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A Guide to the Best Style of Wardrobes Adorned with Mirrors

Published On: Feb 3, 2023

You might think you don't need mirrors in your wardrobe, but they can be a lavish bedroom makeover. Not only do they help you see yourself better, but they can also make your space look bigger and brighter. Here are some tips if you need guidance on using mirrors in your wardrobe.

How to Use Mirrors to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

The best way to use mirrors in your wardrobe is to place them on the doors, giving you plenty of options. You can either hang a long mirror to cover the entire door or leave out some parts. Alternatively, you can decorate your mirror or add a statement frame. 

Read on to discover the latest bedroom design with wardrobe mirrors.

1. Use Mirrors to Make Your Clothes Look Better

Use Mirrors to Make Your Clothes Look Better

Depending on placement, mirrors can help make individual items in your wardrobe look better. For example, if you have a lot of dark clothes, putting a mirror inside the closet door can help make those clothes look better by reflecting light and creating a nicer appearance.

2. Wardrobe Mirrors Multitask as Gym Mirrors

A closet mirror can multi-task as a gym mirror if you work out in your sleeping area.

Stretching in front of a mirror is fun. Plus, it provides you with a view of yourself while exercising, which helps you keep tabs on what routine you’re doing correctly. 

3. Easy Outfit Selection

Another obvious benefit of having a mirror in your cupboard is that it makes it easier to choose an outfit because you can see yourself as you dress.

You can check for matching or clashing colours or decide which sweater matches your dress. If you like, you can go for the latest wardrobe designs with a dressing table.

4. A Brighter Room, More Motivation, and a Feeling of More Space

A mirror reflects light and brightens up your room. This is particularly useful if you have one small window or none at all. If you have a room with poor lighting, this is an affordable way to make it brighter. 

Closet mirrors also create the impression of more space. This may not seem like a lot, but it can help with your sense of well-being. Mirrors also encourage you to dress in better clothes even when you feel down or depressed, which is another bonus!

5. Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Smarter

Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Smarter

Consider including mirrors in your cabinet if you’re a fan of minimalistic, understated designs.

Mirrors are a classy and inexpensive way to accessorise your space and add personality without using sophisticated decor. You can build a custom wardrobe or try a pre-made set from the latest bedroom almirah designs.

6. Wardrobe Mirrors are Excellent if You Don’t Have Space for a Separate Dressing Mirror 

If you don’t have room for a separate dressing centre, mirrors can help you to get around that problem with the latest wooden almirah designs for the bedroom. These cupboards take up little space while allowing you to see yourself from all angles.

7 Types of Wardrobes Ardoned with Mirrors

1. Mirror on a Sliding Door

Mirror on a Sliding Door design

One common way to add mirrors is to use them on a sliding wardrobe door. Covering the entire wall hides away your cupboard, making it look like a mirrored wall.

2. Full-Door-Length Mirror

Another standard approach is to add a full-door-length mirror to your wardrobe. This allows for an unobstructed view of your entire outfit, helping you monitor your look in real-time.

If you want to add a full-door-length mirror to your wardrobe, choose one that is sturdy and adjustable. Plus, you want to mount it securely to the wall so that it stays put during use.

3. Centrally Placed Full-length Mirror on a 3-Door Closet

Centrally Placed Full-length Mirror on a 3-Door Closet

Alternatively, you can use a centrally placed full-length mirror on a three-door wardrobe. This is perfect if you want to avoid a huge mirror in your sleeping area.

4. Patches of Mirror on Wardrobe Doors

Patches of Mirror on Wardrobe Doors

You can also add patches of mirrors instead of using a full-door mirror. It is one of the latest wooden wardrobe designs for bedrooms.

This style is also excellent if you want to incorporate mirrors without making them the primary theme of your decor.

Follow these steps to add mirror patches to your wardrobe doors:

  • First, measure the area and buy the correct-sized mirror. 
  • You can find mirrors in various sizes and shapes, so you want to buy the one closest in size to the door.
  • Once you have the mirror, remove the adhesive backing and place it on the door. 

Lastly, stick it to the door with a hot glue gun and allow the glue to cool before shutting the door.

5. Decorated Closet Mirror

Decorated Closet Mirror

You can also include lattice art to decorate your mirrors. 

