Beautiful Home Colour Outside Design Ideas to Paint Your Exterior Walls

Published On: Nov 11, 2023

Everything we can see within our home, from the architecture to the small pieces of furniture, is something we care about. But the first impression that your house gives to the outside world is its appearance. Choosing colours can transform your house into a stunning work of art.

In this blog, we delve into the world of home colour outside combinations. We’ll be exploring not only aesthetic choices but also the influence of Vastu principles, climate, and more. From the funky shades of blue to the newer terracotta, we’ll guide you through the spectrum of possibilities.

Join us to find the ideal home colour design outside!

White and Light Blue Home Colour Outside Idea

White and Light Blue - Best Exterior Home Colour Combination

White is considered a symbol of purity and positivity in Vastu, while light blue represents the sky and expansiveness. This combination of the best colour for home outside brings a sense of openness to your home’s exterior.

Earthy Brown and Beige Outside Home Colour Combination

Earthy Brown and Beige Outside Home Colour Combination

Earthy tones like brown and beige are in harmony with the elements of nature, according to Vastu principles. They promote stability, balance, and a sense of security in a space.

Cream and Soft Green Colour Combination For House Exteriors

Cream and Soft Green Outside Home Colour Combination

Such home colour ideas outside can create a balanced atmosphere. The cream is a neutral colour that signifies balance and harmony, and the soft green represents growth and vitality.

Yellow and Terracotta Home Colour Design Outside

Yellow and Terracotta Outside Home Colour Combination

Yellow, the colour of optimism and energy, combined with terracotta can bring a lively and cheerful vibe to your home. This combination is believed to represent positivity, intellect, and prosperity, stability and grounding energy. This combination of home colour paint design outside will be a great choice for your home.

Peach and Light Grey Home Paint Colors Outside

Peach and Light Grey Outside Home Colour Combination

Peach is associated with joy, and light grey provides stability. This pairing brings equilibrium to your home’s exterior. This combination of home painting ideas outside creates a balanced and soothing ambiance, promoting overall well-being and productivity

Royal Blue and White Outside Home Colour Design

Royal Blue and White Outside Home Colour Combination

Royal blue represents depth and wisdom, and white signifies purity and clarity. One of the most creative painting ideas for home outside consists of drawing waves at the sides of your home, which is a combination of blue and white.

Vibrant Red and Gold Home Paint Design Outside

Vibrant Red And Gold Outside Home Colour Combination

Red is often associated with prosperity and good luck in Vastu. When paired with gold, it creates a sense of luxury and richness. This combination is a common Indian home colour outside which is believed to bring abundance and success.

Light Pink and Lavender Home Outside Wall Colour Design

Light Pink and Lavender Outside Home Colour Combination

Light pink symbolises love and tenderness, while lavender promotes relaxation. This combination can give your home a gentle and soothing presence. If this home colour selection outside is ideal, as per Vastu. But if it is too bright for you, then try this combo in a matte finish.

Saffron and Cream Home Colour Design Outside

Saffron and Cream Outside Home Colour Combination

Saffron is a sacred colour in Vastu, representing spirituality and purity. Combining it with cream creates a spiritually charged and harmonious atmosphere around your home.

Grey and Soft Yellow Home Colour Outside

Grey and Soft Yellow Outside Home Colour Combination

Grey is a neutral colour that conveys balance, and soft yellow is associated with hope and happiness. This home outside wall colour combination can create a balanced and cheerful ambience while adhering to Vastu principles.

Exterior Home Colors: Paint Pointers

Tips for Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

Selecting the best outside home colour combination is essential for both its appearance and durability. Let’s break down how to choose the best colour for your home’s exterior:

Weather and Temperature:

Weather And Temperature - Tips for Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

When selecting the colours for home painting outside, your local climate and weather conditions must be noticed. In hot and sunny places, it’s wise to opt for paints like acrylic that can endure the heat without losing its shine.

In colder areas where freezing temperatures are common, your choice should be acrylic and latex-based paint. Such paints that won’t crack or peel when exposed to the cold.

Acrylic is also an excellent choice for regions with frequent rainfall. They are water-resistant paints that repel moisture effectively. Lastly, in humid environments, you can go for antifungal paints that resist mould and mildew growth.

In dry spots, where conditions may lead to surface expansion and contraction, select home paint colours outside with acrylic that can adapt without developing cracks.

Types of Paint:

Different Types of Paint - Tips for Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

Different types of paint offer various advantages. What are these? Let's understand a few:

  • Latex or Acrylic Paint: These paints are versatile, easy to clean, and dry quickly. They work well in many different climate conditions.
  • Oil-Based Paint: While suitable for wood and metal surfaces, oil-based paints take longer to dry and emit a strong odour.
  • Elastomeric Paint: Ideal for areas with temperature fluctuations, elastomeric paint can expand and contract without developing cracks.
  • Masonry Paint: If your exterior surfaces are made of concrete or brick, masonry paint is a durable choice to withstand harsh weather.

