Seven Spectacular Home Flower Decoration Ideas

Published On: Oct 19, 2022

There is no second thought that blooming flower decor ideas and arrangements can instantly transform one’s mood and look of any space. Even the simplest aranagemnt of home flower decoration will make your heart skip a beat. 

As they say, Never underestimate the flower power! 

Even if you aren't an anthophile, you’d still be in awe of the natural aesthetic that flowers bring to the table. With the help of some mason jars or vases, one can gather a bunch of beautiful fresh, artificial or even dried flowers as you wish. However, we have gathered some well-curated ways for you to make your home flower decoration a game changer. 

With this blog, you might be able to find your favourite flower decor ideas!

Flower Baskets

Flower Baskets

Running through a field filled with flowers early in the morning is like a snippet from romantic movies. Now imagine you bring a basket filled with fresh flowers and place them in such a position that you can see them all day long. Won’t that easily put you in a better mood?  Baskets are the easiest home flower decoration ideas. Just gather some flower bunches or even some petals and place them monotonously in a basket for a Bohemian look. Re-use your grocery basket and create an aesthetic and innovative way of home flower decoration. 

Garlands and Wreaths 

Garlands and Wreaths 

One way of sprucing up your home is by adding different combinations of flowers and petals. Being the perfect blossom in your room with different colours, shapes and sizes of flowers. 

Wreaths are generally seen during Halloween and Christmas to mark the occasion. Gather some beautiful flowers, fresh or dried plant decoration to make an attractive piece. 

Garlands and Wreaths 

Hanging flower garlands is an ancient tradition in India, it is considered to be a symbol of celebrating happiness.  According to ancient legends, hanging different flowers, garlands or malas usher in prosperity and heavenly blessings in households. During the season of Diwali, tons of flowers are used for worshipping, home flower decoration as well as gifts. Garlands and wreaths are traditional ways of making walls decorated with flowers. 

Sophisticated Flower Arrangement 

Sophisticated Flower Arrangement 

Flower arrangement is an art as much as it is a therapy. Home flower decorations not only have to be pretty but also they need to be placed correctly if you want them to last a longer time. 

Creating an amalgam of different flowers and petals and stems to create a masterpiece of patience and skill is a great addition to your home plant decoration. 

A Blossoming Balcony 

A Blossoming Balcony 

We are warning you! You won't be able to get up once you sit here, since a balcony with flowers like this one can be spellbinding!

Gather some potted flowering plants and place them in a synchronised manner to make it seem like a bouquet. (Pro tip: consider the ones that flower available almost all year round) Place patio furniture to make a little nook amidst the flowers decor ideas to complete the look of your space. 

How will you be able to leave this heaven created in your own balcony now? 

Make Your Home a Flower Boutique 

Make Your Home a Flower Boutique 

How many flowers are too many flowers? This clutter of flowers and ferns will make anyone stop and stare at your house. Although it's not that difficult to achieve, use all the space to place planters, pots and even hangings to place the beauties. The white wall is really playing with the green plants looking like a bunch of candies scattered. We are loving this vintage flower boutique look of the house, do you? 

Reuse those Boots 

Reuse those Boots 

This idea of reusing your old rain boots to make something completely ravishing is an art. Repurposing old materials is not only helping the environment but saving the planet and the plus is that you get an amazing home flower decoration to flaunt. Find any boots laying around or you can also thrift some old rain boots to create this home flower decoration. 

Gather Dried Flowers 

Gather Dried Flowers 

Some might think there is no use for a flower or stems after it is all dried up, but we believe otherwise. Home flower decorations are as useful as dried flower decorations as they are fresh. 

Gather some in a bunch and tag them with a frame or some wire net to create an aesthetic wall decor. Or you can also place them separated neatly where each petal is visible. 

Gather Dried Flowers 

Other ways are to hand em upside down mate! Make a garland of dried flower decorations and tie them to twine and make the most beautiful bohemian country-style simple flower decoration at home. 

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Choose Your Favorite!

There are several ways to make your home attractive for festivities, guests or just as usual. But the best and most trusted way is by home flower decoration. Choose your favourite and most suitable home flower decoration idea and spruce up your house with the fragrance of heaven. Contact Interior Company and find more designs to suit your style.  

Why are flowers necessary in decor?

Flowers come in many different colours, scents and styles. Having flowers in your home or office can be very beneficial in boosting your mood. A nice home flower decoration will keep you happy all day long.

What are the rules of home flower decoration?

1)A flower arrangement should be about 1 ½ to 2 times the height or length of the container. 2)Use no more than two or three kinds of flowers.

3)Use no more than three colours.

4)Use an uneven number of flowers when the total to be used is less than twelve.

How can do home flower decoration?

Here are some interesting home flower decoration ideas:

1. Put fresh flower stalks in old bottles

2. Decorate flowers in quirky containers

3. Add a rustic look with a flower basket

4. Dried or pressed flowers

5. Put flowers in kitchen & bathroom,

6. A floral wall

7. Pretty floating blooms 

8. Pop of blooms in the birdcage

Where should the home flower decoration be placed in the house?

Flowers look beautiful in any room you place it. But the best places for home flower decoration are hallway, living room, dining room and patio. We have not considered a bedroom here because it’s a sleeping space and you don’t want any irritants or pollen to cause trouble, therefore, bedrooms can be avoided of not necessary.