It’s okay to use any material, but plywood or MDF are good choices because they are easy to work with and provide a finished look. Cut pieces of lattice and attach them to the mirror with screws or nails to achieve a unique look.

6. Geometrical Patterns on a Cupboard Mirror

Adding patterns to your mirror is another new wardrobe design idea.

Geometric patterns can add visual interest to a plain cupboard mirror. These patterns can be simple, e.g., stripes or checkers, or more complex, e.g., lace or paisley.

You can also use different colours and geometric patterns to create various looks.

7. Half Mirror on Cabinet Door

Half a mirror is better than none; you can add these on the top of or on the lower half of your wardrobe doors. You can also do checkers to create a unique pattern. This way, you can look at yourself in a fun and whimsical way every time you enter your bedroom.

Concerns while Installing Mirrors on Wardrobes

There are a few concerns about using mirrors to give your bedroom latest cupboard designs. Here are the most critical factors:

1. Placement- They Shouldn’t Reflect Direct Sunlight

Placement- They Shouldn't Reflect Direct Sunlight

The first step is to decide how you want to place your mirror. Mirrors shouldn’t reflect light directly, so avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near windows.

2. Cleaning & Maintaining Mirrors

Cleaning & Maintaining Mirrors

You must clean and maintain mirrors to ensure they look their best. Silver tarnishes over time, so you should polish the mirror occasionally with a soft cloth or silver cleaner.

3. Kids & Pets

Kids & Pets

Mirrors are fragile; you must watch your kids and pets, especially if they can get onto the mirror itself. Purchase a protective cover for your mirror if you want an extra precaution against scratches from claws.

4. Sturdy Installation

Sturdy Installation

It is essential to install closet mirrors properly so they stay in use for as long as you need them. Most people prefer using sturdy frames to keep them in place. Frames can range from metallic to wooden and other materials depending on your style.

5. Size

Remember, mirrors are more about width than length, and larger mirrors offer more magnification than smaller ones.

However, if your space allows for it, consider purchasing two smaller mirrors rather than one large one because they will make your space even brighter.

How to Care for Bedroom Wardrobe Mirrors?

How to Care for Bedroom Wardrobe Mirrors

You want the latest bedroom design with a wardrobe adorned with mirrors, but maintenance is a big deal. So, what’s the task ahead?

To keep your mirrors looking beautiful and scratch-free, follow these simple tips:

  1. Clean your mirrors using a soft cloth and a mild cleaner.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to buff your mirrors to restore their shine.
  3. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on mirrors, as this will damage them.
  4. Avoid placing your mirrors in direct sunlight or near any heat sources.
  5. Check for any damage or imperfections and take appropriate action.
  6. Add a protective layer if desired.
  7. Install a sturdy frame to protect mirror edges.

You must also check for any loose mirrors and correct them before they cause accidents.

Are There Any Safety Concerns for Wardrobes with Mirrors?

Yes, broken mirror accidents can cause severe injuries. But these cases are rare and only happen in poorly installed or low-quality mirrors.

Focus on quality; always buy safe mirrors from legit online or offline stores. The latest cupboard designs with bedroom mirrors are built with safety in mind.

Remember, safety is all about awareness. If you like, install a protective frame to secure your mirrors.

Lastly, take action If you ever notice any broken mirrors. 

In Conclusion

It can be easy to overlook your wardrobe when trying to perk up your bedroom. However, the right mirrors can significantly impact the overall appearance of your closet and its contents. If you’re looking to develop a livelier sleeping space, including mirrors in your decor can help. For more design ideas, reach out to the experts at Interior Company.

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    Are wardrobes with mirrors safe to install?

    Yes, they are. But you must be aware of the safety concerns associated with broken mirrors. If you notice any broken mirrors, take caution before an accident happens.

    Can wardrobes with mirrors be used in small bedrooms?

    Yes, closet mirrors can benefit small bedrooms. However, you must ensure the wardrobe only takes up a little space in the room. Remember, mirrors make even small bedrooms look larger and more spacious than they are! Always take note of this aspect when shopping for new wardrobe designs for the bedroom.

    Are there any special considerations when installing glass doors along sliding tracks?

    There are no special considerations when installing glass doors along sliding tracks. However, it is always a good idea to consult with an expert to ensure the best installation possible.

    Professionals consider all factors, including safety regulations, before purchase and installation. This prevents unwanted surprises after work begins saving you time and money.

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