11 Modern Grey House Exterior Colour Schemes: Recipe for a Picture-Perfect Haven

Published On: Mar 24, 2023

One of the most versatile colour schemes for homes and, at the same time, a safe choice, Grey is a timeless yet versatile option. If you want to decorate your home with a unique paint colour and are looking for something subtle yet something bold, the grey colour scheme for your house exterior will suit your style. Here are some of the best modern grey house exterior colour schemes. Let’s get started!

1. Reinvent Your Home with Grey as a Base Colour

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Needless to say, the grey colour for your house exterior is sophistication reimagined. Consider choosing a light or a mid-tone grey as the base colour. This colour scheme can set the tone and your house's overall look. A shade of white trim will give your house an elegant and classic look, while the dark grey accents will give it a more modern feel.

2. Grey Accents: The Perfect Choice for a Beautiful Home

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Don't want to commit to an all-grey exterior for your house? We get you! To avoid that, you can try and add grey accents to your house interiors and exteriors. This will give your home more of a subtle touch. For instance, grey window frames or shutters can provide a stunning contrast against a white or cream base colour. Depending on your choice, you can play around and choose the best option. 

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3. Modern Style Grey for Your House Exterior 

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For a modern look, you can use shades of grey paint for your house exterior with clean lines and minimal details. Darker and lighter hues of grey will give you scope for adding depth to your home. Also, consider experimenting with different shades, including matte or gloss, to make your house visually appealing.  

4. Add Oomph to Your Home with Colonial-Style Shades of Grey

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If you want a traditional and classic look for your colonial-style home, then a muted grey would be an ideal choice. The clean lines and its symmetrical features add a gorgeous contrast against the overall grey tone.  

5. Two-Tone Scheme with Charcoal Grey

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Grey exterior colour schemes are always an excellent choice to go ahead with it! Using charcoal grey as the primary colour for your home exterior with a lighter grey as an accent can help you create a dramatic and intense look. This grey colour scheme for a house works particularly well on homes with clean lines and modern-style architecture. Adding white or cream accents will soften the look and provide a sense of balance.

6. Shades of Grey: Going All in on Texture

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Grey is a great colour choice to add texture to your house’s exterior. You can create a dynamic and visually exciting look using different materials, such as stone or wood, in shades of grey. This approach is efficient if you want a rustic and natural vibe for your home.

7. Dark Grey Roofing and Siding

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Want to create a cohesive and dramatic look for your home? Use a dark grey shade for your roofing and siding. This combination will look perfect if your house has a steep roof. You can add accents of lighter shades, such as white or cream, to soften it. This will further provide the overall look with a certain balance.

8. Match Light Grey with Green Accents

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If you want to create a fresh and inviting look, add light grey with a dash of green accents to your house exterior. The grey colour scheme for the house exterior works just fine for houses with large front yards and a scope for plenty of natural landscaping. Adding white or cream accents will give the entire setup a clean and classic touch of finesse. 

9. Grey with Yellow Accents

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If you want to make your house look excellent, consider using a mid-tone grey as the base colour of your house’s exterior scheme. If your house receives loads of natural light, it will help you create a vibrant and timeless look. 

10. Grey with Blue Accents

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This grey house exterior colour scheme makes your home stand out if you have a calming personality. Plus, you can add accents of other colours to make your house exteriors look more defined.

11. Use White Colour Paint for the Front Door

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This front door colour gives your grey house a crisp and sophisticated look. The bright finish of the white colour radiates a specific vibrant energy. The white makes the grey stand out, creating a stunning contrast to give your home a timeless look and feel. 

Wrapping Up 

Grey is a beautiful-looking colour, and when decorating your house, there aren't many shades that can match the warmth and charm of grey paint for the house exterior. Keeping in mind the design of your house, you can choose the right shade of grey that will help you define the overall finesse of your house exteriors, giving your home the touch of sophistication it deserves.


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    Is grey a good choice for a tiny house exterior?

    Grey can be an excellent choice for large and small house exteriors. Using a lighter shade of grey will make the house appear more prominent while using darker shades can add depth and texture to the house’s exterior.

    How do I choose the right shade of grey for my house?

    When choosing what shade of grey will suit your house best, consider the overall style, design and architecture. For instance, muted grey paint for your house exterior is a good choice for a traditional or colonial-style home. However, a darker grey shade can work well with contemporary or modern styles too. Additionally, consider the natural surroundings and landscaping of your property; this can help make an impact in making your house look gorgeous.

    Can I use different shades of grey for the exterior of my house?

    Yes, using different shades of grey can help you find an exciting look for your house’s exterior. Consider using lighter and darker shades of grey to add depth and texture to your house. You can also combine different finishes, such as matte and gloss, to create a visual appeal for your house.

    What are some good accent colours to pair with grey?

    Grey is a colour that pairs exceptionally well with various accent colours. This includes white, cream, black, green, blue, and yellow. These shades of colours can be used for window frames, shutters, or other accents to provide contrast and add a certain visual appeal to your house.

    Is grey a good choice for a house located in a hot climate?

    If you live in areas with hotter climates, then using a lighter shade of grey colour scheme for your house will benefit you. It will keep your home cool and keep the warmth outside.

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