13 Best Home Decor Ideas for Living Room You Want to Explore Now

Published On: Oct 6, 2021

Historically, the living room is often associated with comfort. Apart from luxury, the living room is supposed to showcase a sense of comfort that you can provide to your guests. However, comfort is not limited to cosy sofas and cushions. Thus we are here with this amazing informative piece for you where we list home decor ideas for the living room for a restful experience.

Elongate the Ceiling

Elongate the Ceiling

To make your living room feel more open and cosy, think about stretching the ceiling. This living area decoration tip can make it seem taller and more inviting. You can do this by using patterns or lines on the ceiling, like stripes or textured designs. It tricks your eye into seeing more space. You can also add fancy moulding where the walls meet the ceiling to make it look more elegant.

Another trick is to hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor.

Hang lights lower from the ceiling, like chandeliers or hanging lamps. It draws your attention and makes the room feel taller. Add mirrors on the walls to bounce light around and make the room feel larger.

Add Plants and Flowers

Add Plants and Flowers

Enhance the soothing ambience of your living room by introducing plants and flowers. Houseplants like succulents not only bring a natural touch but also purify the air. Position them around the window so that they can get fresh air and sun.

Similarly, simple living room decor ideas like fresh flowers in a simple vase infuse the room with colour and fragrance. Opt for flowers in calming hues like pastels or whites to amplify the relaxing atmosphere. You can also go for the colourful ones if your home is already full of pastels.

Add Nostalgic Elements

Add Nostalgic Elements

Infusing your living room with nostalgic elements can be great sitting room decor ideas. These timeless pieces will evoke feelings of warmth in your guests in no time.

Candles! They can create soft, ambient lighting that instantly sets a relaxed mood. Opt for scented candles with comforting fragrances for better results. Arrange them on coffee tables, mantels, or decorative trays for a charming display.

Rocking chairs and old-school recliners! They offer a sense of comfort and familiarity. They provide cosy seating options for reading, sipping tea, or simply unwinding. Upholster them in soft, tactile fabrics like plush cushions or warm, textured throws for added comfort. These classic pieces invite you to settle in and take a trip down memory lane.

Less is More

Less is More 

Interior decoration ideas for the living room not only mean you need to add items to your space, but also need to know what is good for the ambience you are aiming for! Reducing the furniture in your living room can create a more relaxing space. It opens up the room, making it feel spacious and calm. With fewer pieces, you can focus on quality and choose items that match your style. Natural light can flow more freely, enhancing the room’s soothing effect. Cleaning becomes simpler.

Paint the Ceiling

Paint the Ceiling

Painting the ceiling can be a unique living room decor idea. Choose a calming colour like soft blue or gentle grey to set a tone. This colour harmony between the ceiling, walls, and decor elements creates visual coherence and balance. Opting for a slightly lighter shade than the walls can create the illusion of a more open and airy space. The texture and finish of the paint also play a role. With matte or eggshell finishes imparting a soft and velvety appearance. You can also try giving it a theme like stars or plants for more textured space.

Play With Shapes & Colours

Play With Shapes & ColoursThis can truly transform your living room into a relaxing space. Colours, like soft blues or muted pastels, evoke calmness. Harmonious colour schemes add balance. Using different hues of colour can make a perfect space. Simple, symmetrical shapes create stability. You can also add a modern home decor living room with a piece of attraction. Abstract art, uniquely shaped vases or attractive lights are some of the things. Make sure not to overdo the shapes. It will create chaos in the living room making it more cluttered.

Make It Easy on the Eye

Blue Living Room sofa

Choosing trendy living room decor designs that are easy on the eye is a must. A well-considered colour scheme with soothing reduces visual clutter. Green, blue, white, cream and brown are some of the colours that make the space comfy. While thoughtful furniture arrangement promotes a harmonious flow. The strategic use of ornaments to increase visual comfort is an old-school design technique. You can also make it easy on the eyes by going for natural lights instead of artificial ones.

Bring Some Texture to the Room

Bring Some Texture to the Room

Living home decor that has texture can make the living room an inviting place to relax. Soft, fluffy cushions and throws on your couch that not only feel comfy but also look great. Rugs with different textures, like shaggy or woven ones, can define spaces and make your floor feel soft underfoot. Think about your walls, too. Textured wallpapers or wall panels can give your room a cool look and make it more interesting. If you have wooden furniture or decorations, they bring a natural texture that makes the room feel warm.

For a touch of luxury, try using velvet fabric on your furniture, like sofas or chairs. It feels super soft and looks really nice. Lastly, curtains or drapes with an interesting texture can block light and give your room a calm and peaceful vibe.

