14 Cool Kitchen Cabinet Colour Ideas to Spruce up Your Kitchen

Updated On: May 31, 2024

Revamping your kitchen vibe is not just about following the latest colour trends. It involves finding that sweet spot between style and practicality. Choosing the best kitchen cabinet colour combinations presents a strategic challenge, requiring finesse in balancing aesthetics and functionality.

Whether seeking the understated elegance of neutrals, the vibrancy of current trends, or the enduring appeal of classic combinations, countless kitchen cabinet colour ideas await. This guide unveils a curated selection of 14 designer-approved kitchen cabinet colour combos, each ready to transform your culinary domain into a masterpiece of both style and utility.

Olive and White

Olive and White - Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

The natural tones of crisp white countertops and backsplashes harmonise beautifully with the olive green cabinets, creating a cohesive flow that feels grounded yet vibrant. If you yearn for a touch of rustic charm in your kitchen cabinet paint design, consider deeper olive hues paired with crisp white shaker cabinets.
The contrast between the aged patina of the green and the pristine beauty of the white creates a timeless charm reminiscent of a Tuscan farmhouse kitchen.

Enhance this vibe by incorporating distressed wood accents and vintage decorative elements. For a sleeker interpretation, smooth, satin-finish olive green cabinets offer a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Embrace the natural beauty of textured wood-grain doors for a rustic yet refined aesthetic. Flat-panel olive cabinets set against stark white make a bold statement. Polish the look with metallic hardware and minimalist touches to create a kitchen cabinet combination that is both functional and visually striking. White-paneled walls serve as a canvas, adding depth to the interplay of light and shade.

White and Blue

White and Blue - Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Sky blue cabinets, alongside crisp white accents, are modern colours for kitchen cabinets that create a vibrant haven. Light gleams off metallic details, adding a touch of luxury, while natural light floods the space, amplified by the white plank ceiling and blue cabinetry. A white marble slab, cool and elegant, stands in stark contrast to the island's icy-blue hues.

The blend of sky blues and pristine whites in the colours of kitchen cabinets breathes freshness into the space.

Black and White

Black and White - Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination

Whether you seek a dramatic ambience or a crisp sophistication, these two colours for kitchen cabinets, like yin and yang, create a harmonious balance that can be tailored to a multitude of styles. Black upper cabinets featuring glass fronts paired with crisp white lower cabinets create a visually striking statement, allowing the white to subtly glimmer through, creating an intriguing depth, particularly in well-lit spaces.
Pair this kitchen cabinet colour combination with white countertops and backsplashes for a unified feel.

Consider incorporating patterned backsplashes with geometric patterns in black and white, or opt for textured black tiles for a contemporary twist. Incorporate sleek, handleless cabinetry for a streamlined aesthetic, and enhance the drama with high-gloss finishes.

Warm wood accents around the island or breakfast nook inject earthy warmth, preventing the space from feeling overly stark. Infuse your unique personality through pops of colour. A vibrant red pendant light can make a dramatic statement, while a burst of greenery through potted herbs or leafy wallpaper can add a touch of life. For a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen cabinet paint design, incorporate brass hardware or gold accents.

White, Dove Grey with Blue

White Dove Grey with Blue - Modern Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Dove grey and white in kitchen cabinet combinations offer a sophisticated symphony of neutrals, delivering a light and airy ambience while adding subtle depth and character. Elevate your neutral palette with a calming dove grey hue in the cabinets, contrasted with natural maple accents. Light maple flooring and rustic wood beams create a textural interplay.

Employ these colours for kitchen cabinets, creating a cohesive flow that extends nearly to the ceiling. Enhance the tranquillity with swirling white marble countertops and sky-blue subway tiles, the latter playfully peeking through open shelves and framing your favourite dishware.

Injecting pops of colour through cheerful blue accent chairs in the dining area adds a touch of personality without disrupting the harmonious balance. Consider kitchen cabinet combinations of smooth, matte dove grey cabinets and white countertops with a subtle marble veining. Introduce metallic accents through copper cookware hanging from a pot rack or gold-toned bar stools for a touch of luxury.

