5 Techniques to Amp up Your Exposed Brick Wall Exterior

Published On: Jul 22, 2022

The modern interior decoration trend of an exposed brick wall is steadily gaining popularity. Even though exposed brick might look unfinished, its rustic appeal is quite endearing if you skillfully blend it with complementing colour contrasts and a mix of patterns and textures. You can have it stand as a head-turner statement that sketches the character of your home.

Though the trend of exposed brick in India is still an unencountered subject in interior decoration, concerned enthusiasts increasingly appreciate the concept that it comes with. The authentic nature of an exposed brick wall exterior can be used strategically as a stand-out feature in your home.

Let us look at some of the designs already making the rounds that can enlighten and guide you on styling ideas to amp up your house with a full or partially exposed brick wall.

1. Mix and Match

One of the most interesting approaches that you can take for a partially exposed brick wall is to mix and match various textures. A raw, exposed brick wall already gives a very natural and rustic feel. To bring a more cohesive and contemporary touch to the room, try to bring in a mix of textures and patterns. Go for some pristine monochrome tiles of solid colours or for alternated squared patterns of black and white to create a chequered wall on one side with a rustic unfinished brick wall on the other where. You could also play along with some exciting one-sided wallpapers or textured wall styles, keeping the exposed brick wall on the other.

Colours and textures play a significant role when planning how you would like your walls to look. Your exposed brick wall should complement other natural wall templates and have a semblance rather than look disjointed. Therefore, mixing and matching is an excellent way of adding more dimensions to the decor.

Mix and Match

2. Play with Contrasting Colours

An exposed brick wall in the living room can be used intelligently, especially when you have a smaller-sized home. If the alley in front of your main door is relatively narrow, an exposed brick wall can help in making it look elongated and more spacious. A slightly brightened exposed rustic brick wall on one side of your passage will elevate the length of your seemingly small hallway. On the other hand, if it is coupled with a classic monochrome shaded wall on the opposite side, the soothing solid colour helps in adding a hint of warmth.

For example, the rich red hue of the bricks on one side and a classic choice like white walls on the opposite side help add more gradients to the appearance of your home. Thus, balancing and contrasting colours is a work of art that ace interior designers are slowly mastering to help establish warmth, definition and structure better in your home.

Play with Contrasting Colours

3. Limewash Your Walls

While most interior designers must have been using the style of painting over exposed brick walls, the technical term is limewash. This technique leads to creating an illusion of a double coating. If you do not prefer the strong rustic and unfinished appeal of the exposed brick wall, then this limewash technique helps in giving a softer, more porous touch to the wall with one sweep.

This is also an interesting option for a brick and wood interior design style. You can go for a solid-colour painted wall in continuation with a limewashed exposed brick wall that helps use the rich brick colour and make it look more cohesive. Cottages, where you see wood-styled walls connecting to exposed brick fireplaces, are a classic example of how the limewash technique is an intelligent way to give a more elegant touch to these brick elevation homes. It is perfect for those who do want that contemporary unfiltered feel of an exposed wall but at the same time want it to go with the overall vibe of a modern home with neutral wall colours and wooden cabinet fixtures attached to it for storage purposes.

You could also whitewash the exposed brick walls, which are a little more opaque and help bring out the underlying subtle tones of the brick colour.


4. Use the exposed brick wall to display décor elements

You could break the mould and create a frame-like interior decoration feel with an exposed brick wall for your kitchen. You could set up wooden racks on these aesthetically appealing exposed walls and arrange your crockery right above the stove, making it look visually stunning. Use the wall such that it seems needed and not forcefully juxtaposed.

In ordinary circumstances, setting up wall cabinets is quite the trend in interior decoration. Add that modern twist by opting for the exposed brick structure, making people turn back and look at the new approach to setting up a kitchen. You could opt for the same process for your living room as well. Build wall book racks or hang a wall clock with the rustic wall background.

Use the exposed brick wall to display décor elements

5. Bring the outside World in

The concept of outdoor living is a fan-favourite for a reason. People are increasingly drawn toward nature-inspired interiors, which give them a feeling of being outside while indoors. A perfect way to deck up the surrounding of an exposed brick wall in your living room is to place plant pots, or if you want to get experimental, you could opt for hanging plants. Go for all-natural elements to spruce up the place, with your statement element being the exposed wall.

Bring the outside World in

Wrapping up

The exposed brick wall exterior is the most significant current interior decorating trend. It is all about playing with contrasting colours, textures, patterns and layouts. Whether you opt for a brick and wood interior design or a painted brick wall complementing a classic white wall, the choice pertains to your taste, which helps in making this trend stand out.


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