Lighting Christmas Decorations Ideas for this Festive Season

Published On: Nov 21, 2022

Fairy lights on Christmas Winter Nights. Tis’ the season to sparkle!

Christmas is just around the corner, and the excitement is to its brim. Without decorating with Christmas lights, this festivity is incomplete! Coming up with a decor plan for Christmas every year can be strenuous. Well, don’t you always want to do better than last year? 

Christmas is more than celebrating the birth of Jesus, who represents the Light of the World. It symbolises the use of light to illuminate the darkness and banish evil spirits. Thus, using lighting Christmas house decor outside and inside is welcoming joy and cheer plus equals a fun family-bonding activity.

Let’s look at innovative indoor and outdoor Christmas light ideas to create a winter wonderland!

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

Get elf-motivated to glisten your house with outdoor lighting Christmas decoration ideas! 

Santa’s Sledge

Let Santa’s sleigh light up the outdoors

Source: Pinterest

No Santa means no Christmas! A lit Santa and his sledge of reindeer is a highlight element in the front patio or lawn. A Christmas house decor outside lights up the whole house and adds cheer and excitement. You can implement additional lighting elements such as little elves, gnomes dressed in Santa hats, Christmas gifts, and enormous candy canes.

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Rooftop Christmas Lights 

Source: Pinterest

One of the best no-hassle outdoor Christmas lights ideas is a string of fairy lights on the borders of the rooftop. You can give the house an outline with different shades of light. Cover the porch and railings with the quintessential animated and colour-changing mini lights. Choosing the right style of lighting Christmas decorations can be stressful; devise a plan and accordingly string them up.  

Snowflakes and Stars

Source: Pinterest

Christmas lighting has evolved over the years, right from mini fairy lights to an extravagant range of shapes and colours. Depending on the theme and mood you want to set, star and snowflake-shaped lights are a creative outdoor Christmas lights idea. String them down from the rooftop, place them against the wall, or hang them on the fence. You can use different sizes to enhance the look of the house. Warm-tone yellow lights will exude a cosy and traditional vibe. 

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Candle Lanterns and Wreaths

Source: Pinterest

Since Christmas emits a cosy and warm vibe, candles will reinstate the same notion and serve the purpose of decorating with Christmas lights. Tall candle lanterns and wooden Christmas trees add an aesthetic touch to the front porch. Wreaths in traditional Christmas colours - red and green will induce a classic look to your house. Houses with columns can add lit garlands with Christmas baubles in various colours. Set up a colour theme and add different ornaments to the wrap. 

Christmas Carnival

Source: Pinterest

One can have a full-blown Christmas wonderland on the front lawn. Pretty installations of Christmas ornaments such as a tree, Santa’s sleigh, golden reindeer, presents, a snowman, and candy canes can serve the purpose of Christmas carnival decor. Give your neighbours a competition and your kids an enthralling experience to remember. To make it a memorable affair, build homemade outdoor Christmas light decorations using festive baubles and wire-shaped figures using different lighting. 

Indoor Christmas Lights Ideas

Explore innovative ways to decorate your house with diverse lighting Christmas decoration ideas.

A White and Red Christmas 

Source: Pinterest

Deck the halls of your house with a white Christmas tree light decoration and red baubles strung with mini lights. Add red and white decorative Christmas elements around the house for a light and cheerful aesthetic. Match the colour theme with the furniture decor by adding a red throw and white plush cushions. Christmas planters such as Poinsettias complete the Christmas touch. 

Rustic Christmas Touch

Source: Pinterest

Consider jute ribbons, ornaments wrapped in burlap, and yarn knots as Christmas tree light decorations for a Rustic aesthetic. You can add antlers, gilded pinecones, and metal baubles. Stockings, jingle bells, and toy sledges give your Christmas tree a slightly antiquated appearance.

A Christmas Manager

Source: Pinterest

Christmas loses its essence without a Nativity scene. A DIY manager’s crib can be built in various dimensions and variations. One can add a small crib below the Christmas tree surrounded by Christmas tree light decorations if there is a space constraint. In the picture, a white theme Christmas set-up exudes a modern outlook to the yuletide. A simple white bare tree laden with mini fairy lights and wooden candle lanterns is a backdrop to the Manager’s crib.

Wall Christmas Tree Lights

Source: Pinterest

For smaller spaces, adorn a wall-mounted Christmas tree light decoration to create a cosy and warm vibe. It is an artistic way to decorate your home for Christmas. Use green grass garlands to outline the tree's shape and embellish it with icicle lights and Christmas ornaments. Place your Christmas presents under the tree for friends and family. 

Merry Style Christmas Garlands

Source: Pinterest

To add another touch of the holiday vibe, festive garlands are a versatile decorative element. It can be used in various ways around the house as lighting Christmas decorations. Use it as a border around the frame of the door and wall, fireplace mantel, and staircase railings. Embellish it with twinkle-animated lights, colourful baubles, bows, candies, pinecones, and berries. Frame the doorways with a pine-bough garland and string lights for a mystical atmosphere.

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Merry Yuletide!

Christmas cheer is here, and it's time to get into the holiday mood. Decorating with Christmas lights enhances the excitement of the holiday season. Try out the indoor and outdoor Christmas lights ideas to decorate your home and adorn a joyful atmosphere. 

Christmas garlands and wreaths, Santa and his reindeer, baubles and ornaments, candles and lanterns, and candy canes dangling from the LED Christmas tree are a litany of decorative items to usher in the Christmas festivity. Reach out to our specialists at Interior Company if you need any advice regarding lighting Christmas decoration ideas.

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What is the best way to put up Christmas lights?

Using plastic hooks and clips is the simplest way to hang Christmas lights. The hooks can easily support all varieties of Christmas lights, are affordable, and are simple to mount and dismantle.

Why do we use Christmas light decorations?

According to Christian traditions, Christmas lights represent the saviour’s compassion, faith, and hope. It is a perpetual consolation that shines even in the darkest winter months. However, people who practise different religions also decorate for the holidays following their beliefs.

How do I decorate the patio with outdoor lighting Christmas decorations?

An outdoor lighting Christmas decoration idea is to hang garlands and wreaths decorated with Christmas lights. Put dazzling ornaments with lights in lanterns to give your porch a distinctive makeover. You can affix a huge Christmas statue covered in twinkling mini-lights for added brightness.