Hang Your Furniture

Can you make your room fancy while maintaining peace? Hanging your furniture can be the perfect living area decor idea to do so. Using a hanging chair or swinging sofa can make your room fun as well as relaxing. You can also use the hanging technique for plants, decorations and anything else you want to add to the room. Carpets are also under the category! Make sure to have strong screwing in the home to avoid any damage or accidents in the home. 

Have Fun With Throw Pillows

Colorful Pillows on Sofa little

Having fun with throw pillows is a delightful way to create a relaxing living room. These small living room decoration design ideas can make a big impact on the overall feel of your space. Choose your throw pillows in soothing colours. Experiment with different pillow sizes, shapes, and patterns. Combining various textures and designs adds visual interest and a touch of whimsy to your seating area. Select pillows with plush and soft textures. Velvet, faux fur, or knitted pillows are comfortable. Incorporate throw pillows with nature-inspired motifs like floral patterns or leafy prints. Don’t hesitate to add throw pillows with personal touches, such as monograms or custom designs.  Lastly, change your throw pillows seasonally to reflect the time of year. Lighter, breezier pillows for summer and warmer, cosier ones for winter can help set the right mood.

Keep Your TV Away

Minimalist Living Room Interior Dark Walls

Hiding your TV in the living room is a strategic choice. By concealing it when not in use, you can maintain the calmness of your living room decoration design. This encourages meaningful conversations and social engagement. Moreover, a concealed TV adds a layer of cosiness to the room. It also promotes a deliberate and mindful approach to entertainment. Additionally, integrating the hidden TV into your living room’s design harmonises with its overall aesthetics.

Layer Your Curtains

Layer Your Curtains

Layering your curtains is a practical approach for a front room interior decoration. By introducing multiple layers of curtains, you can achieve several advantageous outcomes. It allows you to finely tune the amount of natural light that filters into the room. Secondly, these layered curtains enhance privacy, especially during evening hours. Thirdly, they contribute to sound insulation.

From an aesthetic standpoint, layering curtains adds depth and texture to your window treatments. These layers can also play a role in regulating room temperature by offering additional insulation against both cold drafts and excessive heat. Furthermore, the versatility of layered curtains enables you to adapt your living room’s atmosphere for different occasions and seasons.

Add Wood

Living Room Marble Wall Fireplace Stylish

Wood adds a natural, earthy aesthetic to your space. Whether it’s wooden furniture, flooring, or decor, the presence of wood enhances the room’s visual appeal. This living room decor idea radiates warmth in its appearance and tactile qualities. Wooden furniture and decor pieces contribute to a welcoming and comfortable living room environment. The texture of the wood adds depth and interest to your space. One of the significant advantages of wood is its timelessness; it never goes out of style. It can also improve room acoustics by absorbing sound.


Our home decor ideas can make your living room a peaceful heaven. Embrace the idea that less furniture can open up your space and allow natural light to flow freely. Incorporating various textures through cushions, rugs, wallpapers, and wooden elements adds depth and warmth. These suggestions will transform your living room into a haven of relaxation and comfort for you and your guests. For more such content you can follow Interior Company online. We post various home decor techniques that will help you decorate your home. If you need an interior decor expert or an interior designer to decorate your home, residential complex or any other place you have, then all you have to do is drop a text or call us anytime.

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    How can I make my living room more relaxing?

    You can elongate the ceiling, add plants and flowers, incorporate nostalgic elements, reduce furniture, and play with calming colours and shapes.

    What colours are best for creating a peaceful living room?

    Soft blues, muted pastels, green, white, cream, and brown are ideal for a calming atmosphere.

    What furniture should I avoid in a relaxing living room?

    Avoid cluttering the space with excessive furniture; instead, focus on quality pieces.

    How can I incorporate nostalgia into my living room decor?

    Consider adding candles, rocking chairs, old-school recliners, or other timeless elements.

    What role does lighting play in creating a relaxing living room?

    Use soft, ambient lighting, lower-hanging lights, and mirrors to make the room feel cosy and spacious.

    What are some low-maintenance plants suitable for a living room?

    Succulents and easy-to-care-for houseplants are perfect choices.

    How can I make my living room more visually appealing and comfortable?

    Add texture with cushions, throws, rugs, and curtains, and incorporate wood elements for warmth.

    Why is it essential to keep the TV covered in a relaxing living room?

    Hiding the TV promotes meaningful interactions, reduces distractions, and maintains a calm atmosphere.

    What should I consider when layering curtains in my living room?

    Layered curtains provide light control, privacy, and sound insulation while adding depth and style.

    How can I create a serene living room without a complete overhaul?

    Making small changes like rearranging furniture, adding throw pillows, and incorporating natural elements can significantly improve the room’s ambiance.