Types of Paint Finish:

Types of Paint Finish - Tips for Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

After you have selected your preferred type of paint, there are special coatings to choose from that need to be applied as the final step. These coatings depend on your desired home painting design outside and weather conditions:

  • Emulsion Paint: This paint is durable and suitable for most surfaces.
  • Enamel Paint: It provides a shiny finish and is particularly well-suited for doors and trims.
  • Distemper Paint: Often used on ceilings, distemper paint is a traditional choice.
  • Eggshell: This paint finish has a slight shine and is easy to clean.
  • Gloss Finish: It offers a high polish and is highly resilient, making it a good option for doors and wood surfaces.
  • Matte Finish: This finish has no sheen and can effectively conceal wall imperfections.
  • Semi-Gloss Paint: Known for its durability and easy cleaning, it’s frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Waterproof Paint: This type of paint keeps water out and is essential for homes in rainy areas.

Lifestyle and Maintenance:

Lifestyle and Maintenance - Tips for Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

When picking the right simple home colour outside, it’s important to think about your lifestyle and how much maintenance you’re comfortable with. If your house gets a lot of foot traffic, pick paints that are tough and easy to clean, like semi-gloss or satin finishes. If you prefer low maintenance, choose a long-lasting colour with low VOCs that require minimal care.

Try and Test

Try and Test - Tips for Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

Selecting the right home colour design outside is a big decision. To make a good choice, consider your home’s style, the area you live in, and the natural surroundings.

  • Go for a main colour and compliment it with a couple of extra colours. Lighter shades like yellow, green, blue, cream, etc. can make your home look bigger. Similarly, darker ones like black, purple, onyx and so on can give it more depth.
  • Second, test the outside home colour design and paint in daylight to be sure. It’s best to paint your walls in the summer to reach their full potential.
  • Try to balance warm and cool colours. Warm colours like red and yellow create a friendly atmosphere, while cool ones like blue and grey bring a sense of calm.
  • Make sure the colours you choose go well with your roof’s colour. Also, think about the trims and accents. For instance, if your home is historical, look up the traditional colours (like white, red, yellow, saffron) from its time.

Exterior Home Colors: Vastu

Best Home Exterior Wall Colours As Per Vastu Shastra

When selecting the best colour for home outside, Vastu Shastra plays an important role. Why? Colours play an important role in defining the overall harmony and subconscious of a home. Thus having a huge influence on our lives in the long run. Here are some colour choices that are aligned with Vastu in your home:

North (Uttara):

Colours in light shades of blue, white, and green are suitable for the northern side of your home. These colours represent peace and positive energies rooted in the North.

South (Dakshina):

For the southern side of your home, consider using colours like red, orange, deep yellow, and earthy tones. These warm and vibrant shades complement the strong, dynamic energies of the South.

East (Purva):

For the eastern side, pick colours like light yellow, cream, shades of green, and pastels. Like East’s fresh and lively energies, these colours signify new beginnings and growth.

West (Pashchima):

Colours such as light blue, grey, and white are advised for the western side of your home. Like the fun Western culture, the West represents creativity and social connections.

North-East (Ishaan):

The North-East is the most auspicious direction in Vastu. Use light or pastel shades of green, yellow, and white in this zone.

Note: Keep the Northeast roof lower than the rest of the house to maintain balance and avoid heavy structures in this area.

North-West (Vayavya):

For the North-West direction, you can use colours like light grey, white, or light blue. Since the North-West is linked with air and breezy communication, this area must remain open and clutter-free.

South-East (Aagneya):

In the South-East direction, apply shades of red, orange, or deep yellow. This aligns with the fiery energy of the South-East.

Note: Avoid water-related structures or colours in this direction.

South-West (Nairitya):

For the South-West direction, choose light blue, grey, or white colours. Make sure the South-West is the highest and heaviest part of the house to preserve stability.


Even though choosing the right exterior colour for your home is a big decision, when it comes to colour combinations, the sky is your limit! It affects how your home looks and how long the paint will last. To make a good choice, consider the elements around you. Vastu is important if you want good energy in your home. You can choose colours based on Vastu, but also pick what you like and what looks good in your house.

So, go ahead and paint your home’s exterior in a way that makes you happy and brings good vibes to your life. For more such content, feel free to visit our website. If you need expert advice on home decor and interiors, you can connect with our in-house specialists!


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    Why is it important to choose exterior home colours according to Vastu principles?

    Choosing exterior colours in harmony with Vastu can promote positive energy flow and balance in your home, enhancing overall well-being.

    How does Vastu work with colours for the home?

    Vastu suggests that specific colours can influence various aspects of life. By using the right colours on your home’s exterior, you can harness their positive energies.

    What are some colour combinations well-suited for different Vastu outcomes?

    Several colour combinations are suitable for specific Vastu objectives. For example, white and light blue can promote peace and harmony, while yellow and terracotta can attract prosperity.

    How does structural Vastu affect colour choices for the home's exterior?

    The height, number of floors, and roof shape of your home can influence colour selection. Following Vastu guidelines for these structural elements can be essential.

    Can Vastu directions influence exterior colour choices?

    Yes, Vastu directions play a role in colour selection. Certain directions are associated with specific colours to align with Vastu principles.

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