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Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas for the Big Feast

Published On: Nov 18, 2022

“Forever on Thanksgiving, the heart will find the pathway home.”

Thanksgiving is one of the most wholesome and fulfilling holidays (quite literally). The stakes are high, especially if you’re hosting this autumn celebration. With friends and family surrounding you and your dinner table, turkey is not the only thing that garners the most attention. Embellishing the Thanksgiving table decor could help your hosting skills stand out with bravado!

Devising a Thanksgiving table setting can be a breeze if you stay true to your style. Don't hold back; go all in for maximalist displays or preach intimacy with minimalist designs. However, if you want inspiration on how to nail these art movements, we have you covered. 

Thanksgiving Table Decor Setting Ideas

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” So, leave no stone unturned!

Traditional Trinkets

Source: Pinterest

Opting for a timelessly traditional Thanksgiving table decor would help you stick to the roots. A classic setup would include starting with a plaid tablecloth, decorative turkey plates, and an ear of Indian corn at the table. With nuts, oak leaves, pine cones, decorative gourdsl and antlers, you can pull off a quintessential Thanksgiving dinner, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. 

Chinoiserie Accents 

Source: Pinterest

For chic and simple Thanksgiving decorations, try incorporating some chinoiserie pieces. From serving dishes and plates to hand-painted chinoiserie pumpkins, these elegant ceramic dinner accessories will ensure that your party exudes an é¼ber-preppy feel on your thanksgiving table.

Natural Plants

Source: Pinterest

There is nothing to be afraid of a bare table. Using a cornucopia of natural elements – white pumpkins, eucalyptus, and pine cones will make your Thanksgiving table setting as elegant as ever. 

Colour Bomb

Source: Pinterest

Yellow, orange, and brown are the colours of Thanksgiving, and we understand the relevance attached to them. However, a little splash of colour never hurt anybody. Do not be afraid to use shades like turquoise, pink, or accents of gold for that extra touch of oomph. This modern Thanksgiving table setting is bound to create a jolly atmosphere for your guests. 

From the Designers' Dairy: Fashion and interior designers look inwards and derive decor inspiration from their surroundings. For Thanksgiving table ideas, the colours chosen reflect the season's aesthetic. So, earthy tones are preferred for the Thanksgiving festivities. They also add personalised touches that make the table feel special and bring the semblance together. 

Autumnal Dinnerware

Source: Pinterest

A thriving colour scheme acts as a driving force behind the overall aesthetic of your Thanksgiving table decor. To attain the festive look, opt for dusty pink, beige, or brown dinnerware set/flatware. These autumnal colours will bind the look together for a much more thrilling Thanksgiving experience for your family. 

White and Green Decor

Source: Pinterest

Timelessly chic, seasonal, and elegant, a green and white display can be the flagbearer of a modern Thanksgiving table decor. Plates adorned with nature-inspired greenery are a brilliant way to incorporate colour into your space. It also pairs well with a vine centrepiece. Throw in some decorative pumpkins to channel the autumnal vibe. 

Patterned Plates

Source: Pinterest

Since food is the real focal point of a Thanksgiving dinner, how about making the plates the statement pieces? Choose a serving platter or plate with a turkey printed on it, or like the 'Give Thanks' engraving in the reference above. This is probably one of the most holiday-ready Thanksgiving table decor ideas, no matter the other pieces you choose. Your guests would certainly be put in a food coma. 

Gothic Shades for the Win

Source: Pinterest

For celebrations at twilight, dark colours exude more than just a festive vibe. A dark colour palette would make your inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations look luxurious. It also helps the other accent colours to shine bright. 

Derive a Minimalist Approach

Source: Pinterest

Disclaimer: This decor isn’t for clodhoppers who spill more food than they eat! 

Make understated decor a breath of fresh air with this minimalist and elegant Thanksgiving table decor. Wall-hanging leaves, candelabras, tapered metallic candle stands, and chic tablecloths can render the season's touch, letting your decor take centre stage. Maximise the relevance of Thanksgiving and autumn with minimalism.

Hints of Gold

Source: Pinterest

For a more opulent Thanksgiving dining table decor, highlight the table with pops of metallic. Gold accents go a long way in accentuating a space, from cups, candles, and cutlery to simple light strings across the dining room. Chic elements like dramatic wine glasses in gold are sure to make a statement, shimmering on the table. 

Unconventional Placemat

Source: Pinterest

You do not have to hide your placemat underneath your plate. Bring it forth to make a statement that will also render a new element to your table. For a more rustic look, replace your conventional chargers with upscale wooden planks. 

Contrasting Hues

Source: Pinterest

Atop a classic white canvas, this blank and white contrast looks anything but boring. The assortment of patterns and textures adds a panache to the space. Sleek elements and dust of gold bind the look together, rendering an upscale sophistication. 

Ombre Pumpkins

Source: Pinterest

A bright alternative to your Thanksgiving table setting, paint the mini pumpkins in a variety of yellows and neon pinks. This would incorporate a more vibrant colour palette to your table. Do not hesitate to play around with the colour scheme, including cranberry, peach, and hues of greens and blues. Also, use matching paper napkins to create a more cohesive look.

Kids' Thanksgiving Table Decor

Source: Pinterest

It does not take a lot to make a Thanksgiving table festive. Furthermore, a table for kids does not have to be too kitschy. Use an inexpensive craft paper instead of a tablecloth (also helps the little ones doodle before dinner). Use creative fonts for menus and name cards. Replace your traditional cups with colourful paper cups, and remember to keep the crayons for the cutest table decor!

Bring it Outside

Source: Pinterest

If you plan an intimate dinner with a small gathering, take your Thanksgiving table setting outside. Arrange or embellish your table with pumpkins, rattan placemats or potted mums. Throw in taper candles for cosy lighting and a warm ambience. Blankets render a soft landing to your space (you can also wrap them around if the weather gets chilly). 

Tip: Whichever decor style you choose, ensure that your guests should feel at home and at ease. The beverages should be abundant, the food delicious, accompanied by a good flow of conversation

Porch Style Picnic

Source: Pinterest

If you have a covered deck or a porch, believe us, you need to follow a picnic-style Thanksgiving table decor. Designers swear by this fall decor idea, and you should too! Throw in huge pumpkins, lanterns, or hanging lights, and plenty of throw blankets and pillows to curate a cosy ambience. 

Tip: Eclectic styles (mix and match) go a long way when you have a large gathering of people to cater to. Blend casual and fancy elements but ensure the overall look is cohesive.

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Get Your Pie On!

Thanksgiving is the occasion to count your blessings and eat your hearts out. An exquisite display of mouth-watering dishes would only increase the appetite of your guests. Cue modern Thanksgiving table decor ideas for the perfect dinner flash. Get into your feast mode for a flamboyant execution or an understated set of gorgeous showpieces. Contact the experts at Interior Company for more decor ideas.

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    How do I decorate my Thanksgiving table setting on a budget?

    For a stunning Thanksgiving table decor, keep it neutral, ditch the tablecloth, go for mini floral arrangements, embrace eccentric (mismatched) styles, or use a lot of candles.

    What are some good modern Thanksgiving table decor ideas?

    Use flower centrepieces, decorative trays, table vases, table runners, charger plates, placemats, napkin rings, or candles for a unique yet elegant Thanksgiving table decor.

    What are the five ways to set a stunning Thanksgiving dining table decor?

    Choose a colour palette or theme for an eye-catching Thanksgiving table decor, set each place setting, adorn a floral centrepiece, enhance the ambience with candlelight, and add decorations for an eccentric touch.

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