Navy and Grey - Kitchen Cabinet Color Combos

The pairing of navy blue and grey is one of the best kitchen cabinet colour combinations, offering a symphony of rich hues and boundless design possibilities. Employ glossy navy blue on both upper and lower cabinets that reflect natural light and envelop the space in cohesiveness.

Introduce visual interest through strategic pops of light and texture. Gold, in its various textures and tones, emerges as the perfect partner for navy blue and grey.

Incorporate this luxurious element through brushed nickel or stainless steel hardware, pendant lights, or faucet finishes for a contemporary touch. Consider hanging statement pendant lights with gold finishes over the island or breakfast bar, casting a warm glow on the space.

A patterned grey backsplash with subtle hints of gold can add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Consider light-coloured flooring, such as white oak or light grey tiles, to balance the darker hues of the cabinets and prevent the area from feeling closed in.

Emerald Green and Brown

Emerald Green and Brown - Good Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Smooth, satin-finish emerald green cabinets paired with textured white countertops, such as honed quartz or butcher block, add a tactile contrast and ground the space. A backsplash finished with a rustic wood texture infuses warmth and dimension into the space.

This kitchen cabinet colour idea ensures airiness and modern polish, preventing the emerald from becoming overwhelming. A large statement artwork with bursts of green or botanical motifs adds a touch of artistic expression. Introduce the colour brown through natural textures through wooden cutting boards or woven baskets displayed on open shelves.

Yellow and Grey

Yellow and Grey  - Best Cabinet Color For Kitchen

Paint your upper cabinets a refreshing lime yellow. Pair that bright yellow with a muted tone like grey to create a balance. Mustard yellow, a deeper, earthier shade, on your lower cabinets echoes the citrus theme, while charcoal-hued floor tiles anchor the playful energy of the vibrant yellows.

Pair them with gleaming stainless steel backsplashes, the reflective surface amplifying the sunshine motif. Stainless steel appliances and hardware add a sleek touch with woven bar stools in vibrant lemon yellow for a playful pop of colour.

Pistachio Green and Grey

Pistachio Green and Grey - Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations

Cabinets in a soft pistachio green, their sophisticated shade balanced by crisp walls in a slightly warmer white, create a subtle contrast and add depth and dimension to this kitchen cabinet paint design. Cool grey, honed soapstone countertop adds a graphic punch.

Brass hardware, unlacquered for a touch of antique charm, adorns the cabinets, their warm gleam dancing across the soapstone's surface.

Teal and Burnt Orange


These modern colours for kitchen cabinets promise a space that is invigorating and serene at the same time. Opt for glossy teal blue cabinets paired with walls in a barely-there white, their eggshell sheen reflecting the natural light, creating a spacious airiness.

Chrome hardware on the kitchen cabinet paint design and sleek pendant lights complete the retro vibe, while the exposed brick walls in warm terracotta tones ground the space in modern rustic charm. Choose earthy, honey-toned flooring for a sun-kissed ambience, or go deeper with rich walnut hues for dramatic contrast.

Off-White, Chocolate, and Bronze

Off White Chocolate and Bronze - Kitchen Cabinet Paint Design

Off-white cabinets kissed with a hint of cream are one of the best kitchen cabinet colour combinations. Bar stools in earthy tones, their texture mirrors the warmth of countertops clad in deep, inviting chestnut tones. The backsplash is a mosaic masterpiece blending shades of dark chocolate, cream, and copper.

Replace cabinet pulls and knobs with gleaming copper hardware, their burnished glow complementing the mosaic's metallic hues. Consider incorporating copper accessories like hanging pots and pans, their reflections adding a touch of rustic charm. Introduce touches of greenery through potted herbs or hanging plants, bringing life and freshness to the space.

Taupe and Red

Taupe and Red - Painted Cabinet Ideas Kitchen

Keep the walls a calming shade of off-white, allowing the warm taupe colours for kitchen cabinets to take centre stage amidst the neutral backdrop. Glass-walled sections on red upper cabinets showcase colourful dishware for a pop of colour. The sunshine glinting off cobalt blue plates and ruby red glasses adds a playful punch to the elegant taupe backdrop in this kitchen cabinet paint design.

