Modern Kitchen Colour Combinations for Stunning Interiors

Published On: Feb 1, 2023

There is no denying the fact that every space designed must be a mirror of your style and personality. Now, multiply the zest required when it comes to executing a kitchen design by a hundred because it is the only place that requires you to be creative at all times. Modern kitchen wall colours can impact your productivity, emotions, and mood while you cook your favourite dishes. Hence, it becomes important to pay heed to your kitchen’s colour scheme to garner maximum output. 

Whether you are an experimentalist or thrive with minimalism, these modern kitchen colour combinations can help you imbibe the creative spark. 

The Correct Way to Colour your Kitchen

Before you get swooned away by design ideas, you should know how to induce colours in your kitchen. 

  • The right approach is to choose neutral tones for the foundational elements. These parts are difficult to replace and are more costly. They include countertops, appliances, floors, and cabinets. 
  • The next step is to incorporate colour in the backsplash, walls, lighting, window treatments, and other accents. This helps in replacing the current colour scheme as per popular trends and your personal taste.
  • Keep in mind that when you are choosing colours for the surfaces, accessories, and paint, begin with the hue that you adore the most and then choose complementary colours that will produce felicitous results. 

Modern Kitchen Colours Design Ideas

These design colours have been hitting the kitchen trend charts all over the world. 

1. Green and Gold

Source: Pinterest

A colour that nods to nature, green has resurfaced as one of the most trending modern kitchen cupboard colours. Hints of gold in the pendant lights, faucet, and other accessories provide a shine to the matte dark olive green. 

2. Navy Blue and Grey

Source: Pinterest

A bright and bold modern kitchen colour combination, navy blue and grey with hints of gold look ravishing. This preppy kitchen colour scheme is striking when blue is used on base cabinetry or an island. Gold is used on fixtures, pendant lighting and hardware for subtle accents. The grey is subtly used on the kitchen floor tiles to bind the look together.  

3. Mint Green and White

Source: Pinterest

Some modern kitchen colours do not need to stand out because their grace lies in their subtle nature. Pairing pastel hues with white renders an airy, bright colour scheme that is inviting and calm. Adorn the cabinets with mint green and colour the walls white for a refreshing colour combination. 

4. White, Black and Brown

Source: Pinterest

White modern colour kitchen cabinets can be a hit with a mesmerising contrast of black and brown. Here, wooden undertones act as the accent colour which accentuates the black and white colour scheme. Copper-tinted accessories are the perfect accompaniments to the space. The natural light also highlights the warm colours, making the place look warm and cosy. 

5. Copper and Cream

Source: Pinterest

Both cream and copper are contemporary kitchen colours that not only make the place unique but also render a fresh look. The overall tone of the interiors is dominated by earthy tones, perfect for those who crave a farmhouse demeanour. Copper utensils carry out the copper theme throughout. 

6. Black and Red

Source: Pinterest

For the unversed, red is a surprisingly versatile colour for the kitchen, especially when it is blended with a dark neutral. With a plethora of red hues to choose from, go for the one that suits your style. Vermilion is one of the most hyped-up modern kitchen cupboard colours. A more traditional look can be achieved with a deep wine-colour shade. Here, a red island strikes a balance with the black and white kitchen. 

7. Pink and White

Source: Pinterest

Blending pink into the kitchen seamlessly is a piece of cake when you match it with crisp white. The result is a light, garden-fresh feel. For a more luxurious look, gold accents are the real deal. Keep white as a dominant colour and then work your way through the cabinets, or island with the pink. Highlight the furniture with gold accents for oomph and opulence. 

8. Glossy Green and Black

Source: Pinterest

The jewel-tone green has been selling like hotcakes and using it in gloss just takes the glam factor up a notch. It exudes a surge of energy in the space that can only be accomplished with saturated colours. Hints of gold in the form of a faucet and other accessories are a welcome surprise next to the shiny surfaces. 

9. Pale Green and Brown

Source: Pinterest

Since green has resurfaced as the colour of the century, it can be used in any shade, and the result will blow your mind. Blend it with brown, black, and hints of white for a unified outlook. Bring in natural plants for a slice of heaven on Earth. 

10. Marigold and Beige

Source: Pinterest

To induce warm colours in your kitchen space, ditch the common hues for marigold because this trend is here to stay. Teak wood in dark brown adds a dash of class to the demeanour. Use neutral shades for a more cohesive look. Ensure that you embellish the kitchen with wooden accessories and utensils for a richer ambience. 

11. Lavender Grey and Brown

Source: Pinterest

Almost every design trend in 2024 has made abundant use of lavender for its sheer grace. Lavender in a kitchen space can make it look both modern and laid back. Blend it up with browns and whites to ground the space. 

Tips to Add Colours to Your Kitchen

If you are bored with your current kitchen colours but are not geared up for a full makeover, then inducing new hues is the easiest way out. Follow these simple steps to add colours to your kitchen. 

1. Paint in Unexpected Places

Source: Pinterest

Fresh paint on a backsplash, ceiling, or even the sides of a kitchen island can refresh a room's look in more ways than one. Butter yellow, mint green, or pale aqua are perfect for a kitchen island. Go bold with olive green or poppy red for a backsplash. Paint the ceiling peach or sky blue for a floating effect. 

2. Throw in Rugs

Source: Pinterest

A kitchen colour can be revved up with ease by simply adding a new rug. Do not hesitate to indulge in patterns, colour combinations, and textures that complement contemporary kitchen colours. Always choose the correct rug pad for the flooring type in the respective room. 

3. Decorative Dinnerware

Source: Pinterest

The dinnerware in a kitchen is visible at any given hour and one of the easiest ways to revamp your kitchen colours is to update to a more colourful set. You might observe the plain dinnerware becomes invisible. Hence, choose an accent colour from your favourite kitchen linen or from a nearby room and use it in your dinnerware. 

4. Accent Colour Wall

Source: Pinterest

Kitchens can face a colour challenge too. With modern colour kitchen cabinets, open spaces, and appliances, it can be difficult to incorporate an accent colour. You can solve this problem by adding an accent coloured wall outside the kitchen. This wall can be in a mud room, or a hall that goes through the kitchen.  

It's Time to be Tickled Pink!

Your creativity should know no bounds when it comes to working in a space that feeds your appetite. Colours can please your soul from a range of bold and bright to neutral and white palettes. Mix and match these hues to strike harmony with the colours that suit your style and the kitchen interior design.


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    Q 1. What are the modern kitchen colours for 2022?

    Ans. Bold black, nature-inspired greens, sunny yellows, and rich earth tones are the trendiest modern kitchen wall colours.

    Q 2. What is the most popular colour to paint a kitchen?

    Ans. According to experts, navy blue and white are the most popular contemporary kitchen colours.

    Q 3. Which modern kitchen colour combination is best for the kitchen?

    Ans. Dark blue and light blue, green and gold, black and white, white and blue, and neutral browns and whites are some of the most popular modern kitchen colour combinations.