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50+ Ideas For Kids Room Study Space To Inspire The Interior Decorator In You

Published On: Oct 20, 2021

After a long and tiring day at school, most kids are left with no motivation to do their homework. Since homework plays an important part in a kid’s education, parents should encourage them to do it with full enthusiasm and determination. One of the most effective ways that help in motivating kids is well-planned and aesthetically designed study room designs and study table design for small rooms. Specialized study spaces with different themes can be created as per your child’s age group and interests. This helps boost their interest and attracts them to their study area instead of repelling them away. The decor can also be based on elements of nature as they bring in a lot of freshness and a peaceful environment for your child to study in. This helps them to focus on whatever activity they do. Here are 53 Inspirational ideas for a study room you can use –

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Have A Well-Decorated Study Space

kids study room design

One easy way of creating a study space that can motivate the kids to study is to decorate it well because every child loves colours and decorations.

A Comfortable Chair Is A Must-Have

A comfortable chair is another important part of a thoughtfully designed study space. Whenever the kids will have to do a lot of homework at a single stretch, a comfortable chair will keep them going.

Have High-Rise Shelves For More Space

long shelves for kids study room

In case you have a plain background wall, adding some shelves on top of the study table will add some structure to the study space and also help in increasing the storage available in the room.

Add Motivating Quotes For Inspiration

Adding a Motivational Quote on the wall in front of the study table not only increases the determination of your child but also helps in improving the look of your entire room or study space.

Set-up Near Window For Ample Light

study room for kids

A study space near the window allows some sunlight to enter and creates a better atmosphere to study than just walls all around. This also helps in elevating your kids study room design.

Increase Storage With Tall Cabinets

Tall Cabinets for storing books and other stationery items can be used to increase storage. Some decorative pieces can also be added to improve the overall look of your study space.

Block the Bed-View

study room for kids

A study space that blocks the view of the bed improves the motivation of your child, and they won't feel lazy. Another important point to keep in mind is to design a study area far away or opposite from distractions like your television. This helps your child to remain focused and to concentrate on their work.

Develop A House-Shaped Study area

The study space is the place where your child is going to spend most of their time. So, customizing a house-shaped study area will give them a feeling of a small home.

Utilise Already Available Furniture

Utilizing the backside of your already existing furniture pieces is a smart way of incorporating a study space in a space-efficient manner and can even be done in a small room.

Decorate With Abstract Patterns

Play with drawers and cabinets of different shapes with abstract Patterns and bright colours. This makes the study space look more appealing and fun for the kids. This is one of the best ideas for a modern and fancy study room.

Incorporate Bright Colours

kids study room interior design

Adding a pop of vibrant and bright colours make the study area look less boring and more interesting. Small elements like a grass mat can give the feel of the outdoors and add a nice touch to the entire decor as well.

Build Foldable Bookshelves

If space is an issue, then replacing normal shelves with foldable shelves is a great option so that enough storage can be created in the study space, even if the size of the room is small. This is a futuristic approach and is very useful for creating a study space in places like your storeroom or living room.

Conjoin Your Interior And Study Space

Incorporating the study area in the interior decor of the room is a better option than creating an altogether separate study space. This also helps in maintaining uniformity in the entire room.

Decorate With Shaped Boxes

Add storage boxes in different shapes and sizes to improve the entire look of the study. This also helps the child in developing the knowledge of patterns. This can also be used for decorative purposes as well.

Add Floating Shelves Decor

Using the walls and not the floor for adding drawers is a smart way of reducing clutter under the study table. This also makes the study space more spacious.

Separate Study Space From Play Area

If you wish to create a study space for a boy and a girl, then using two themes would be a great idea. Play with the colour themes to add a unique touch to both of them.

Customised Lamps Create A Unique Look

Adding a customised lamp to your study space that matches with the overall theme and looks adds a great touch to the entire study area and increases your child's engagement as well.

Add Fun With Wall Stickers

Wall stickers and Wall templates are an inexpensive and effective way of improving the appearance of your study area and can be theme-oriented as well.

Adding Plants For The Fresh Air

study room for kids with indoor plants

Plants can be used to add greenery and a peaceful atmosphere in the study space to make your child concentrate in a calm environment. This helps in adding modern study room designs.

Floating Desk Is Great For Compact Space

floating table for study room

For smaller rooms, a floating Desk like in the image below can be the most suitable option. This makes your child's study space clean and elegant. This is a practical way of storing things because everything that your child will need is right in front of their eyes, so they don't waste unnecessary time in finding things.

Incorporate Paintings Of People Who Inspire You

kids study room design with paintings on wall

To add a nice touch to the background of the study area, paintings or posters of inspirational people can be incorporated. This helps in keeping the kids motivated.

The Right Lighting Is Crucial

Lighting for kids study room design

Proper lighting is a very important thing to keep in mind while designing your child's study area. Overhead and focused task lighting in a soft tone can help protect your child's eyes.

Go Green With A Garden View

If you have a garden surrounding your home, then give your child a study space with a garden view as this provides them with greenery around and natural light as well.

Minimalist Design Is The Best

Study Space with a minimalist design, wooden panels, and neutral tones provide a warm and peaceful atmosphere for your child to study.

Small Cupboard Helps Eliminate Clutter

kids study room and table

At the side of the study table, a small cupboard vibrant colour can be added. This can be used to store books and also makes space under the table, which avoids clutter.

