Inspiring Modular Kitchen Colour Combination Ideas

Published On: Dec 08, 2022

The kitchen truly is the centre of your home, and this is no secret. It is not only a space for preparing meals but also cook delicious memories with your loved ones. Therefore, it is imperative to combine the best colour combination for the kitchen, which is exactly appropriate for the mood. The right kitchen colour combination can transform its conventional design into a sophisticated space.

Do you want to design a kitchen with fascinating colour combinations? Then, this blog will address the significance of your modular kitchen colour combination and provide a list of the most trendy hues for your kitchen.

Blue and White Modular Kitchen Colour Combination

Modular Kitchen Colour with white and blue Combination

A blend of blue and white is a simple kitchen colour combination yet effective. This colour duo provides upliftment and vitality, which is reminiscent of the sea. With this traditional kitchen colour combination, you can bring in a bright, beachy atmosphere. This kitchen's colour scheme has a Greece charm, creating a pleasant atmosphere. White reflects feelings of simplicity and purity, thus balancing the different hues of blue, no matter the tone, dark or pastel.  Use a variety of blue hues in addition to white for your cabinets to garner interest. Put on your creative cap and give your cabinets a makeover using the best colour combination for the kitchen - blue and white.

Red and Grey Kitchen Wall Colour Combination

Grey and Red Kitchen Wall Colour

It may be intimidating to choose a dramatic and vivid colour such as red and grey for the kitchen but isn't cooking similar to creating spectacular art?

A striking red wall in the kitchen works brilliantly with grey cabinets creating a bold look. On the other hand, by painting the walls a soothing shade of grey, the intensity of the red colour might be subdued to create a more calming atmosphere. The kitchen colour combination represents both being self-assured and yet modest.

A dramatic and bold colour choice for the kitchen wall, you can pair red with different tones such as cherry red, rustic crimson, merlot, paprika, rose red and more.

Play with Pastels

Pastels colour combination kitchen design

Soft pastel colours such as blush pink and subtle teal can express an elegant, refined style.

Are you in a playful mood? Then, add a subtle, neutral splash of pastel pink. Paint your backsplash wall in pastel teal green and add pastel pinks in decorative accents and elements. This will enhance the kitchen space creating a stylish look. Start by incorporating multiple pink details, such as pink furniture, artwork, dishtowels, and other accessories. Everyone wants to get rid of dullness, and the appropriate kitchen colour combination will create the ideal setting for an emotional mood.

Black and Gold - A Royal Touch

Black and Gold kitchen colour combination

Black is making its way on the list of the best colour combination for the kitchen. A bold yet classy colour for the kitchen. Black creates a vintage, modern or even an industrial theme depending on how you design your kitchen. This bold colour is low maintenance and exudes class and style. 

Adding a little glitz and shine with gold metallic accents will give the kitchen a royal look. It can be minimal with gold drawer handles, chimney, and faucet or go all out and add a gold glossy tiled kitchen island or backsplash. No matter the look, a blend of black and gold will create a flamboyant vibe.

Blue and Black

Blue and Black kitchen colour combination design

Blue is an invigorating and timeless colour for a kitchen. It works with bright, light, and dark tones in every space. The colours blue and black are an ideal kitchen wall colour combination that reflects a vintage retro or a bold modern look. Select a shade of blue from the palette for your kitchen cabinets and paint the walls and backsplash black. This will reflect a contemporary look and a change from monotony. One can add a neutral shade such as white to cabinets to create a playful mood.  

Grey and Yellow - A Pop of Sunshine

Grey and Yellow colour combination for kitchen

The shades of yellow and grey were termed as Pantone Colour of the Year 2021. The entrance of vivid yellows, oranges and melancholy blues in the kitchen is anticipated by those in the know. Use these colour combinations for the kitchen sparingly for maximum impact to get the most out of them. On the other hand, white is losing ground to grey as the preferred neutral for a modern kitchen. By utilising grey as the backdrop colour on walls or cabinets, you can evoke a feeling of peace. Introduce a vibrant accent colour, such as a sunny yellow, to add liveliness.

Yellow is a joyful colour that energises any space and conjures up images of the sun. No matter how little the space is, you can never be bored in a yellow kitchen.  White, grey or other neutral shades can be used to soften the brightness if desired.

Layer cool blue or soft green accents throughout the room to maintain a relaxing atmosphere such as indoor plants or kitchen accents. Grey is a foundation colour for any kitchen colour combination that works with almost every other colour.

Green and White - Get Inspired by Nature

Green and White for kitchen

Green is the colour trend that everyone is talking about in 2022, and it's projected to be particularly trendy in kitchens. Being a colour found in nature, green is secure and classic to employ in the kitchen. This year, deep emerald and soft sage tones appear as the colour combination for the kitchen, especially on cabinetry where green paint colours can truly sparkle.

An emerald green accent wall can be a showstopper for a simple and minimalistic kitchen. Use no-frill white woodwork cabinets along with rustic elements and accessories for a countryside look. For an earthy charm and a natural and fresh vibe, add indoor plants to your kitchen. 

Brown - Neutral Earthy Tones

Brown - Neutral Earthy Tones colour for kitchen

Whites and blues are giving way to warm, grounded colours like browns, beige, and terra-cotta in the kitchen colour trends. Rich earthy tones are gaining ground while farmhouse colour schemes are regressing.

A brown kitchen that is in harmony with the earth element welcomes steadiness and robustness. Choose a kitchen colour combination with brown accents to provide a comfortable and soothing vibe. With this timeless pairing of brown and white, the kitchen will always look classy.

Different hues of sand and soil will anchor the kitchen space. Consider drawing inspiration from this classy kitchen's brown cabinets, beige tiled backsplash, amongst other features. Who would have guessed that the subdued colour could make your kitchen appear warm, cosy, and beautiful?

Final Thoughts

The colour scheme and design that best express your uniqueness, in our opinion, would make the ideal choice for your kitchen. In conclusion, these kitchen colour combinations are trending in 2022 to create a dramatic, bold, or calm ambience. Get in touch with our experts at Interior Company if you need any assistance with design ideas for your home.

What is a good neutral colour for a kitchen?

To exude or create a warm and cosy vibe in your kitchen, the best colours are neutral and earthy tones such as beige, ivory white, grey, sage, and brown.

Which colour is best for kitchen cabinets?

Neutral tones such as grey, beige, and white or deeper shades such as black and blue are ideal for kitchen cabinets. These colours create a vibe depending on the shade and tone and allow for the integration of playful colours with different accents, accessories, and elements.

What are the new kitchen colours for 2022?

The new kitchen colour combinations for 2022 are in a range of earthy, bold, and bright colours such as –

1. Green 

2. Pastels

3. Black

4. Grey

5. Yellow

6. Brown

7. Red