Trendiest Wardrobes Ideas for Small Rooms

Published On: Sep 15, 2022

Your bedroom is the most important room and the wardrobe eventually becomes a major part of it. The ultimate idea of installing space saving wardrobe is a breath of fresh air in the modern-day problems that require modern-day solutions. A beautiful home doesn’t get its beauty from the efforts laid out to bring it to life. Interior Company specializes in making a property your home with solutions to every problem from home improvement to home decoration.  We hope these ideas of wardrobe designs for small bedrooms helped. 

Open Wardrobe 

Open Wardrobe 1

We have got great news for individuals with compact rooms! 

Open wardrobes are a great way to display your fashion. It is a closet style that is on trend at the moment. These organised wardrobe designs for small bedroom for storage are great when you want your wardrobe to be accessible on-the-go style. This style also makes your tight space appear bigger and grander by simply eliminating the closed doors. There are indeed several ways one can design an open wardrobe for small room; as well as for those who own ample space and want to try something quirky. 

Open Wardrobe 2

Transform the open wardrobe for small room with whatever makes you happy or something that looks aesthetic for social media *wink*. This space will be your personal dresser; an ideal set-up for your fashion videos or even an advantage if you live a fast life and want things on display. 

Use wooden or PVC shelving to display your dearest items and make the space more fun with a splash of colour or one can also add some pretty wallpaper to add colour and patterns. 

Wardrobe with Boosted Storage

Wardrobe with Boosted Storage

Living in a comfy yet tight spaced apartment is not always bad, but comes packed with its own benefits. All you have to do is manage the space with wardrobe designs for small bedroom. If you are someone who likes to hang their clothes in the wardrobe or even if your preference is to neatly fold your laundry, the wardrobe for small room has to be an ideal setting that works for you. Opting for baskets and drawer liners for your wardrobe will do wonders (mark the words it will!) if there are compartments in those drawers it will help organise small pieces like lingerie, socks, and handkerchiefs. 

Wardrobe with Boosted Storage 2

We all have heard of the great Marie Condo; the woman who can do wonderous things to your home. The way she organises and folds the laundry to fit in compact drawers and baskets is not only to organise but also to make them look appealing. Utilising the given storage is as important as it is to make it spark joy in you as Marie would say it. 

Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe Design for Small Bedroom 

Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe Design for Small Bedroom 

Wardrobes are one of the major bedroom furniture, therefore investing in a spacious and multifunctional wardrobe is the best option. Floor to ceiling wardrobes for small rooms come with extra loft storage cabinets, it is a smart way to use the rooms' vertical space. 

These types of wardrobe designs for small bedroom can make your space appear clutter-free and organised. It also allows you to utilise the remaining space for other things. 

Modern Bed Headboard Wardrobe 

Modern Bed Headboard Wardrobe 

Headboards are an important part of the bed, and so is the closet in the bedroom. Why not combine the two, Sound uncanny? 

Everyone loves a fabulous and comfortable headboard to rest themselves, but they take up space. We have come up with a solution to solve your problem by creating a sliding door wardrobe headrest. Uses the lower part of it as the headboard while the upper part as a wardrobe designs for small bedroom. This is an impeccable idea of storage when you are working in tight spaces. The sliding doors save space in comparison to hinged doors. There is a choice to either install rods to hang your clothes or to add a compartment for a much cleaner and more organised look. 

Study Table Attached Wardrobe For Small Room 

Study Table Attached Wardrobe For Small Room 

Interior design has now become more considerate towards making the house more comfortable and functional for the inhabitants. The idea of getting a study table attached to the wardrobe for small room is idealistic when you want to save some space or if you are working with small wardrobe interior design. 

This will not only give extra space but also a multifunctional wardrobe. The floor to ceiling wardrobe designs for small bedroom doesn't save plenty of space in the house by utilising vertical space. Get some open shelves attached to it above the desk to stack your treasure. If you don't have many books to stack you can also display your favourite figurine we never judge!

Wardrobe with Mirrors 

Wardrobe with mirrors 

Mirrors are a useful tool to use whilst working in a cramped space. Mirrors help create an illusion of a bigger room when used in the right way. Change the ordinary and plain wooden closet doors with mirrored doors to beautify your bedroom even more. Plus you'll not need extra mirrors for dressing

Wardrobe designs for small bedroom with mirror can be a useful trick for the room's perspective, but make sure to use big mirrors otherwise they will make the space appear like a narrow grotto. 

This floor to ceiling Wardrobe designs for small bedroom with mirror is an asset of functionality. The sliding doors help cover the separate dressing unit and storage. 

Murphy bed Multi-functional Wardrobe 

Murphy bed Multi-functional Wardrobe 

A utility closet is the best way to save space in a small bedroom, and this is a complete saviour. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is fully glazed and creates the perfect addition to the room. Similar to the innovative foldable tables and chairs, the closet also has a pull-down Murphy bed section under the loft closet, which is very useful in tight and small space wardrobe designs for small bedroom. When not in use, the bed can be pulled up to free up space in the room. The space-saving cabinet design utilises the bedside panels to create the perfect modular solution to keep your space spacious and organised.

In a Nutshell 

When we talk about wardrobe, the only thing that we focus on is the storage; but along with that it is important to choose something that looks appealing and suits your home interiors. 

We hope this array of wardrobe designs for small bedrooms helped find the style that will be the best-suited option for your home. 

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What type of wardrobe is best for a small bedroom?

Wardrobe designs for small bedroom like single, or double with either one or two doors are ideal choices.

How can you add additional storage in small bedrooms?

There are several smart ways for you to add or increase storage for wardrobe designs for small bedroom in your home. Some of the ways are floating shelves, bed foot trunks, storage under the bed, boxing up less used stuff in the closet and double duty furniture.

What should the minimum width of a wardrobe be?

The standard dimensions for a wardrobe is a minimum of 7 feet by 10 feet. A single door closet about 4-5 feet deep with an occupancy of 24 inches of depth and 36 on clearance.

Does a fitted wardrobe add value to your room?

A fitted wardrobe adds value as well as amplifies the look of the room it is in. A buyer who finds wardrobes interesting and intriguing then they might also be willing to pay extra to just have them.

Do fitted wardrobes cause dampness?

When a built-in wardrobe is fitted in the wall then the interior of the wall gets blocked inside and doesn’t get any heat or air circulation. This area can get prone to humidity and moisture making it a prime location for mould. 

How does it take one to install a built-in wardrobe?

If a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe for small bedroom needs to be installed, then make sure that the wall is plumb and straight and the floor and ceilings are levelled then this should take only  2-3 hours for completion.