Stacked Shelves Are A Classic

Apart from the cupboard, a stack of shelves can also be combined with the study table. This can be decorated with your child's favourite animated miniatures.

Add Proper Curtains

A window can be a great source of natural light but can also distract your child. To avoid this, add some curtains on the window, to hide the view whenever required.

Go For Modular Shelving

Modular Shelving can be incorporated into your child's study room. This can also be combined with a smart desk to increase the enthusiasm in your child and improve your bookshelf design for study room.

Add Comfort With Swivel Chair

A swivel chair is a smart option and should be preferred over normal chairs as this makes the study space more modern and futuristic.

Add Decor Of Contrasting Colours

Adding storage boxes and shelves in contrasting Colours adds a vibrant and Fun effect to your child's study space and can help in increasing their interest.

Set Up Proper Dividers

Study spaces for both of your kids can be designed within the same room by effective division of space and reorganizing the existing furniture.

Conjoin Study Space Under Bunk Beds

A great option for incorporating a study space in a small room is by using a Bunk Bed above the study area. This is a great modern study table design for small room.

Include Wallpapers in kids study room

If your study space is minimalist in design, then use wallpaper to add some character to the entire room. This is one of the best study room decor ideas.  Wallpaper can be used to redesign your child's study space completely. By just changing the wallpaper, you can transform the entire area into an altogether recreated space. If you have a low budget and want to create different study spaces for both your children, then consider using a pink wallpaper for your girl child and a blue one for your boy.

Add Your Touch With A Customised Table Lamp

Even if the room has sufficient lighting, a table lamp should always be added to the study space. This can also be used as a decorative piece in an otherwise simple decor.

Match Cabinets With Study Space

For designing an elegant study area, cabinets with the same colour as the rest of the furniture should be used. This creates a sense of uniformity and also creates a warm environment for your child.

Have A Separate Resting Area

Keeping some space aside for a resting area is a good idea. This will help your child to freshen up after long intervals of studying as it is very important to take frequent breaks in between studying continuously.

Decorating with Handicrafts

Decorating your child's study room with their handmade art and craftwork can motivate and encourage them and also act as decorative pieces. This also gives them a feeling of pride, and they gain more determination to do their homework.

Incorporate A Whiteboard in kids study room

A study space without a whiteboard will look incomplete. This gives your child a writing area to note down reminders and tasks to do.

Include Multiple Sections

Divide the study space into various sections. One section can be used for studying, and the other one can be used for art and craftwork.

Create A Section for Extra-curricular Activities

While dividing sections, keep in mind to separate a part for extra-curricular activities like music and art. This also teaches them the importance of taking breaks in between studying and participating equally in extra-curricular activities.

Decorate Clips Via Wireframe

A modern way of decorating the wall in front of the study table is by adding a wireframe with clips that can be used to hang important notes, lists and upcoming tasks.

Add Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé Wall Hangings adds an elegant and minimal look to your child's study space. These can be combined with green plants.

Drawers Are A Necessity for kids study room

A study table with a lot of drawers is always a good option as it increases the storage space and helps in keeping the table clear. These can also be used to organize your child's stuff and stationery items in different sections so that he or she can easily find whatever they are looking for

Add Shelves in Pegboard Ball Design

A pegboard is a small way for adding shelves to a study space. These shelves can be rearranged as per your child's convenience. This is one of the most futuristic and modern designs available in the market and is going to add an elegant touch to your child's study space surely.

Integrate Display Cabinets

Replace the normal cabinets with display cabinets in your child's study space. This helps them to showcase their best work and awards.

Remain Clutter-Free With Specialized Organizers

Special Organizers should be kept around the study space. These organizers can have different sections for different stationery products. These are smart and modern ways of increasing space and creating a more organized atmosphere for your child. This also teaches them discipline and the lesson of keeping things in the right place.

Build A Special Themed Study Space

Choose your child's favourite animated character and design their study space on its theme. This will attract your child towards his/her study room.

Use Strip Lighting in Kids Study Room

Bookshelves can be brightened up by using strip lights on their borders. This also improves the overall decor of the study space and can also replace the other lighting options.

Add Quirkiness With Skateboard Shelves

If You want to add a modern and futuristic touch, you can replace the normal shelves with skateboards or any other customized shelves. You can see stuffed toys placed on the shelf in the image, but you can use the same near your study and place books or other requirements.

Add Additional Accessories Of Your Choice

Accessories like trash bin, carpets, and table covers can convert a single study table into an entire study space. These things not only teach them basic manners but also provide them an all in one study area so that they feel at home.

Contrasting-Coloured Chair in Kids Study Room

kids study room

If your entire study room is more on the neutral side, then a pop of colour can be added by using a contrasting-coloured chair. This makes the study space look more vibrant and Fun, which attracts the child to do their homework on time.

Have A Side Table

Having an extra side table can help you keep important things at just a hand's distance. This is a corner study table design for bedroom.

Include Personalized Decor in kids study room

Additional Decor items as per your child's age can also be introduced in the study space, like adding miniatures of animals and fruits In a preschooler's study space. If you have a girl child, having a pink study space with flowers and cute stickers all around will be a better option. On the other hand, if you have a boy child, then having a blue study space with miniatures of superheroes and posters of his favourite animated movies will be the go-to choice.


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