Must Follow Tips to Style a Modern Coffee Table Like a Designer

Published On: Oct 27, 2021

Addicted to coffee? Have you ever tried different types of coffee? How many different coffee brands do you know? Do you like how the coffee smells? Have you ever sat across a cup of coffee? Like long conversations? Like to visit a coffee shop or a café that serves the best coffee in the world? Know your favourite spots of coffee? 

The answer to all the above questions is Yes! Then, you have laid your eyes on the right blog, when you know you are a sucker for coffee then why not create your own coffee corner at your place. Coffee Corner what’s that? I know some of you might think what a coffee corner even means, and why in the first place you even need one in your own living space. But it’s one of the best options to have a coffee corner of your own. 

Normally the coffee corner is a space that is overlooked when designing a house for the simple reason of it not giving a stylish feel to the room, but I would beg to differ. If the coffee corner is managed and maintained in a proper way, it can make the look of the house aesthetically gorgeous and definitely acts as an added beauty to the room.  Not only is the visual appeal eye-catching but it’s the perfect evening plan for you. Don’t limit yourself to a chair, a table and two cups of coffee, rather you can do lots in that corner to have the perfect cup of coffee for yourself don’t forget the view though.

First thing that you should always keep in mind is that the coffee table has its own distinguished place and purpose in a living space. Since this will be a corner which will catch many eyes, which is why it is important that you always keep it neat and clean. When I say eye-catching, I don’t necessarily mean vibrant colors and art works. If you are somebody who doesn’t like big corners, solely dedicated to coffee then you can always shrink it down to a small and cozy place for your coffee time.

Different Ways and Styles To Design Your Modern Coffee Table in Living Room.

Keep a Balance While Designing Your Coffee Table

No matter what corner of the house you are about to design, the one thing you should always keep in mind is Balance. If the coffee table that you want to design will have a proper balance maintained it can give your house a chic corner and symmetry is one such element that can make you bring balance in your display. The best way to do so is by dividing the coffee table into 4 sq. grid which will help in sectionalizing the style of each of the parts of the coffee table, having a symmetry in all these four sections will eventually help you have a perfect coffee table ready for you. Next, keep a single accessory on the table, these accessories could be anything from plant to sculpture to many small display objects, the only thing you need to keep in mind while displaying these accessories is balance of size & tone, the object kept on the centre of the coffee should not be either too big or too small. 

Make Your Coffee Table Design Look Organic

Make the look of the coffee table organic, simple yet chic. Keeping the things around the coffee table helps in giving a very natural look to the room. Simply set a treelike stool on each side of the seating area by adding furniture that just goes well with the texture of the room. Don’t add much on the counter of the table, just add a vibrant color vase and you are all set for a perfect coffee evening. 

Side Table or Carts as Your Coffee Space

If you don’t want your coffee corner to acquire a lot of space, then arranging a side table or a cart is another great option that you can opt for. A rolling cart is the best suitable option for you if you want to display all the coffee accessories you have. Creating a rolling coffee bar can be easily handled even on the days you have guests to entertain. This idea is great if you have a small or medium space to cover. 

Coffee Bar Shelf Design

Another option that you can always opt for is a coffee bar shelf, but the most important aspect that you need to pay attention to is the type of shelf you choose for the place, it is important that you the right color, size, and shape of the shelf, as a shelf attracts a lot of eyes to itself. You can always play around with the kind of shelf you want to choose for yourself; it could be vintage, modern, or maybe a good combination of both.

Customize Your Own Coffee Bar

You can customize your own coffee station bar which includes the type of cabinet style you want for your bar, you can add different kinds of sitting arrangements like a coffee bar stool, chair, to make it more attractive you can always play with the kind of lighting such as a lamp or an incorporated ceiling lights which when hits the area gives it a very bright look. 

Lightings For Your Modern Coffee Table Design

Lighting in any form plays a very vital role in making the space eye pleasing. The right kind of light could make the area look bright and beautiful. Well, a coffee corner does not require a very harsh light. It’s always better If you rather opt for a light that is simple and subtle when it hits the platform. You can never go wrong with a dim light, as its best suitable for both day and night time, its okay if you want to play with the color of light choose from colors such as a white light or maybe a yellow one, these two colors of lights can go with any and every texture of accessory you have chosen for your room or area.

