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Don’t Make Your Spare Room a Storage Space!

Published On: Aug 24, 2022

What is the mental image that comes to your head when we talk about things to do with spare rooms? An unused space, just carrying dumps from other rooms, isn’t it? While planning a residential unit, a spare room is either created due to some negative spaces being left in the plan, or to meet the requirement list of the entire unit and it’s area chart.

Before stepping into the nitty-gritties and start creating a mood board for your spare room, just bullet list the functions you want your spare room to serve, according to their volume and area.  

Any room that's left untouched and lacks the light of function, there are multiple ways by which you can add character and purpose to the same. 

Here are some ideas, if you are up for some meticulous planning and ideas for spare room in your house: 

Create a Library

Ignite the bookworm in you and revamp your spare room into something different, you can make use of. Extend the room, a vintage and warm library, embracing wooden textures and fancy bookshelves. Don't forget 'THE CORNER', where you would curl up with your cup of joe, under a warming lamp, holding your favourite book. 

Create a Library

Walk-in closet

Let’s be honest. Everybody needs a walk-in closet and with the novel planning structure and norms, any residential unit is inclusive of the same. But, anyway, if you've always wanted a closet and you do have a spare one, this spare room idea might be your chance to revamp your room into a well-equipped closet space.

Walk-in closet

Your Decluttering Confidante

If you are aiming at some decluttering, this would actually be your answer to all your problems. You can go for some fancy or efficient organizers for arranging your clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes or anything else you are looking forward to decluttering. You know that chunky wedding-y paraphernalia that sees the sun once in a while, can be stored here without occupying your actual wardrobe space. 

Your Decluttering Confidante

Kids' Playroom

For those who are planning kids or are with kids can segregate this area as their playroom. You can set organisers and compartmentalise toys and other paraphernalia in your kids' room. Playing around with vibrant colours, adding rugs and furniture would also make the space interesting from an interior perspective. 

Kids' Playroom

A Beautiful Guest Room or a Fun Gaming Space? 

While Monica and Chandler inside you argue about the beautiful guest room and the fun game room, both are pin-worthy spare room ideas. 

You can add an elegant bed to the already beautiful interiors of the room, adding some smart storage and last-minute touches would escalate the entire escape. You can add some rugs, cushions and interesting throws in order to bring out the colour scheme of the bedroom. 

On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for planning a game room for your spare area, you might want to install some equipment and games in your room. The interior can be fun, and eclectic, and you can go all out with fluorescent as well. And once you are done revamping the space, you can go all gaga over the place. 

A Beautiful Guest Room or a Fun Gaming Space?  1

A Beautiful Guest Room or a Fun Gaming Space? 

Build a Home Gym – The Healthy Spare Room Idea 

Living amidst a pandemic, while we all have gained some reality checks on health, people have been more conscious of their well-being. So, to think about your spare room, you can also go ahead with revamping it in an indoor gym space. You can pick your own equipment including the machines and yoga mats in order to execute the gym space in your spare room.  

Build a Home Gym - The Healthy Spare Room Idea 

Home Theatre

If you are someone who is into movie nights, you can instigate a home theatre in your spare room. You can install some furniture inside the room along with a wide screen for showcasing the movie. You can install some comfortable couch sitting along with a strong theatre sound system.  You can dedicate your spare room space to a mini movie theatre. 

Home Theatre

One Spare Room, Million Possibilities

You might have a spare room in your home for whatsoever reason, but you can opt for any above-mentioned spare room ideas for revamping your spare room. From creating it into a spare bedroom to making it into a game room or a home theatre, you can make anything out of it. Make sure to use appropriate interior decor that aligns with the purpose of your room along with the types of equipment. 

One Spare Room, Million Possibilities

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    What can I turn my spare room into?

    You can turn your anything interesting that might satisfy the function or any requirement, you might be looking forward to.

    How can I make my spare room look nice?

    You can go ahead with some inspirational theme, depending upon the function you are expecting to come from the room. Apart from that, make sure that you dont miss out on vibrant and playful colours with the additional paraphernalia as the final touch of decor.

    How do you arrange a spare bedroom?

    According to the function of the room, the arrangement, the interior planning and the placement of furniture can be done in a spare bedroom. You can always add your own personal touches to the room that stands by its function.

    How do you decorate a spare room on a budget?

    While there might be multiple ways to decorate your spare room, maintaining the budget can be tedious. You can opt for budget-friendly materials in your decor and some affordable alternatives in terms of equipment.

    What is the difference between a keeping room and a family room?

    A keeping area is basically the informal living area, whereas a family room is a typical living room and works formally like that.

    How do you fill an empty space in a room?

    There can be many subjective and different ways that you can use to fill up space in your room, but storage is one thing that is needed in every empty space. So, maybe efficient storage is what you are looking for.

    How can you make a guest room stylish?

    You can make your guest room stylish by adding the right contrasts and colour palettes depending upon the theme you are looking out for. For example: you play with white, beiges and other neutral tones while planning a minimalistic theme.

    How do you style a spare bedroom?

    There are multiple ways to style your spare bedroom. A few of them have been mentioned above

    What do you put in a spare room for guests?

    You can add some accent elements for decor purposes, along with some smart storage units. Apart from that, you can also add some candles or scents in order to make them feel relaxed and also bring out the aesthetic of the room.

    What do you put in a small empty corner?

    You can install any storage units, an indoor plant or maybe some single-sitting in a small empty corner. A lamp or any lighting accent can also occupy some space.

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