8 Balcony Garden Designs to Induce Greenery in Your House

Published On: Apr 14, 2022

When setting up a home, it is always a dream to have it made into a landscape where you like spending most of your time. Your balcony is one such place where you unwind at the end of the day, lounging with a steaming cup of coffee in hand. In modern apartments, you even find the concept of outdoor living – where the balcony is as big as your living room. This article gives you more options to explore and find the perfect balcony garden designs, just the way you please.

While planning how to revamp your apartment balcony, always contemplate its position and the amount of sunlight that can stream in. This helps to decide the kind of plants you can opt for, without which your small balcony garden is incomplete. Enclosed balcony plants would include more mosses and ferns. In contrast, balconies that receive a lot of sunlight could go for more absorbing Mediterranean plants with a pop of colours like petunias and marigolds.

Another simple balcony garden idea is to surround yourself with your favourite plants and comfy furniture, turning it into an oasis of comfort.

Let us look at some of these ideas to help you decorate your balcony.

1. Colourful Balcony

Colourful Balcony

Go big on coloured cushions, a swing covered with brightly-coloured flower garlands or a colourful fabric wallpaper to instantly light up the space. A creative balcony garden designs would include an exciting choice of colourful flowers budding from potted plants. Vibrant geraniums are easier to grow during summers. They can be put into a plant stand, or you can have them planted in hanging baskets for a more aesthetic feel.

2. Scrap Wood Racks

Scrap Wood Racks

Another creative balcony garden design is a more theme-oriented rustic look, which can be achieved using scrap wood. To make efficient use of space, you can stack up leftover scrap wood to make a wooden rack which can then be used as flower boxes. This also qualifies as a vertical garden for a balcony. Since most of this balcony setup takes place on the walls, you get more room to move around. Go for tendril-like creepers when choosing plants, as they would look aesthetic in these wooden flower boxes.

Lighting is very important in a balcony garden; use beautiful tea lights to add some warmth and a cosy feel to the space.

3. Ladder Set up

Ladder Set up

One of the easiest terrace garden ideas for beginners is to go for a rustic-looking ladder set up in your balcony, which you can aesthetically deck up with some potted plants. It saves a lot of space and is quite creative. You could even grow organic herbs, such as rosemary, basil, mint or thyme. If you are looking for more conventional plants, you can also opt for different types of grass and ivies.

4. Black Walls

Black Walls

A fool-proof way to make your balcony garden stand out is to go for black-painted walls. It is an unconventional choice, but it will make the greenery of your plants pop. Moreover, when planning an artificial garden on a small balcony, you can incorporate various contemporary designs, such as steel planters that are either galvanised or that come in dark neutral shades of grey. Having plants of different heights also helps in adding more dimension to your apartment balcony garden.

5. Make It More Homely

Make It More Homely

Modern lifestyles have indeed made us spend more time on the balcony. Hence, comfort becomes paramount. Have comfortable rugs, hanging fairy lights, a sitting place and a coffee table. Use diverse plants like lovage, viburnum tinus and polystichum setiferum, to name a few.

There is a lot of scope for a deluge of greenery and the play of natural elements coming into the foray. You can even amp up the visual aspect with balcony railing planters. Vividly-coloured flower garlands can be used on balcony railing planters so that they don’t look too empty.

6. Terra Cotta Hanging Garden

Terra Cotta Hanging Garden

Another great option on the list of balcony garden ideas for small spaces is to go for terra cotta hanging baskets. It is as simple as having eye hooks attached to the pots and having them hang in a series. Colourful flowers like bougainvillaea or hibiscus look stunning in these cute colourful hanging baskets. There is also a technical benefit to this – the chain that hooks the pot to the metal rod also helps in the easy flow of water.

7. Wildlife Themed Balcony

Wildlife Themed Balcony

Sometimes making your balcony terrace garden have the best of both worlds is a superb idea! Having a lot of greenery is always the go-to option for your balconies for a pop of colour – but what makes it more vibrant is when you can enhance it further by turning it into an oasis of wildlife. For this theme, you would need a lot of flowers and greenery around. Therefore, your choice of plants needs to be eclectic. Some of the options you can go for are jasmine, hydrangea, lavender, honeysuckle, etc.

8. Upcycled Garden

Upcycled Garden

Sustainability is the key to survival in this modern life. Why not bring that attitude to your balcony too? Opting for an upcycled garden for your balcony is very thoughtful. It is indeed one of the trending balcony terrace garden ideas. Utilise anything that comes your way -  disposed milk bottles, soda bottles, a scrap of wood that could be lying somewhere, some crates from an automobile, etc. They make for fabulous flower boxes.

Wrapping up

The goal is to create a relaxed vibe on your apartment balcony. How you set it up depends on your choice and preferences. However, as mentioned before, certain strategising is of prime importance. Which plants to choose, the colour palette to go for, how to make effective use of balcony space, balcony grill designs for plants, etc., all have a vital role to play in setting up your ideal balcony garden. If you need expert guidance, reach out to Interior Company for some ingenious ideas.

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Q. How important is it to be aware of the amount of sunlight on your balcony?

It is extremely important as it depends on which plants you can select and the flowers you would want to decorate your apartment balcony with. Not many flowers or plants can thrive in a lot of heat. Succulents are great to grow in extreme sunlight.

Q. How do we choose plants for balcony gardens?

There are a variety of plants out there for your balcony. Some require a lot of care, while some are low maintenance. Therefore, you must consider the availability of facilities like water, space, sunlight, etc., in your apartment. If you feel it’s not up to the mark and your plants won’t get adequate care, it is best to go for plants that do not require such pampering. 

Q. What factors are essential for growing organic food on your garden balcony?

The perfect pop of colour and a touch of nature become even more enhanced when you incorporate the concept of an organic garden on your balcony. While vegetables require a lot of direct sunlight – some basic herbs like thyme or rosemary can grow in less heat.