Coffee Mugs Showcase Design

What is coffee without a mug? Soundly weird right?  Which is why showcase the collection of mugs you have for the cup of coffee you have every day. Add hook spaces to hang in your mugs this gives a very creative look to the corner and don’t lie it looks interesting and and don’t forget when displayed all these mugs on the wall you remember you have too many mugs to serve yourself that daily coffee in. 

Make Your Living Room Coffee Table Feel Like your Favourite Coffee Shop

Mornings usually are meant to be bright, positive, and of course colorful, being able to see which is adorable to eyes makes your morning look a little cute. So, the next idea that hit me is what if we turn our coffee station to feel like some bakery store. Then, you should make the station all white to give you that perfect start to your mornings. Add a cabinet or hanging shelf along with two boards decorated stating ‘Coffee’ and ‘Fresh Baked Cookies’ wherein two jars can state the same label, you can keep coffee capsules in one of the jars and the other jar can keep your cookies.  As, the entire station is themed white, so keeping accessories in pastel colors such as pink, blue, or even peach. These small statements will help enhance your living space. 

Wooden Coffee Bar

Your coffee corners can also radiate a woody vibe. As it is supposed to be your favourite corner. So, a dark brown wooden cabinet with drawn out wooden textured shelves will be the best enlarged storage space to fit your stuff in the same corner. Next, you can also add a chalk coffee bar and add accessories that compliment your wooden theme. This messy yet vintage look gives your coffee corner station the exact vibe.

Monochrome Combination For Coffee Table Corner

The other great option is to create a monochrome combination for the corner. Stick to black and white combination, where you can keep your mugs to be in the shade of black and hang them right above those white drawers or cabinets. Hang those black mugs and then place some jars stating labels such as sugar, coffee, tea etc., place a coffee maker machine along with adding a board that usually phrases about coffee. Give that extra touch to your living space!

How to Design Coffee Table for your Coffee Corner?

Coffee Table’s Size and Shape to Use

When designing your coffee table for the corner you should always keep in mind that the size of the table should be half of the length of your sitting space, there should be sufficient leg space between the table and the sitting area. The height of the coffee table should be equal or even lower than the height of the seat. 

As far as, shape of the table is concerned you can pick any shape according to your preference it could either be round, rectangular, oval, or even square. It is suggested for you to know the size of the room first and then decide on the shape of the table that compliments your room. 

Material For Your Coffee Table Design

The material or the type of stuff that you can choose for your table depends usually on the type of room you are fixing that table for. In case you have a big and spacious room for yourself, then a glass table is best suitable for you as it is transparent and goes well with any kind of theme of the room. Next, an option that can be considered for the same is traditional, giving a traditional touch to your aesthetics of the room. In case your room is vintage looking then the best suitable option is a brass table for the corner. Other than this you can also opt for marble tables that give your room that modern and chic effect. 

Functions To Look In a Modern Coffee Table

If space is not an issue, then the best table for your corner is the online racks and drawers, which obviously have two benefits : first, it looks great on the outside and second gives you enough storage space to store your things in. In case you want a table that can be shifted from places then a wheel coffee table is the exact need you require as it is very easy to move and convenient to use. Another table for the space could be a folding table which can be made to use as per the requirement of the hour. So, a folding table can be unfolded when in use and then can be folded again and kept aside when not required.  

Other Usage Of A Coffee Table

A coffee table is one such table that can be multipurpose and can be used in many ways. For instance, If the television is placed somewhere around the corner, then the table can be perfectly used for placing your remotes, coffee of course and even your meals at times and the space beneath your table i.e., the drawers and racks can be used to store your magazines or newspapers.

Sitting at one place for long in order to work can be boring and even tiring at times and the best way to escape such a situation is the change of space and what better option than a coffee table. A coffee table can act as your workstation too, it is as simple as it sounds you just need to place your laptop on the platform, drag a chair, sit back and work easily on the same, this helps in giving your back and neck the right posture. 

Budget For Your Coffee Table Design

The prize of the table depends on various factors such as the size, quality, and the material of the table. For instance, if you like a coffee table that suits your space the best but is out of your budget range then you can happen to choose the same style in some other material or finish. A coffee table is the key element of the corner which makes it important for you to pick the right match according to the theme of the corner.