Kitchen Cabinet Decor Ideas Suitable for Indian Homes

Published On: May 04, 2022

A kitchen is a like the mitochondria of any home, the busy workstation of a chef's sanity. A functional modular kitchen is usually the most eye-catching and aesthetically alluring part of a cooking space design. There are plenty of kitchen cabinet decor ideas that individuals can take inspiration from while laying out the design plan. Sometimes when you want to incorporate style in your kitchen area, a compact  space might limit your aspirations. Alternatively, you may consider installing a cabinet that is simple to hang and handle so that you can display your crockery and other items in your kitchen. 

Change the look of your plain kitchen with a modern cabinet kitchen design with nuanced changes. Here are some of the most creative and cutting-edge modern kitchen units design that will acter top your aesthetic and budget.

Glossy Kitchen Cabinet Decor Ideas 


When looking for kitchen cabinet decor ideas, glossy cabinet laminates seem to be a viable option. Why do people opt for glossy kitchen cabinets? Is it because they are a budget-friendly option? Or is it because they are favourably available in different designs and colours?

  • The actual reason why people opt for glossy cabinets is that they are easy to clean, a damp cloth can be enough to clean out any stains from your beautiful cabinets.
  • They come in a variety of colours and textures. There is no limitation to what colour we can find in the market.
  • They are cheap as compared to other laminates and shelving options.
  • The gloss lamination produces a glass-like shiny finish that enhances the colour and adds vibrancy to your kitchen.
  • A gloss finish helps reflect more light to the space, making it brighter and airy.


One can also opt for gloss paint if you want to enhance the value of your kitchen walls as well. 

A single coat of glossy paint on your kitchen cabinets will ensure that they stand out in your kitchen. Using a reflective surface also has the added benefit of bringing more light into the room, creating the illusion of a larger space, which is precisely how a kitchen should feel in the first place.


Casual Kitchen 


What does a casual design mean? Is it how your space turns out to look? It will be easier to understand with some examples -  A more nature-inspired design is needed when utilising pastel-toned backsplashes, which includes hanging shelves, aesthetic planters amongst other things.


In this modern room, an archaic feel and cabinets with utilitarian fittings are squeezed between a white tiled floor and a mesmerising teal coloured wall. Blending different textures is not the only method to make it interesting, but also there are many other ways to enhance the aesthetic of a space.

Accessible and Functional Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 


A kitchen should not only be a beautiful, but it also needs to be functional and accessible. This should be the first thing that needs to be considered when revamping your space. 

A glass or mirrored cupboard door design idea is a great option if you either prefer displaying your crockery and everyday utilities or to add a reflective effect to the kitchen as shown in the image above. Glass door cupboards are very functional as they are like a display wall for all your kitchen titbits.


The best example of a functional design is getting an island or a breakfast counter. An island in the kitchen not only brings extra space to do your chopping and grinding but also acts as an extra dining table or a breakfast counter for the house.

Luxurious Setting 


What shouts luxury more than bougie lighting and gold-tone cupboards and counters right? What if we tell you that any space can look elegant without adding gold tones everywhere? 

With an all grey cabinet colour scheme, it does look extremely regal. The overhead lamps combine well with the transparent gold-legged bar stools. 


An ingenious all-white kitchen cabinet decor idea with a hint of colour or print added up as an accent adds an aesthetic finish. Adding a different colour to the island adorns the whole look of your house. Try adding miniature statues or beautiful candles to complete the look of your luxurious kitchen.

Classic Wood


Contrary to common belief, hardwood is by far the most popular kind of wood for use in small space parallel kitchen and cabinet construction, even though you have almost certainly heard it before. Since their introduction, they’re a famous choice due to their timeless look and flexibility to suit specific requirements.


Kitchen cabinets made of wood with a matte finish are included in this design for a modern studio apartment. As opposed to steel, you will discover that they are considerably easier to clean. They can readily provide your kitchen décor with that classic polished look without being overwhelming in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Reflect More Light


Choosing an all-white kitchen might feel like a risk-taker move, but white can be “the” colour to impart a brighter and clutter-free look. 

It is best to choose an all-white kitchen when you want to stick to minimalism or if you don’t like overboard with shades and prints. White glossy kitchen cabinet decor ideas and white marble countertops will illuminate your whole kitchen.

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Wrapping up

Space may be given an aura of uniqueness by just changing the finish on the walls or furniture. Because of this, modular kitchen cabinets have advanced extensively from their humble beginnings and are no longer limited to being purely practical.

In recent times, there has been a substantial rise in the number of homebuyers who are contemplating the living area, style, finishing and colour to include modern kitchen settings in their new houses.

As a result, take note of the modern open kitchen design options mentioned above that you may wish to consider further. We design modular kitchens as smart as you! Find the perfect kitchen outlook of your dreams with the Interior Company.