Do not be afraid to introduce pops of unexpected colour through a patterned runner on the countertop or a vibrant vase on the windowsill. Black hardware on the cabinets echoes the dark slate floors, tying the rustic and modern elements together.

Dove Grey and Charcoal Black

Dove Grey and Charcoal Black - Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Color Combinations

Lower cabinets in a deep charcoal hue, with upper cabinets in a contrasting light dove grey, anchor the space with their calm sophistication. Choose a smooth, cool-toned granite or quartz in a dark shade that echoes the lower kitchen cabinet paint design.

These modern colours for kitchen cabinets create a cohesive flow, amplifying the contemporary aura of the space. Opt for large-format, matte black tiles to create a sleek and minimalist backdrop. The tonal variation against the grey cabinets accentuates the space, imparting an edgy personality. Let brushed gold hardware add regal warmth, or opt for sleek silver to amplify the cool modernity.

Crimson Red and White

Crimson Red and White - Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas For Small Kitchens

Grounded by a sleek graphite island, gleaming white marble countertops, and stainless steel accents, fire-engine red and white is one of the finest modern colours for kitchen cabinets.

Vintage red enamel cookware displayed on open shelves and whimsical red-and-white striped dishware peeking through glass-front cabinets infuse the space with personality.

White marble countertops offer a touch of luxurious calm, while a light grey backsplash adds a subtle textural counterpoint. Silver faucets and sinks add a touch of modern elegance, their shine echoing the gleam of the appliances. Grey flooring provides a grounding neutral, allowing the red kitchen cabinet paint design to steal the show.

Pink and Black


Cabinets in a muted, dusky pink envelop the space, exuding a subtle warmth that is feminine yet contemporary. The pink kitchen cabinet paint design is offset with black accents ‘ sleek black hardware on the cabinets, a black faucet, and a sink. White subway tiles line the backsplash, offering a classic complement to the pink cabinets and black accents.

A checkered black and white flooring or a patterned tile backsplash complements the vintage vibe and echos the colour palette of the cabinets and hardware in these cabinet kitchen painting ideas.

Purple and Eggshell White

Purple and Eggshell White - Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Paint the island and lower cabinets in a rich purple reminiscent of ripe plums or blackberry jam. Balance the drama with the gentle embrace of eggshells on the surrounding cabinets. This soft hue provides a calming backdrop, allowing the purple kitchen cabinet paint design to truly shine.

Incorporate open shelving crafted from reclaimed wood, displaying rustic ceramics and hand-blown mason jars filled with fresh herbs. Wooden slatted flooring in rich oak or honey tones introduces earthy elegance. Consider hanging copper pendant lights above the island, their burnished warmth reflecting the rich hues of these kitchen cabinet combinations.

Wrapping Up

The ever-popular two-tone trend offers further creative scope, allowing you to mix and match upper and lower cabinets for personalised kitchen cabinet combinations. Remember, however, that the rules of colour harmonisation are not set in stone. When designing your kitchen, seek out classic elements that feel timeless and resonate with your soul.

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    What are the best kitchen cabinet colour combinations?

    Classic contrasts like black and white, serene palettes like soft grey and white, and trendy pairings like navy blue and brass accents are some good colours for kitchen cabinets.

    How do I choose the right kitchen cabinet combinations?

    Consider your kitchen’s lighting, size, style preferences, and existing elements like countertops and flooring. Harmonise warm and cool tones to achieve a balanced look.

    Are there specific colour combinations that make a kitchen look larger?

    Lighter colour schemes, such as white cabinets paired with soft pastels or light greys, tend to create an illusion of spaciousness, making the kitchen appear larger and more open.

    Can I mix different cabinet colours in my kitchen?

    Yes, mixing different cabinet colours is a growing trend. You can combine contrasting upper and lower cabinet colours or incorporate an accent island to add visual interest and depth.

    Which colour combinations work well with natural wood cabinets?

    Soft neutrals like creamy whites, warm greys, or muted blues complement natural wood cabinets beautifully, enhancing the wood’s natural warmth and texture.

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