Sledge ideas christmas light outdoorStake the silhouette into your lawn or mount it against a backdrop to achieve the desired effect. Explore creative placement options to make a statement.

Dance Under Christmas Light Chandelier

Create a DIY Christmas Light Chandelier to bring out your indoor holiday setting.

Dance Under Christmas Light Chandelier outdoor xmas light ideas

Use a wire hoop or circular frame as the base. Wrap it with LED lights in colours that suit your decor. You can experiment with different light patterns or bulb sizes for variety.

Hang the chandelier above your dining table or main entrance. You can also use it as an umbrella-like lamp outside your home. 

Dance Under Christmas Light Chandelier xmas light ideas

Add a personal touch with ornaments or ribbons for a unique look.

Whimsical Fairy Light Canopy

Whimsical Fairy Light Canopy outdoor lighting decoration for christmasFairy Light Canopy will add a magical touch to your space during the holiday season.

Whimsical Fairy Light Canopy outdoor christmas light ideasUse a lightweight fabric or sheer curtains and drape it above your desired area. Your bed or seating arrangement is the ideal place for it.

Secure the fabric in place and then weave fairy lights through it. Choose warm or cool-toned lights or the lights based on your preference.

Whimsical Fairy Light Canopy christmas light design ideasPersonalise it further by incorporating additional decorations, paints or sarcastic slang.

Charming Floating Candle Centrepiece

Charming Floating Candle Centrepiece xmas light decoration ideas

Glorify your Christmas decor with a charming floating candle centrepiece. 

Just submerge twinkling string lights in water-filled vases to achieve the illusion of floating candles.

Charming Floating Candle Centrepiece decorating with christmas lightThis easy DIY adds a magic touch to your holiday celebrations. Choose clear vases to showcase the lights, and watch your space transform.

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Crafty Xmas Marquee Letters

Crafty Xmas Marquee Letters ideas christmas light outdoorCraft your own marquee letters for a festive touch in your holiday decorations.

Crafty Xmas Marquee Letters outdoor christmas light ideasForming words like “Joy” or “Merry” using cardboard or wood. Outline them with string lights to add a personalised element to your space.

Crafty Xmas Marquee Letters christmas decoration ideas with lightThis easy DIY project allows you to express the holiday spirit creatively, bringing warmth and joy to your home.


There you go! Illuminate your holiday season with this range of creative Christmas light ideas. Let your inspiration guide you, whether it’s lantern-lit pathways or imaginative decorations. Brighten your surroundings, create cherished memories, and make this holiday season uniquely yours. Embrace the magic, share the joy, and wish you a bright and joyful holiday season! For more such juicy content, stick around! You will get more of such content if you just scroll around! 

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    How can I create a warm holiday atmosphere on my front porch?

    Use outdoor Christmas lights creatively, space them along columns, wrap them around the railing, and add festive elements like wreaths and garlands.

    What's an easy way to transform a space with lights?

    Create a curtain of lights by hanging string lights vertically, perfect for windows or as a backdrop for festive gatherings.

    How can I personalise holiday decor on a wall?

    Craft a twinkle light canvas by arranging string lights on a blank canvas, creating patterns or holiday messages for a cosy wall decoration.

    What's a magical addition to guide guests to my door?

    Create a Christmas-themed lantern pathway by placing lanterns filled with string lights or candles on your walkway.

    How can I bring a winter wonderland indoors?

    Use glowing snowflakes – hang illuminated snowflakes from windows or ceilings for a touch of enchantment.

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